“No need to think me. I just… well.. Let’s just say that I didn’t want anything bad to happen if I could stop it.” The brunet had been abandoned by his friends around an hour ago. They were all out and about finding men to be theirs for the night. So he had left alone with his thoughts before he saw a shady stranger slip a pill into the other man’s drink.

“Here. Let me buy you another drink. You shouldn’t have to waste your money because of perverts like him.” With that he sat beside the stranger and ordered him a new drink. “I’m Thomas, by the way. I might as well introduce myself since I’ll be looking out for you for the rest of the night.”

裏切り ;  A smile decorated the brunet’s expression, the stranger’s attitude matched his own. Though he doubted that the other got even half the trouble he did. The people of this century didn’t know how to appreciate each other.

 Optics widened in surprise at the stranger’s, Thomas’, offer. “You know you don’t have to, I mean I am sure you came with someone, no? “ No way a guy as nice as this one would be alone. Though Masa would not complain if the other would keep him company. He himself was the last one left of his friends, who had all already left.  “ Muramasa, but most people just call me Masa. Nice to meet you.”, he introduced himself nevertheless.
Facebook group to save a pitbull that mauled a four year old

Since the Feb. 20 attack, the pit bull Mickey has become the object of a Facebook page that has gotten more than 40,000 likes and an online petition to spare his life.

I am not going to lie, people. I’m disappointed. This animal didn’t just nip a child, he lunged at the child, got him in the face, and managed to actually break bones in the child’s face. He’s permanently disfigured and will likely require multiple surgeries, and instead of a facebook group to help the child’s family with medical bills, there’s a facebook group trying to put the dog, which has killed another dog before, in a NEW home?

This animal is a massive liability. It needs to be put down. This isn’t a simple nip with blood, this kid was mauled. MAULED. By a dog that has mauled other dogs to death before. This dog isn’t a pet. This dog cannot be safely rehomed.

And there are 40,000 people who’d want to put that animal in another home after it permanently disfigured a little boy? When an animal like this proves itself a danger to not only other animals but human beings as well, it has to go. I’m sorry, there’s no fucking wiggle room for this.

40,000 likes on a fucking Facebook page to rehome this dangerous animal. Would you want a dog that killed another dog and tried to eat the face off a toddler in your backyard? or your neighbor’s backyard?

This stupid hippy dippy fluffy bunny “look at the cute doggy!” bullshit has to end. I’ll tell you right now that if any dog ever bit the face off of my kid, or killed one of my animals, animal control wouldn’t even be able to find its body, let alone have time for a forty thousand strong thrall of senseless imbeciles to make it a fucking facebook page.


This beagle got attacked by a much larger dog, and it just laid her open.

Top pic: Because they couldn’t afford the emergency clinic, the owners staunched the bleeding, rinsed out the wound, and applied a livestock antiseptic spray to get her through until we opened in the morning. The wound’s dark purple-black appearance is due to the spray, not severe bruising or necrosis. Whew!

Middle pic: We got the poor girl anesthetized and prepped the wound for surgery. It cleaned up real nice, but as usual turned out to be much more extensive than we could tell prior to clipping away the hair and probing the wound.

Bottom pic: Doc sutured her up and placed several drains. She was sent home with antibiotics and pain meds. The drains were pulled 5 days later, but at her following recheck she had a small non-healing area that had filled up with pus again. Dr. — trimmed up the edges, placed a new drain, and switched her antibiotics. That did the trick! She eventually made a full recovery :)