When a short stroll through forest turns into hours of looking for a way out. 

Daichi emerges from the bushes covered in scratches. “SUGA!!! YOU’RE OKAY!! uh. I mean, uh. I just… happened to be walking around here…”

trying to pretend he wasn’t furiously searching

he’s bleeding from five different places

drags a casual hand through his hair “anyway, let’s go home”

by mysecretfanmoments via Livestream chat 

Palette #22 and OMG OMG ninja Suga prompt by crollalanzaa (¬‿¬)

Wherein bb!Cloud is a bamf who’s more friendly with the lethal local wildlife than his neighbours.

Nibelheim is the place that left a boy injured to the point of immobility on a monster infested mountain because they jumped to conclusions about why another kid went up there and was also hurt. I mean if that’s an example of how he’s treated then no wonder this kid develops anger and self-worth issues

Day 14 - Smile
If there is one thing that makes me smile, is the idea of running at full speed to endless fields (yes, banal but true).
And the image that came to my mind was inspired by the beautiful and majestic greyhound named Loki of lokithegreyhound​ !



Giorno 14 - Sorriso
Se c'è una cosa che mi fa sorridere, è l'idea di correre a tutta velocità per campi sconfinati (si, banale ma è la verità).
E l'immagine che mi è venuta in mente è stata ispirata dal bellissimo e maestoso levriero di nome Loki di lokithegreyhound !


Okay, so this is Alina. She is my contestant for Simmingly’s dog challenge. Alina is probably the best dog anyone could have for a pet. she's playful when you need a little cheering up, she's friendly, so she’s a GREAT family pet, and most importantly, she's loyal. Alina will never leave your side. She’ll be there for you through the thick and thin. She’s one of the few people, yes, I say “people” because she’s a person in a dog’s body, who you can actually count on. As you can see in the picture above, she absolutely ADORES kids. I added her to my perfect genetics challenge because I know that since Jane will be an only child, she’ll need a friend, and I know that I chose the right one for her. 

You can download her here.

There you go, Jillian! I hope you like her. Be nice to my bby.<3

I’m so sorry it took so long