dog zine

poor akaashi, it must be so hard being loved by so many dogs

Bungou Stray Dogs Vacation Days is here!!!!

Vacation Days is a SFW Bungou Stray Dogs centered Zine focused around the characters in the show and manga on their days off and out of the office.
The Detective Agency
The Port Mafia
The Guild.
Any and all artists are welcome to apply for this zine, applications open August 1st at midnight EST and end on August 16th.

Hope to see you there!!

The official front cover of the Annoying Dog Zine! Here are all the artists contributing to the zine! The zine will be out soon!

Artists contributing to the zine:
@insertdisc5, @armonah, @cliffearts, @cubedcake, @dustyart, @fireflysummers, @mmmmmmmat, @meye-li, @pomnoichu, @rustnut, @serenaci, and @venelyx

First off, we want to thank everyone who applied! The response was overwhelming, there were so many talented and skilled writers and artists who applied (72!!),! The choice was really difficult, but the mods went through it and choose the amazing people who will be participating!

With that said, here’s the list of the artists who will participate to For the tainted sorrow!

❄ Invited artists / writers ❄

@ai-san-arts@catsbythegreat@ch-ch-ch-chuuya@kiimone ★  @mr-reblogbutton ★  @soukoku-writes ★  @shiromochi ★  @kura-nacchan

❄ App artists / writers ❄

@bracari-iris ✩  @hashagi@inkdrawssin ✩  @ariukoart@gaudywizardry  ✩ @gings-art  ✩ @rainbow-puffin  ✩ @jihiro-kun  ✩ @naotoosh  ✩ @ginkoseed / @bungostraydoodles  ✩ @thederpling  ✩ @bananasaurr  ✩ @glliese  ✩ @michelleaoki  ✩ @ruestwoon  ✩ @len-uh  ✩ @acandletoguide@sammieart  ✩ @royal-society-of-pandas  ✩ @mitsundereh   ✩ @rayemafia  ✩ @arioluc  ✩ @rimacchii  ✩ @critai  ✩ @iincossu  ✩ @hatterchan  ✩ @mokkorin  ✩ @cinnanami  ✩ @lefthandedprotagonist  ✩ @paraboline  ✩ @socksghost ✩  @limesicle  ✩ @shipeo  ✩  @bsdrosinante  ✩ @thegreatzanto666

To everyone: thank you for applying! We’re so happy to see how many people applied, and we hope you will continue to support this zine and us in this project!

InuYasha zine 2017

Dogs days are over!! 

Inuyasha zine is a no profit project about Inuyasha’s world and all its characters.

The zine will be printed (A5) and all the earnings will be donated to charity, to an italian animal rights organization, LAV.

The artists’ application will be open to july 28th to august 21st  (which means that you have time till august 21st, 11:59 PM – greenwich meridian – to send your portfolio).

Application date: from July 28th to August 21st

Acceptance emails: Aug 24th

Wip check in: Sept 8th

Final submission deadline: Oct 6th

Pre order period: from October 16th to November 7th

Inuyasha zine application:

complete the application here

for more info send emails to:  

or contact this blog!

Thanks for your time

Soukoku Drabble Zine!

Hello everybody! 

So @memosfromchuuya and I were talking, and we both thought a writing-based zine for Soukoku would be an awesome idea! The BSD fandom doesn’t have a lot of zines yet, but there’s a ton of amazing content! 

The zine would tentatively include: 

  • drabbles from skk fic writers
  • a few illustrations from skk artists

This isn’t a “it’s definitely happening” post but more about seeing if people want it and very early stages planning if they do. I’d like to talk to anyone interested in participating/anyone interested in helping!

Call For Submissions

***This is a call for submissions for a cat & dog zine.***

Looking for:
*stories (up to 500 words)
*poems (page in length)
*artwork (drawings, collages, cover art)
*love letters

Topics may include:
-how they came to be in your life
-their therapeutic presence
- how they help ease your anxiety, depression and provide comfort
-the special bond you share
-their unconditional love
-the playful/weird/cute things they do
-if they are a service dog/cat
-if they have a physical disability, mental illness and/or health issues
-do you refer to them as your: pet, baby/child/family, companion, friend/best friend, room mate, healer, etc.
-if you have more than one cat or dog
-anything else you wish to share about them

Contributors will receive a free issue of the zine upon completion.
If interested, email

Deadline is March 26th, 2017