My family has been fostering a super sweet dog that we rescued from the side of the road. Sadly we just can’t take care of her anymore and will have to take her to the pound TOMORROW where they’ll just put her down!!! We live in the Atlanta area and are willing to drive quite far if we have to. PLEASE if you could adopt her message me (don’t send an ask, they tend to get lost) or email me at 

And if you can’t then PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST!!! Spread the word!

Emergency Vet Funds Needed.

This morning I woke up to Daisy pawing at her face like mad and gnashing her teeth.

Her teeth have been bothering her for a long time and today it just seemed to have gotten worse. I took her too the vet asap this morning and got the prognosis; and its expensive.

$770 USD.

I don’t have that kind of money. And the vet clinic that uses your income to lessen the expenses is full and I dont know when they’ll be free again so I’m stuck. I’ve already put aside my anxiety and asked for help just with the vet visit itself and that was expensive too.

So far, I’ve asked my Aunt for help and she’s going to give me $200 USD . So that means I only have $500 USD left. Give or take I get more help from Family and friends. I’m really hoping I can squeeze into the Humane Vet Clinic because I cant with these expenses.. 

But she needs this procedure in order to remain healthy and pain free. I wish I could have and should have taken her sooner but I lacked the funds and transport. I have a job, yes. but I only get paid so much since I’m part-time. I really want her to feel better because she gives me great solace and peace and something to look forward too when I come home. So please if you all could spare some money for her dental procedures. I would be eternally grateful and over the moon with your generosity. I feel bad that I have to ask this kind of favor, but if its for her I will do anything I can. Anything I can do to help a love one.

>>> My PayPal is <<<

Any and all donation would be greatly appreciated. I’m just trying to get the money as quick as I can so she can potentially get the treatment she needs and get it as quick as she can. Please its all I ask. Thank you so much.

The Sun and The Stars {1}

Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1865

Warnings: none

A/N: New fic! Enjoy xx

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Adrenaline. Pain. Fear. It’s all you feel as you sprint through the seemingly empty woods, the loud howling of dogs on your tail sending bolts of panic to shock through your spine. You glance behind you to see the group of men, not too far from you, chasing you and the rage on their faces is unmistakable. You know why. If they lost you on their watch, HYDRA would have their heads. You haven’t felt the fresh air in so long but you can’t enjoy the chill of the night air. All that’s on your mind is escape as you run through the woods, narrowly avoiding the low hanging branches as you sprint. You feel like you’ve been running for days but you know you can’t stop, not now when you’re so close to permanent escape, The thin shirt that never provided much protection sticks to your back from the sweat and the pain in your side from where your handler shot you is bleeding more profusely the faster you run. You don’t have much left in you but you can’t go back. You can’t return to the iron grip of HYDRA.

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Signal boost please

I know you probably see like a million posts like this a day, but please hear me out.

Ok so I’ve been presented with two options:

1.) Give up my service dog, who is the only reason I am alive today

2.) Save up money and move out of my house.

So I’d like to open up commissions so I can attempt to achieve #2. I’m not gonna put a limit on how many slots I’ll have. I am comfortable trying ANYTHING except gore. I have drawn furries, and have a little bit of experience with mecha. I can TRY NSFW. Again, I’m comfortable attempting anything but gore.

Sketches $10

Lineart $15

Flats $20

Shaded (No bg) - $25

Shaded w/ bg $30

All prices are for 1 character, +$5 for additional characters.

I also do my special Deco circles, which I can do for $15 w/o bg, $20 with bg

I also have a redbubble and an Etsy. If you’re interested, shoot me a pm or email me at (more reliable method tbh).

if you can’t afford any of the above, my paypal is at the email listed above if you’d like to make a small donation to help out.

Thank you everyone for humoring me. every bit helps.


Culross West Kirk.

Sign posted from the Lockit Well in Culross and surrounded by agricultural land, this was the former parish church of Culross, one of those hidden gems, if you don’t go and look for it, you wouldn’t know it was there.  

A wee bit internet digging and I found out records show that it was “in a ruinous condition.”, before 1633. The church is roofless and a large tree grows inside of the building and ivy on  some of  the walls.   The net also says there are at least three graves from the 16th century, we didn’t see them, but there are 17th century headstones, I will sort out and post later.  

There are some really interesting graves, some in remarkably good condition, for being in the middle of farmland it is quite sheltered from the elements, which is probably why a lot are pretty intact. 

There were two German lassies visiting and we chatted to them, Outlander fans, doing a tour of locations, I have since found it  was ‘The Black Kirk’ and Where Claire saved a wee boy. 

A legend that mentions the old Kirk tells that a Ley tunnel is believed to exist beneath Culross Abbeys and said to sit in the tunnel is a man in a golden chair waiting to give valuable treasures to anyone who succeeds in finding him. 

According to one story, many years ago a blind piper found the tunnel  upon with his dog he proceeded to search and could be heard playing his pipes as far as the West Kirk.Eventually the dog emerged into the daylight, however the piper was never seen, or heard of again. 

Great Googly Moogly

Cassian Andor/ Reader

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Words: 1,046

Summary: What started off as a simple joke spawned into an elaborate prank to your husband, Cassian. Hope he isn’t too mad about it. Modern! AU

Prompt: “Stop putting googly eyes everywhere.”

Tagging: @kwaiky, @attentionseekingprincess

Requested bykaylamarie306-blog (tumblr won’t let me tag your blog ://)

Author’s notes: I had a ton of fun writing this fluffy fic. To be honest, this is like my first fluff fic in a hot sec!! Set in modern times because I know damn well they ain’t got a Michael’s or Hobby Lobby in space.

It started with the bathroom light switch.

Cassian found the two beady looking googly eyes staring back at him when he went to turn off the light. With one eyebrow quirked, he turned the switch off and continued about his day.

The next victim was the iced coffee container in the fridge. He became perplexed by how these eyes were getting into things so quickly. Cassian thought about who had been over in the past week but, come to think of it, not one friend has dropped by.

Was this you?

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Lmao … . this customer I swear.

A husband and wife pair comes up to the register, wife is snappy with him already so idk what I was expecting. They have 3 giant bags of science diet cat food (why is it always science diet…)

I total their purchase and as the husband is trying to pay the woman goes DID YOU GIVE HER OUR COUPONS??

The long suffering husband sighs ‘no, you have them’

Wife fishes three coupons out of her pocket. I have to cancel the transaction on the pin pad to add these.

I scan one after reading it, it’s fine, but the other two have weird barcodes and I realize they’re canada only. Science diet does this, puts one canada coupon and one US coupon in their bags, since they sell both places. Logically you just use one, right?

Well, I tell the woman they’re canada only and she goes OFF on me in the grossest tone. I’m trying to explain to her the above ^ that science diet just puts both in and you use one, but she is not having it. She rambles on about how we should STAND BEHIND WHAT WE SELL HERE and I’M IN KANSAS MISSOURI (lol wut?) NOT CANADA!!!!!!!

I’m trying to explain to her its a thing the manufacturer does, not us, but she is like losing her mind at me and the husband is just giving me this 'I am so sorry’ look

And I know my manager is in the office ready to pop out if needed but I am not having this woman tbh. She is being so rude. I stick to my guns and tell her no, its a canada only manufacturer coupon and there’s nothing I can do.

And finally she says something and I just lose it a teeny bit and tell her 'I’d have been more than happy to try to figure something out if you were polite about it.’

And she kinda stammers and then goes off more about how she doesn’t like being called a liar and of course she’s gonna be rude bla bla bla I tuned her out at this point.

She ends up putting one bag of cat food back, long suffering husband pays for the other two, and they leave after she declares she’s 'done with this place’.


Manager and dog trainer emerge from the office once she’s gone and were basically like 'lol’. Dog trainer tells me that woman is always like that and always horrific and threw a bag of dog food once. Thanks for the warning. Manager commends me for dealing with it without needing backup 8)

I’m sure we’ll have a complaint in the morning but lol.

This all over 5 dollars. Life is too short, lady.

anonymous asked:

What scenarios constitute an absolute emergency to you? The other day we had an owner call saying their dog was lethargic and had vomited that morning. They could only come in that afternoon so we waited. When the dog arrived it's gums were grey and it's abdomen was tight as a drum. Radiograph revealed a bloat and we had the dog in surgery in a matter of minutes. Luckily it survived but I think we all wished we had pressed for more information on the dog earlier. Other emergencies to me (1/2)

(2/2) include a male animal straining to urinate that may be blocked (we mainly see cats with this issue), any obvious ingestion of a toxin, any issues with dystocia, profuse bloody vomiting/diarrhea, sudden onset of multiple seizures or uncontrollable seizures, extreme fever, labored or troubled breathing. I know in the typical hectic day at a clinic it’s hard to get all the info we need but I feel that some scenarios warrant an immediate visit! Any others that you would include? Thanks!

It can be really difficult to triage appropriately over the phone, because owners don’t always know what they’re looking at, and may inadvertently give you the wrong information. For example, I’ve recently had a German Shepherd patient who was ‘lethargic this morning’ at 9am when they called, but exsanguinating due to a bleeding tumor in her abdomen at lunchtime when they arrived. Another common one is owners mistaking their male cats for being constipated, when really they have a urethral blockage and can’t urinate.

So I can give you a very broad list, but as a general rule if the owner really has a feeling that something is wrong, they’re better off coming into the clinic and being triaged than over the phone. Also, if the condition changes in any way, if the pet seems worse, bring them in sooner rather than later.

Reasons to come in ASAP

  • Male animal straining to urinate or attempting to toilet frequently
  • Attempting to vomit with nothing coming out
  • Active bleeding
  • Seizure lasting more than 2 minutes (if in doubt, just come in)
  • Multiple shorter seizures within last 24 hour period
  • Known or suspected toxin ingestion
  • Foreign object (eg string, corn cob) ingestion within last hour
  • Blood from anywhere
  • Bloated abdomen
  • Rapid respiratory rate
  • abnormal breathing pattern
  • cats that are open mouth panting
  • Collapse
  • Inability to walk
  • Coughing up fluid, different to vomiting
  • Acute distress
  • Found tick or known contact with venomous animal
  • Known trauma, eg hit by car

Reasons to come in the next few hours

  • Eye trauma or pain
  • Female animal straining to urinate or attempting to toilet frequently
  • Dried blood, no active bleeding
  • Vomiting food or fluid
  • Single leg lameness
  • More than one episode of diarrhea
  • The owner is unsure but thinks something is ‘not quite right’.

That list will expand the more time you spend in practice and the more cases you see. I’m sure I’ve left things off, because I don’t really work off lists in this situation. I just hear the symptom or concern explained, and go “yeah, that sounds bad. Come here now.”

You’re never wrong to come to a vet clinic sooner rather than later, so I always err on the side of caution.

As I often say, I’d rather deal with paranoia than regret any day.

anonymous asked:

What do you think about the Wog Dogs (Italian greyhounds?)

It seems about time I discussed these dogs and on topic. But first, please note the disclaimer. These posts are about the breed from a veterinary viewpoint as seen in clinical practice, i.e. the problems we are faced with. It’s not the be-all and end-all of the breed and is not to make a judgement about whether the breed is right for you. If you are asking for an opinion about these animals in a veterinary setting, that is what you will get. It’s not going to be all sunshine and cupcakes, and is not intended as a personal insult against your favorite breed. This is general advice for what is common, often with a scientific consensus but sometimes based on personal experiences, and is not a guarantee of what your animal is going to encounter in their life.

Originally posted by landonjbenson

Look at that little dude in the gif above leaping and bounding like a cheetah. i love it, but it also fills part of me with dread because I’ve seen so many of these dogs, in part because of working in emergency with specialist surgeons and in a clinic with a high orthopedic caseload, that have broken their front legs bu jumping off something.

Italian Greyhounds (IGs) can be very fragile, and while many of them lead normal doggy lives, many others will present to the vet clinic with broken limbs from activities which would not have bothered a sturdier dog breed. While their relatively straight limbs and good muscle definition are great to do surgery on the first time, if you have placed an orthopedic implant in bone you have created a new weak point at either end of the implant. If that bone breaks again, suddenly everything becomes more complicated to fix, and it should be noted that in one US survey a quarter of dogs had ‘accidents’ listed as their cause of death, which was likely this sort of scenario. I’ve known several owners who elected to euthanise their IG instead of put it through a third orthopedic surgery.

If you want to make a very unhappy and paranoid Dr Ferox, present her with a breed known to be prone to breaking bones, give it rotten teeth and ask her to extract them from their little jaws. These dogs are very prone to dental disease, in part because they’re often fussy eaters, and extracting teeth that need to go is one of my least favorite things to do.

These little dogs are prone to hypothermia but more often than not their owners are aware of this and take suitable precautions.

Immune Mediated Haemolytic Anaemia and Hypothyroidism are both reported as being more common in this breed, though not in my personal experience. This may be because I see more of these dogs through the emergency clinic and a smaller percentage for longer term follow up through general practice.

Epilepsy seems o be more common in these dogs, but in younger dogs should be differentiated from liver shunts, which can also cause varied neurological symptoms, often after eating.

Owners of this breed are usually well prepared, I assume their breeders have had plentiful experience with dogs that break their legs, and they seem to impart this paranoia well onto puppy purchasers. The only thing that bugs me, and I don’t know why people would believe this to be the case, is that when I’ve identified a fracture in one of these dogs the owners become very insistent that their dog see a specialist, sometimes aggressively so. And I’m left there holding the referral pads for the aforementioned specialist surgeons I was going to suggest they go to anyway. I get that they’re worried and want the best for their dog, but I was literally a sentence away from offering them what they wanted.

ofmindandmagic  asked:

Have you read the fic called "Finally kissed the bloody idiot" or something similar? Because if you haven't, YOU NEED TO. Fake relationship and eventual smut fic like..... I stayed up until 2:30am reading it because it was so good.

“finally kiss the bloody idiot” by Salambo06 (T, 29,812 w. || Mutual Pining, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Misunderstandings, Angst) – Inspired by a fic idea on tumblr : “John and Sherlock know the Yard has a pool going for when they’re finally going to get together. It’s been running forever, and it’s worth thousands of pounds. It’s all fun and games, hahaha, until they find out Lestrade is in dire financial straits (dog needs emergency surgery, he’s putting his kid through gymnastics training, I don’t know, something), and they decide to fake a relationship to win the pool for him. Sherlock figures out the day and way that Lestrade thinks it’s going to happen, and they act it out. It’s all for a good cause, fake relationship style, until it’s not.” Part 1 of The Pool

Hey Lovely!! I actually have this on my MFL list, but thanks for reminding me about it!! I should definitely get to reading it soon then!

I work at a vet and gross things happen

We had a 9 year old intact female dog come in on emergency Wednesday for not eating for a week, being in heat for 3-4 weeks, bleeding excessively from the vulva, and having a foul odor. Doctor determined she had pyometra, and the owners’ options were emergency surgery that day or euthanasia. Long story short, they elected to do the $1000 surgery to remove her uterus. It was so swollen and gross and vascular.

And of course I took pictures. It was that disgusting that it had to be shared. Who wants to see it? xD;

What’s Invisible to Others pt.1

Fem! Reader x Sirius Black

A/N: A little idea I had recently. Enjoy!

Summary: The reader is an artist searching for inspiration, and finds it when she spots a shaggy black dog.

Originally posted by breeleebooks

Why was this such an issue? You’ve never been without inspiration for this long. 

It had to be a conspiracy organized by the muses themselves! 

Now that you had the means to actually make a living as an artist, you suddenly lost the passion and inspiration to actually create something.

All your ideas were either cliche or failed to invoke the right emotions. They lacked that edge and creativity most of art pieces conveyed.

It also didn’t help that everywhere you turned you reminded you of your current crisis. 

You recently moved into a flat/studio. It was a spacious long room room with big windows. Your bedroom, living area, and studio weren’t exactly defined spaces, they all sort of blurred together. Your couch was covered in sketches and water colors, and the coffee table had random brushes and tools. 

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mildlylively  asked:

Don't know if anyone's asked you this yet- but whats your insight on pembroke welsh corgis? I just adopted a 5 year old purebred female and I'm trying to learn everything I can about them. I'd love to hear your perspective!

These charismatic short dogs and their interesting crossbreeds aren’t uncommon in practice. These are the more common reasons for me to see them in veterinary practice.

Before I go too far, these posts are about the breed from a veterinary viewpoint as seen in clinical practice, i.e. the problems we are faced with. It’s not the be-all and end-all of the breed and is not to make a judgement about whether the breed is right for you. If you are asking for an opinion about these animals in a veterinary setting, that is what you will get. It’s not going to be all sunshine and cupcakes, and is not intended as a personal insult against your favorite breed. This is general advice for what is common, often with a scientific consensus but sometimes based on personal experiences, and is not a guarantee of what your dog is going to encounter in their life.

Originally posted by angh

It’s important to remember that Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s aren’t really small dogs, they’re short dogs.

Intervertebral disc disease is the most common reason for me to see this breed in distress. Thanks to their chondrodysplasia and long backs, it’s common for the discs between their vertebrae to bulge up in to the spinal column, causing anything from numbness through to complete paralysis. Sometimes this will happen over a few days, but these symptoms can also develop very suddenly. For complete paralysis in particular, the sooner the dog can receive surgery the better the prognosis, but it would disappoint you to know how many members of the general public don’t think acute paralysis in a dog is an emergency.

This can be confused for degenerative myelopathy where the hind limbs have reduced function first, but myelopathy tends to have a slower onset. Often the early signs is a dog wearing down the nails of its hind feet on the top instead of the bottom. Unfortunately while IVDD can be treated surgically, degenerative myelopathy is, well, degenerative.

Non-specific back pain or hip pain is frequent in their old age, and the bred is known to have hip dysplasia in approximately 20% of screened dogs. Most of these dogs probably have wither hip dysplasia or IVDD.

Obesity isn’t uncommon. My personal record is treating a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that weighed in at 36kg. For reference, she should have been about a third that size, and was admitted for ‘being unable to walk’. These dogs often have a strong appetite, and an adorable face that makes it far too easy to give treats to, resulting in dogs that are far too heavy for their little legs too often.

And Epilepsy seems to afflict these dogs more than expected. Fortunately it’s generally well controlled by medication. Unfortunately until recently our first line medication was phenobarbitone, which was notorious for causing weight gain. There re additional drug options available now which I would strongly consider for this breed.

The breed is also reported to get a number of eye conditions, including PRA and cataracts, but I haven’t seen these be clinically more common in this breed locally.


Loki’s a pretty fantastic dog (most of the time). He’s also ridiculously good looking dog (most of the time). When he’s neither of those things, he’s a dog. A dog that loves to chase squirrels. The first photo is the moment he decided to launch after the squirrel he just noticed a parking lot and side street away from where we were. If it wasn’t for be SCREAMING, “Loki, STOP!” and him actually knowing what that meant from practicing, he would have been GONE.

It was the worst day, it was the best day

Paring: OFC x Tom Hiddleston
Words count: 1 888

Rating: Teen 

Summury: Amy lost her dog and a prince in jogging shorts comes for rescue.

Notes/Warnings: I’m happy ending girl but still it might upet you. Pets being lost is not a joke. Told from first person view. Language. Feedback is very welcomed. 

Just tagging here some people I think might like it: 

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I don’t post a lot but if you want to be on or off these spontaneous tags just let me know ;)

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Quick Cryptid Snippet: The Beast of Buderim

In the early 1990′s, reports of a strange creature started filtering out of Buderim, an urban center on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Witnesses of the creature all described it the same way and all stated that it did not resemble any living animal within the region. What it did resemble though was a creature that once thrived in Australia, a creature that was known by many different names, a creature that many people feel died out on September 7th, 1936, a creature that many people believe is actually a Thylacine.

The Beast was most often described as having a long and thin dog-like body shape, a very large mouth with prominent teeth, a large and long head with a notable bump above it’s eyes, a sandy-gold fur color, and dark stripes across its back. One witness described it as looking almost as if someone cut a dingo and a kangaroo in half, and then joined them back together.

Most sightings of the creature took place while witnesses were driving down long roads that wove in and out of dense rainforest. The Beast would often dart out of the surrounding forest and across the road which would in turn cause the witness to slam hard on their brakes. The loud sound of the vehicle suddenly coming to a stop would often times cause the Beast to freeze in the middle of the road for a few moments which allowed the witnesses to get a good look at the animal. Other times the Beast would cross in front of the vehicles at night and would be frozen by the oncoming headlights. After “unfreezing”, the Beast would either run to the other side of the road, or sometimes hop the short distance to the safety of the trees and bushes on the other side (a well documented behavior in Thylacines).

The two most notable sightings of the Beast of Buderim took place in 1995, the first happening in March. A dentist by the name of Lance Mesh was driving down a road with his 10yr old daughter Samantha not far from their home when they spotted a large dog-like creature emerge from the bushes and stand by the side of the road. The car slowed down as they approached the Beast and both occupants were able to see that the creature possessed all the defining features of the long extinct Thylacine. As the car got closer though, the creature turned and fled back into the jungle. The two witnesses continued on their way.

The second most notable sighting took place five months later on August 8th. A man by the name of Roy Swaby was driving along a main road in Buderim at night when a large, full grown, male grey kangaroo suddenly jumped out of the woods and directly into the path of his vehicle. Roy slammed on his brakes and narrowly avoided hitting the large animal which continued to hop towards the other side of the road as if fleeing from some other creature. As quickly as the large kangaroo vanished on the other side of the road, the pursuing creature made itself known. Roy sat stunned as he watched a large sandy colored dog-like creature leap out of the bushes lining the side of the road and land directly within the path of his four headlights. Roy stated that the Beast turned its head and looked directly at him, its eyes glowed yellow-green from the light reflecting off them. The animal opened its long mouth and snarled at the vehicle, took two steps forward, crouched low and then leapt forward nearly 15ft into the scrub on the other side where it vanished into the darkness. The creature was reported as being sandy-tan in color with black stripes on its hindquarters, nearly 5ft in length, and possessing a long straight tail that measured an additional 3ft.

While there is no concrete evidence that proves the Thylacine still exists in modern day Australia or Tasmania, there have still been hundreds of reports and sightings of the creature since officially being declared extinct by international standards in 1986.

-The Pine Barrens Institute

Dog CPR how-to

so i’ve noticed that most of us are CPR certified or at least know the basics on how to perform CPR on a human, but what do we do when a dog goes into cardiac arrest? Our pets are a huge part of our families and i believe it is just as critical/important to learn how to perform CPR on our 4 legged family members.

1. The basics to dog CPR are almost identical to that of human CPR. Once you have confirmed that your animal is non-responsive, you need to open the airway. When we are unresponsive our airways narrow or even close completely, as the same happens with dogs. Below is a diagram on how to open your dog’s mouth

it is critical that when you open the dog’s mouth that you securely pull their tongue away from the back of their throat. The tongue is one of the most common FBO’s (foreign body obstruction) we see even in the human medical field. The tongue is one of the strongest muscles in our body, and when we become unresponsive, the tongue goes limp and falls to the back of the mouth closing off the airway. As this applies to animals as well. The best position to have the dog who is unresponsive lay is on it’s side. As for a human we have the patients in cardiac arrest in the supine position (laying on their backs) to easily manage their airways and perform compressions. As for dogs, their anatomy is a little different than ours so we have to perform CPR a little differently. When opening the airway you also want to make sure the dog’s head is in a straight position in line with the neck. This will help you give adequate breaths while performing CPR. It is CRITICAL that you DO NOT over extend the neck, this could result in a neck/spinal cord injury

2. Now that you have your airway patent (open) the first thing you want to do is give two rescue breaths. Below is a diagram on how to properly give rescue breaths

make sure the dog’s mouth is securely closed and give two blows in through the nose. To know if you are giving adequate rescue breaths, you will see chest-rise in the dog’chest/abdominal area. What if you’re not getting chest rise? re-position the neck and try again. If that does not help? Open the dog’s mouth and look into the airway to see if you can visualize a foreign body obstruction. Unlike human CPR, you are able to reach into the airway and remove the visible object. I don’t see any airway obstructions, now what? Don’t panic! we will move to step three

3. If you were unsuccessful in rescue breaths, perform the heimlich maneuver. Below is a diagram on how to perform the heimlich on your animal

your first course of action will be to hold your dog upside down by their back legs, and their head facing down. This is where gravity comes into play and helps move the foreign object out of the airway. Insert a finger into the mouth and use a sweeping motion to try and dislodge the object. If that does not help? move to abdominal thrusts. With both arms, right under the rib cage, give 5 thrusts. After 5 abdominal thrusts, stop, check and see if the airway obstruction has been expelled. If so, remove object and give 2 rescue breaths immediately. If you do not get chest rise with the rescue breaths, perform 5 more cycles of abdominal thrusts and this should resolve the foreign object.

3. Now we start compressions. ONLY PERFORM COMPRESSIONS IF THERE IS NO PULSE! to check for a pulse, locate the artery in the groin

Next, lay the dog on its right side. Position your hands one on top of the other, fingers interlaced, right beside the dog’s left elbow, where it touches the chest (approximately in the middle of the rib cage). give 15 compressions (compressing the chest approximately ½ inch for small dogs, 1 inch for medium dogs, and 1 ½ inches for large dogs) following the 15 compressions you will want to give two rescue breaths and then repeat the process until you can get to an emergency clinic or you get a pulse back.

TIP: Your animals can sense your fear, but cannot understand why you are in this state of panic. This is why it is very important to stay as calm as you can! When you have determined that there is a problem with your dog, and have started emergency interventions, contact your local emergency clinic and give them the following information about your dog

1. Your name

2. Your estimated time of arrival (ETA)

3. Steps taken so far (CPR, Heimlich…)

4. Breed/size of animal

5. Inform them if there is a foreign object in the airway

6. If you suspect your dog has ingested a poison, relay that information as well

7. Mechanism of injury (Hit by car… Fell from substantial height…)

8. If your dog has a relevant past medical history inform the staff at the emergency clinic

I hope this knowledge will help dog owners all over!