Orthopedic dog beds

Thanks for all your sweet messages about the move!! :’) Dog people are the best people.

First order of business… a doge bed! I rarely ever buy Chubby things other than treats/food, so shopping for a dog bed is kind of an exciting thing for us (okay… for me).

Requirements: thick orthopedic foam with elevated, supportive sides that Chubby can “nest” in or use as a headrest, structured but still comfortable, machine washable

The Contenders:

1: Skymall / Grandin Road Sofa Dog Bed 

Cover: 100% polyester microsuede with zipper. Fill: stuffing in side bolsters and main cushion with an additional removable foam insert for added comfort. 

Pros: Looks supremely comfy - dog model needs to be paid in extra bones bc he looks like he’s sleeping on a cloud. Cover made of durable, high quality material.

Cons: Negative reviews all mention the lack of stuffing and structure. It seems that the company started skimping on the stuffing once the product became popular.

2: Doctors Foster and Smith Double Support Slumber Nest

Cover: 7 oz. poly/cotton with elastic bottom (foam is exposed underneath the bed). Fill: 4.5″ orthopedic foam

Pros: Structured, deep and cozy main cushion

Cons: Flimsy and thin cover - reviewers report cover coming off easily or shrinking/pilling in the wash.

Neither are ideal… There are some really high quality memory foam beds on Amazon, but they’re all basically pads and don’t have the bolstered sides that Chubby likes. Which one would you go with?

Keys to successful crate training:
-Never (ever!) use the crate as punishment - always calmly crate your dog.
-Make the crate a place that is cozy and inviting. Think of it as your dog’s bedroom! Put her favorite toys in there and a cozy crate pad or bed. Your dog a chewer? K9 Ballistics makes amazing chew resistant beds with a 90 day guarantee!
-Use treats to lure your dog into the crate - they will come to associate the crate with getting treats and go in there much more willingly!
-Don’t make the door the thing that keeps your dog from leaving the crate. Your dog should be able to remain in the crate with the door open! Our dogs love to use their crates for some “me-time" and will often retire in their crates on their own.
-Prevent anxiety in the crate by putting it in a familiar place where your family hangs out often. Ours are in the living room. Dogs are social and don’t like to be separated from the family!