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funny how at first it was ' liam's not interested in pursuing a solo career for the future ' to liam revealing signing a solo deal and now ' having meetings with the top producers' and also how it was ' liam wants him and cheryl to be the new david and victoria' to ' liam doesnt want to be out in public with her building up their power couple status. he thinks its uncool'

Hi anon

I know. But there’s absolutely no such thing as keeping a story straight and consistent in 1d land.

Particularly when you have the daily tabloids online or in print and the weekly gossip mags who also have online presence and change their minds like the weather about whether today Liam will be the lapdog grateful for any female looking at him never mind becoming his girlfriend/fiancée/wife/mother of their 20 children and dogs all within 3 months of meeting or some big bad rebel who ain’t got no time for that shit.

Same with zigi and that big old mess of a narrative imparted to the media.

The good thing re chiam is whether we get a couple of last sightings or not it’s firmly laid the foundation down to not see them again or too often at least. I hope.

Let’s hope the same can be said of the other messes soon as well for all their sakes.


Немецкие психологи сделали вывод, что собака в доме активно влияет на воспитание ребенка. На примере собак, дети обучаются очень важным человеческим качествам: преданности, честности, терпимости к недостаткам других людей, неспособности к подлости, способности прощать.

German psychologists made a conclusion that a dog in the house strongly influences a child’s education. On the example of dogs, children learn important human qualities: devotion, honesty, tolerance to shortcomings of other people, inability to meanness, ability to forgive.

способности [spasòbnasti] - abilities
психолог [psikholok] - psychologist
пример [primèr] - example
очень [òchin’] - very
активный [aktivnyj] - active
собака [sabàka] - dog
дети [dèti] - children
честный [chèstnyj] - honest
терпение [tirpènije] - patience
другой [drugoj] - another

Grantaire wants to play but the cats are still trying to get used to him. They’re laying down some boundaries.

(I just want to reassure anyone concerned that we usually ensure the cats have their own space so they’re not forced into contact with him. But obviously there’s times where they meet, and they have to get used to each other. The cats haven’t shown excessive aggression or fear towards him and generally are just showing him their boundaries. We’re responsible pet owners!)