My friends Bulldog attacked me the other day while I was walking through the yard. He tried to trip me and jumped up between my legs and bit my inner thigh. He was doing his job protecting the yard and I don’t blame him. If it were an enemy, I would hope he would fuck them up just as bad haha. Luckily he didn’t get me to the ground or do any worse damage.

in any case I have a ridiculously colorful bruise from it.


A standout at the Carpark/Paw Tracks Records showcase at last fall’s CMJ, Dog Bite’s mechanically sharp, synth-tinged noise rock positioned the band as promising newcomers. The project of Atlanta musician Phil Jones, Dog Bite’s debut album “Velvet Changes,” released on Feb. 5, envelops brooding, insular post-punk in an atmospheric sheen.

Never too dark to dance to, “Velvet Changes” buoys Jones’ affinity for guitar distortion and droning melodies with a backbone of lush synths, one that Jones honed from months spent playing in Washed Out’s touring band. Jones’ melancholy undertones don’t take much from Ernest Greene’s languid electronica; in fact, that tour inspired Jones to move away from piecing tracks together from beats and samples and towards more organic instrumentation. These twin styles are both present on “Velvet Changes,” which oscillates between noisy riffs and electronic textures - and lucky for us, both sides of Dog Bite are well worth a listen.

Dog Bite hits town on Feb. 10 with Carpark labelmates Toro Y Moi and Chicago duo Wild Belle. The show is sold out, but those lucky ticketholders should get there early for Dog Bite’s gloomily danceable live show.

-Maeve McDermott

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This beagle got attacked by a much larger dog, and it just laid her open.

Top pic: Because they couldn’t afford the emergency clinic, the owners staunched the bleeding, rinsed out the wound, and applied a livestock antiseptic spray to get her through until we opened in the morning. The wound’s dark purple-black appearance is due to the spray, not severe bruising or necrosis. Whew!

Middle pic: We got the poor girl anesthetized and prepped the wound for surgery. It cleaned up real nice, but as usual turned out to be much more extensive than we could tell prior to clipping away the hair and probing the wound.

Bottom pic: Doc sutured her up and placed several drains. She was sent home with antibiotics and pain meds. The drains were pulled 5 days later, but at her following recheck she had a small non-healing area that had filled up with pus again. Dr. — trimmed up the edges, placed a new drain, and switched her antibiotics. That did the trick! She eventually made a full recovery :)