“This poster is insulting to other shippers!!”
Okay, if you are so invested in a show that you find it insulting that the promo department focuses on the actual canon ship and not your fanon ship…… stop. Pet a dog. Plant a tree. Do yoga.
The promo department owes you nothing. I don’t care what your sexuality is or the impact said ship had on your life….. The promo department (and the writers and actors for that matter) owe you nothing. Promoting CS’s wedding (ie the wedding of the main character that is happening very soon) is NOT ABC attacking you and intending upset you. Its their JOB to promote what’s canon and what brings viewers.
I get it. Your ship won’t become canon. Half your ship is dead. It didn’t go the way you hoped. You don’t like CS. That sucks. But don’t throw fits or find it “insulting” that ABC are doing their damn jobs. And frankly I feel bad for the mature, rational people in these fandoms who are made to look bad by a minority made up of toddlers throwing fits left right and centre.
CS is canon and ABC will promote it. Cry yourself a river, build a bridge, cover the bridge in glitter and GET OVER IT.

Can we have domestic Reaper76?

  • Reaper76 shopping together.
  • Reaper76 cooking together.
  • Reaper76 watching telenovelas together and skyping with abuela Reyes because Julio Arberto Raúl de los Ángeles cheated on María Conchita de la Santísima Trinidad with his lost twin from Alaska, qué desgracia (in a surprinsing twist, Jack is the most offended about that).
  • Reaper76 adopting a dog together.
  • Reaper76 doing yoga together (those tights, you know what I’m talking about).
  • Reaper76 being happy together.
  • Me not caring about anything else anymore (best one tbh).

|| 24.4 || { 11/100 }

today i finished my last mind maps for my apush mock, and i woke up early to walk my dog and do some yoga. it was really nice to be mostly relaxed until i had to do physics and some of the questions were really vague and stupid, but i finished it and it’s time to relax. have a good day!

  • me, watching pinof7: [witnesses two grown men having a staring contest while barking like dogs and doing "friendship yoga", a series of bad puns, dan falling onto phil while pretending to be a penguin with rabies, dan also screaming as they do a trust exercise, phil advertising his underwear]
  • me: what the fuck did i just watch

Anyone out there have weird experiences with their dog when they do yoga? Emma insists on planting herself on the mat, and generally being in my way.


The best thing I saw today: a chihuahua doing yoga.