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Rapid-senpai, what does a comic pitch entail? Are the synopsis and sample artwork a *must*?

The synopsis can’t be skipped. For example, Dark Horse wants

  • one to two sentence pitch (summary condensed as hard as possible)
  • a 300 word synopsis (no more no less) for a four part series pitch,
  • a complete outline of the whole story (1. Dog sees car. 2. Dog bites car tire. 3. Dog pops tire. The end.),
  • and six consecutive pages of art for it.

Links to download sites are no longer accepted. Attachments sent to only.

Image Comics wants

  • a cover letter
  • a one page synopsis
  • five pages of sequential art for this comic
  • and a cover mock up

Submissions sent to or mail to their address

They do not want originals (send low res files or photocopies), long prose works, paragraphs in the cover letter where all you do is toot your own horn, or character profiles.

Professionalism is all about brevity.

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As a contrast to the previous gifset, I wanted to make one with the classic video by Dr. Sophia Yin showing counter conditioning in action. This is a dog that had been displaying aggression severely enough to be up for euthanasia. The stimulus prompting aggression in this video is having his face blown on. While we don’t hear anything about the dog’s history, it’s pretty easy to assume that this is fear-related, as shoving your face at a dog’s face is pretty aggressive body language, a lot of smaller dogs have fear-related aggression due to their boundaries being ignored, and I don’t see any resource-guarding behavior.

You can’t draw a complete parallel, but there are a lot of similarities between this video of an aggressive dog and the video of the aggressive horse. This dog seems to be making a big aggressive display and then retreating, instead of continuing the attack with the intent of causing serious injury. The horse had its movement restricted to the round pen, and this dog has its movement restricted by a leash. Both are unhappy and dangerous animals.

Dr. Yin resolves the aggression by pairing the provocative stimulus (blowing on the dog’s face) with food. After only a few brief sessions and a bit of time, the dog no longer exhibits aggression when prompted. He doesn’t enjoy the stimulus (he still moves his head back and away, and there’s a bit of lip licking) but having his face blown on no longer provokes aggression. Instead you can see eagerness for the treatment and what looks like enjoyment of the exercise (tail wagging, what looks almost like a play bow or an attempt to get a reward with a behavior he was taught, ears forward, open relaxed mouth, looking up at her face). His emotional reaction and outward behavioral response are dramatically different.

I don’t present this as an example of why counter conditioning with food is a preferential miracle cure (dogs are a lot more likely to exhibit aggressive body language, so the horse probably had way more of a backlog of fear, whereas this guy’s fear could be worked around relatively quickly. I also wouldn’t ever recommend anyone tackle aggressive body language straight up with a leash restraining the dog, and definitely not by blowing into the dog’s face, where it’s so easy to get bit) BUT this shows a similar scenario, similar aggression, and a different protocol for resolving the problem that doesn’t involve the use of an aversive stimulus to work around aggression.

When the KBTBB guys see a hickey on MC from a dog

This one has been in my head for awhile after getting basically a hickey on my arm from a dog a little less then a week ago. At work we do muzzle dogs that bite like the bichon (a small very fluffy white dog) I was working on. Unfortunately the muzzle was just a tad to big and was still able to pinch me with his front teeth thus the hickey. So hopefully this is a good one and can tide you over till I think of what to do next. Please and thank you for bearing with me.

Prologue: You come home from a hard day at work with a bruised and sore arm after a dog bit you. Unfortunately it is already bruised and looks like a hickey already. Fortunately for you your man was out for the night so you didn’t have to worry about it till the next day. You relaxed and just went to take a shower in the suite. You came out with only a towel wrapped around you and get surprised by a strong grip on your arm near the bruise. “_____ where did you get that hickey?” Was all the warning you got that your guy got back early.

Eisuke: He growls and tightens his grip on your arm. “I asked you a question.” You wince and yelp “Eisuke let go that hurts!” He doesn’t let go and shakes his head scowling at you “Serves you right for having an affair with another man.” You can only sigh realizing you won’t get away without explaining. Though all you can think it’s going to end up in trouble.

“I wasn’t having an affair, I swear. A dog just got me is all.” He looks at you unbelievingly “Right a dog did that” You sigh in your head and just gently press against him “You know I’m only your’s eisuke” Letting the towel fall and then he smirks letting your arm go looking you over “Well guess you just have to prove it to me then.” He kisses you after picking you up and taking you to the bed leading to a long night of “persuading him”

Soryu: You look over to him looking at a sad looking Soryu “Sweetie it’s not what you think” You say to him and he grips your arm a bit harder causing you to wince. He quickly lets go after seeing your wince “I’m sorry, did that hurt? But what do you mean it’s not what I think?” You smile softly and gently caress his cheek feeling a bit guilty making him look so sad but at the same time enjoying seeing him a bit jealous.

You smile and let him run a finger over the swollen bite mark. “It’s a dog bite mark, apparently I did something that he hated.” He looks into your eyes as he relaxes and smiles “Did I just get jealous of a dog?” You could only laugh and nod “Yes you did” He gives that sexy smirk as a spark ignites in his eyes “Well then let me give you an example of my jealousy tonight” He picks you up and tosses you onto the bed and you end up having a sweet night with your sweet mobster.

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So I work at a pet store and I had some woman walk in today looking for dog treats. I showed her to a case where we keep a bunch of locally made treats that dogs go crazy for. I wanted to really convince her to buy them, so I told her that they were FDA approved, so even humans could eat them since so many owners worry about what is in their pets food. She said that she would take a few and pulled one out of the case, and in the middle of me explaining that she could put them in a paper bag to hold on to, she just. Takes a fucking bite of this dog treat.