dog woody

So, I met Tom Hardy today and had a casual conversation and stroked his dog Woody. I wasn’t star struck because all I have thought about is meeting Cillian Murphy which did not happen. I’m being ungrateful I know. Tom was total babetown USA though, it was nice being called ‘sweetheart’ from his sweet mouth.

  • person: why do you love tom hardy so much?
  • me: tom hardy once snuck a stray cat into his hotel room in bucharest which he named CJ, that he de-flea'd and found a home for. his current dog woody he found on the set of lawless. he also housed another dog, cass, from a local shelter while filming the drop in new york. he loved cass so much he later adopted her. tom borroWED his friend's dog, georgia, while filming the revenant to take care of her while on set. he also got a tattoo dedicated to his late dog max who he loved. woody is with him on set so much he's literally had cameo appearances in some of his films. during the premiere of legend tom took woody with him and put a little bowtie on his collar. tom loves dogs so much he likens himself to one. did you know his phone case is of him and woody? he is also a huge advocate for sheltering stray cats and dogs and has been such a strong supporter of battersea dogs and cats home.
  • person: ...
  • me: he also recently commissioned a 61cm x 76cm portrait of woody.

Photos of Tom Hardy during the filming of PB as Alfie should be surfacing soon. Several of my “sources” that live near Liverpool have said that security is extremely tight so no pictures were taken expect by one Pap. He also has his dog Woody on set with him.