the ultimate curse. walks down a street and meet a small perfect gentle friend who then sinks their very sharp mouth into you and never lets go. go to work with your new violent friend attached to your fist, a breadcrumb trail of blood behind you. the dog walks you down the aisle to your wedding. you kiss the love of your life and then u kiss the dog on your fist. you’re buried together. this dog stayed with you through everything.

Of Dogs and Boys

Yesterday sucked. 

I decided to steam clean the rug, which frightened off the pupper.

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So Calder (said pupper) went to hide underneath my daughter’s bed. Several minutes later, I hear my 5 year old son crying. I go upstairs to his bedroom and he’s grasping his face. I come over to him, and removes his hand, to reveal blood all over his nose and cheek. I believe I actually said, “Eeyah!

I pick him up and take him to the bathroom to wash off his face. He’s got scratches down his face with a few gouges. It looks something like this:

(Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating.)

So once the blood is washed off and I can see the extent of the wound, it’s obvious my adorable, sweet playful pupper has attacked my sweet, brave, strong, affectionate son.

I hold him close and ask what happened. 

“Calder bit me.”


I bring him downstairs to my husband, and we decide he doesn’t need stiches, but he is going to need a broader array of bandaids (we only have the one size) and neosporin (since we don’t know what box its packed in).

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While my husband runs to CVS, I ask my son what happened. Am I going to have to return my cuddly puppy to the rescue? Because as much as I love dogs, as much as I have come to use Calder as my own unofficial therapy pup, my son will always be more important. 

There are people for whom their pets are equals to their children; I am simply not one of them.

“Did she growl at you?” Because we’ve had the discussion that if a dog growls it means ‘Stay Away!’


“What were you doing?”

“Trying to play with her.”

“Where was she?”

“Under the bed.”

“So she was under the bed, you wanted to play with her, you tried to grab her, and she growled.”

He nods. “Then what?”

“I kept trying to get her out to play.”

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So yes, Calder bit him, but it was totally and utterly provoked. And the only reason it was his face was because they were both under the bed.

But still, I was stressed out. For context, my 5 year old was bitten, unprovoked, by my sister-in-law’s dog last October, to the point of puncturing his lip and requiring stitches. 

So as I’m holding him, all I can think is that if my son is permanently (and understandably) terrified of dogs, we are going to have to return Calder to the rescue. And that how could I, my son’s parent, let him be hurt twice in the same year by dogs. How I should have never gotten a dog; I should have know my son might get hurt. 

I cried, my son in my arms.

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My son fell asleep in my arms, face covered in bandaids. I fell asleep later, with the aid of anti-anxiety meds. 


My friends Bulldog attacked me the other day while I was walking through the yard. He tried to trip me and jumped up between my legs and bit my inner thigh. He was doing his job protecting the yard and I don’t blame him. If it were an enemy, I would hope he would fuck them up just as bad haha. Luckily he didn’t get me to the ground or do any worse damage.

in any case I have a ridiculously colorful bruise from it.


omfg this will never get old

tyra gets rabies