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I just donated to the Cap Fundraiser in honour of Charitable Getting’s ‘two for non’. As for a request: Steve and dogs, because dogs.

AWWW Two For Non! I loved that idea when I wrote it and I’m still fond of it :) 

“Is this a Serum thing?” Natasha asked him once, strolling in Central Park. She was tailing someone for reasons Steve hadn’t really looked into; he was just there for some fresh air. But as per usual…

“I don’t know,” he said delightedly, as yet another dog loped up to him. This made fifteen dogs who had come to say hi, and he looked like the fourth dog who would be sticking around to play a constant rolling game of fetch. Steve picked up a slobbery tennis ball, threw it, and beamed as they all raced off after it. Well, all except the giant Newfie, who was constantly trying to lean on Steve’s leg even when he was using it to walk with. “Don’t you like dogs?”

She wrinkled her nose. “Sure, but I don’t attract them like some kind of walking rawhide chewie.”

“Maybe they just know I love them. Yes I do,” Steve said, bending down to hug the Newfie. It let out a gentle, basso profundo Boof. Steve barked back. The rest of the dogs came racing back, trailing the Pit Bull who had been the lucky one to fetch the ball.

“Captain America – truth, justice, and slobber,” Natasha said, as Steve threw the ball again.

“Dogs know a hero when they see one,” Steve said, then lost his balance as the Newfie finally won the battle with his legs. Immediately three or four other dogs piled on, and Natasha rolled her eyes and left him there, covered in canines and laughing.

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do you have any victor coming out headcanons? i love the ones you did for yuuri a while back ahhhh

Those are some of my favorite headcanons of all time. All these hc’s come from a personal place and are mostly based on my own coming out experience. While Yuuri’s was very fluffy i can’t help but feel Victor’s wasn’t as much. TW for slight homophobia/internalized homophobia.

(12-13) - First crush

The first time Victor gets a crush it’s on a cute boy whose staying with him+Yakov+Lilia from Moscow for nationals. He’s a year older than Victor, and doesn’t look at him like the prodigy of Russia. The day before he leaves Victor admits he likes him. The boy just hugs him and makes Victor promise he’ll win lots of gold medals. Victor never sees him again, but learns later from Yakov it was his last performance after an injury

(14-15) - Words

The first time Victor hears the word gay it’s from an older senior American skater laughing with his friends. He doesn’t know why his hands shake, his throat tightens, or why water bottles are so goddamn loud when they slam into the floor. Why the word sounds so sharp and final. He ends up winning a silver he’s so shaky, and when he sees the American skater again he shoved him “accidentally” into a wall with his shoulder. When Yakov makes him skate laps he clenches his fists the entire time.

(16) - Himself

Victor says “I’m gay” for the first time to Yakov’s bathroom mirror on New Years Eve tipsy on stolen glasses of champagne. He stares at the last dredges of childhood clinging through the thick of puberty. How the words pop out of his mouth, and how his tongue curls around the still unfamiliar syllables. Victor wakes up with his first hangover to Yakov AND Lilia vacuuming remarkable close to his bedroom.

(16 ½-17) - Yakov+Lilia

Victor tells Yakov during a 5 am practice, exhausted, and down on his knees gasping for air on the ice. Yakov stops the music and eyes him like he just spouted 3 heads. “You’re what?” “I said I’m gay.” “What does that have to do with you failing your triple flip?” “Nothing! Everything! I don’t know!” “…twenty laps to cool your head, and then we’ll talk…but this changes nothing.” 
Lilia just snorts in his face and tells him his free leg is disgusting. 

(18) The World

Victor comes out to the rest of the skaters slowly. A trickle of talking about prospective boyfriends, interesting dates, and pointing out guys he thinks are hot. Then a paparazzi follows him and a cute skater to a restaurant in China. They catch them holding hands+kissing in a booth. Victor watches the news with a weird mix of total numbness and overwhelming feeling.

Yakov gives him the choice of where to go from there and the resulting tell all article ends up memorized by a still realizing Yuuri Katsuki at 13-14 in Japan. 

(20s) - Acceptance

Victor is fully comfortable in his sexuality and more by the time he hits his 20s. He has a few relationships but most end before anything more serious than talking of moving in together happen. He goes to gay bars with friends, has half of the younger skaters come out to him routinely, and gets sent fan letters from young LGBT fans who look up to him. They stay in a drawer next to his bed for days when getting out of the bed seems a little extreme. 

(24) - The Florist

Victor’s first serious relationship happens when he meets a cute local florist in downtown Saint Petersburg. He laughs loudly, calls Victor pet names, holds his hand in a soft grip, and has never seen figure skating not even during the Olympics. They end things when Victor blows him off for 3 weeks straight because of training.

Christophe comes over, they drink, he cries, and when he meets The Florist again the next day. They talk for a long time about where it went wrong, the signs they ignored, and if it was possible to get back together. The next time Victor sees The Florist he has a thick diamond ring, and laughs while taking Victor’s orders for Roses for “Y. Katsuki.” 

(27-28) - Yuuri

The first Victor memorabilia that Yuuri willingly shows him (And isn’t found while looking under his bed for Makkachin’s favorite dog toy) is a wrinkled article with a photo of a barely 18 year old Victor gliding across the ice with multicolored blades sending rainbowed fractals across the ice behind him. “Making History” is the tile and its held together by tape and hope. Yuuri tells him how much the article helped him, and Victor clings to it because it’s the physical version of the letters in his drawer. 

They recreate the photo for the magazine following their marriage. Gold mixes nicely with rainbow.