Keys to successful crate training:
-Never (ever!) use the crate as punishment - always calmly crate your dog.
-Make the crate a place that is cozy and inviting. Think of it as your dog’s bedroom! Put her favorite toys in there and a cozy crate pad or bed. Your dog a chewer? K9 Ballistics makes amazing chew resistant beds with a 90 day guarantee!
-Use treats to lure your dog into the crate - they will come to associate the crate with getting treats and go in there much more willingly!
-Don’t make the door the thing that keeps your dog from leaving the crate. Your dog should be able to remain in the crate with the door open! Our dogs love to use their crates for some “me-time" and will often retire in their crates on their own.
-Prevent anxiety in the crate by putting it in a familiar place where your family hangs out often. Ours are in the living room. Dogs are social and don’t like to be separated from the family!