The best thing I saw today: a chihuahua doing yoga.


Upward Facing Dog looks an easy pose to do, but we can make a lot of mistakes when we do it, please check out the things that you need to avoid and what do it to performance correctly.

How to: Lie flat on your belly, bend your arms and rest your palms on the floor on either side of your chest, keep your legs flat on the floor, look straight ahead of you, inhale and move your shoulders, read more…

Day No. 2 of the #IntoNirvana challenge: Down Dog Lunge (or something):

I never saw this pose before and I kinda struggled with doing it right. Is it right to turn the upper body a bit to the left? Did I do it wrong? I’m a bit confused at the moment. Maybe I’ll try to practice a bit to get myself fit enough to do this pose right.
Nevertheless I felt really good by doing this pose, it streched my body in a comforting way and I guess that’s what counts.

  • me, watching pinof7:[witnesses two grown men having a staring contest while barking like dogs and doing "friendship yoga", a series of bad puns, dan falling onto phil while pretending to be a penguin with rabies, dan also screaming as they do a trust exercise, phil advertising his underwear]
  • me:what the fuck did i just watch

|| 24.4 || { 11/100 }

today i finished my last mind maps for my apush mock, and i woke up early to walk my dog and do some yoga. it was really nice to be mostly relaxed until i had to do physics and some of the questions were really vague and stupid, but i finished it and it’s time to relax. have a good day!


Anyone out there have weird experiences with their dog when they do yoga? Emma insists on planting herself on the mat, and generally being in my way.