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Tumblr, I need your help

This post is different from my normal content, but I’m desperate here.

When my little sister was five and I was nine, we each bought a stuffed animal, a puppy dog. Mine is brown, and hers was cream-colored, and they were great comforts through moving, and growing up in an abusive household, and everything else that comes with that.

My sister lost hers at camp several years ago, and she’s been sad about it ever since. I’ve looked everywhere: ebay, amazon, thrift stores, rummage sales, talked to people on facebook, contacted the camp and the people that went there, tried to find the toy manufacturer (out of business), I attempted to contact the local store where we bought it…nothing.

I really want to help my sister here, and find her stuffed animal, or at least, one just like it. Again, this was a huge comfort to her through so much stuff that happened. It was always by her side, and it made her feel so happy, and since it’s been gone, I know she feels like something’s missing. She loved it so much.

I know that my only tool left to find it at this point is word-of-mouth. So if you would, could you spread this to as many people as you can? Put it on facebook if you want, screenshot it and send it to your friends, I don’t mind. I just want to help my little sister get her comfort animal back.

It’s a 12″-ish stuffed puppy dog, and the brand is Caltoy. Here are some pictures of mine, so you can see what hers is supposed to look like:

The only differences are that hers was a light yellow-cream color, and I think the ribbon on hers was blue (though I could be wrong about that).

More specifics:

It was sitting up, and had no tail. It was all the same color like this one, no dark ears/paws/etc, just the dark nose. It was made by Caltoy in or around 2003.

I would really like to find this for my sister, so that she can have that comfort again, and she definitely needs it right now. 

Please share it as much as you can, to friends or followers, whoever you can. I will be so grateful to all of you who help. <3

My contact info: starshipme (at), Askbox, and feel free to use tumblr messenger as well!

OK, I might have gone a little bit overboard on this next villager, but I really wanted to try making a true patchwork villager and I had to pull out all the stops. I did create an elephant named Patch a while back who hinted at the style that I was going for but I thought that I could kick it up a notch. And so it was that Scraps the stitched-together pastiche of a puppy was created! 

This guy is the end result of the work of several days (I can’t even begin to estimate how much time he took to complete in total). I used an assortment of different fabric patterns to create him, many of which were actual in-game clothing textures which was quite a challenge in and of itself. At first he was only going to be one solid color with a few sewn-on patches here and there but it didn’t quite fulfill the vision that I had for this character. It’s really hard to capture all the details in screenshots, but here a few additional shots of his model to give you a better look at him from different angles:

Sorry for the picture-heavy post! I just wanted to make sure that the little intricacies weren’t lost, especially since so much work went into him. I hope that you guys dig him as much as I do.

Morgan Cleaned and recovered

Morgan’s person wrote:

I’d like to see if it’s possible to restore my stuffed dog, Morgan, to a point where I can snuggle him without worrying that he’ll fall apart.

Like many Morgan dogs, Morgan was once pink and he had short fur.  This Morgan had an interesting stuffing mix of foam and beans. Usually, when Morgan’s come to the hospital their skin has become quite thin.  Many people opt to have them lined (as some of my previous posts have shown).  This Morgan’s person was very concerned with sturdiness, so the plan was to recover him.  Here he is on arrival at the hospital:

As you can see, he’s missing most of his fur.  He started with a spa:

Then we went through fur options for recovering him.  This was what his person chose.  It’s very soft… but sewing with it is very messy because it sheds a lot!

Once his fur was recovered, his person chose a new lining for his inner ears:

Then he got restuffed, and of course his heart was made with original stuffing and put in… I used his ear lining fabric.

And his new stuffing was a mixture of foam, polyfiber, and beans.  His person opted to leave the whites of his eyes alone. Here he is all better:

Morgan flew home and his person sent this photo:

She wrote:

He’s so cuddly!  His new fur is so soft, and the feeling of the new stuffing is close to his original, but cushier!  I’m very excited to have Morgan back and very happy with his restoration.
I’ve attached a few pictures of him hanging out with his contemporaries from my childhood, telling them about his new look! I think they’re jealous of the spa treatment, so you may be seeing them soon!

Well his contemporaries (Violet and Baa Baa) did come to the hospital a few weeks later for spas.  Here they are in the bubble baths:

And, after a couple trips back and forth, we got their new stuffing right.  Here they are, all better!

Clean and happy and ready to rejoin Morgan!

What I wish I knew in High School:

Adult here. Write this down. If you have a weird hobby and your parents have said that you should quit because it’s not “marketable,” consider that there are real people, some of whom I know personally, with the following jobs that make real cash money:

Science writer (me)
Cosplay and prop maker
Stuffed animal designer
Dog artist
Political activist for LGBTQ rights
Political activist for affordable housing
Music licenser
Fan video mixer
Bone cleaner
Sports photographer
Digital hat maker

Fanfiction things

oAll right I have a multi-chapter fic that I’m currently in the process of updating. However; I have another idea for a one-shot fic series and I would like to know if people would be interested in reading it.

When fighting #VillainOfTheWeek Kara somehow gets stuck as a 4 year old. 

I have a few ideas already:

  • Tiny Kara causing mischief at the DEO Base - messing with Winn’s computer, flying around the rooms.
  • Tiny Kara still having superpowers^ but is nowhere near as strong anymore so she actually can get hurt, cue protective Alex
  • Kara being scared of thunderstorms and loud noises
  • Kara being left with Winn because now J’onn has to cover for the city loss of Supergirl. Kara pouting and getting scared whenever Alex or James are out in the field
  • Kara riding shotgun in Maggie’s cop car and playing with the sirens.
  • One person cannot look after this tiny child alone so Kara stays with different people depending on who has the free time.

(In this universe Lena knows and helps at the DEO when needed)

  • Whenever Lena shows up tiny Kara blushes and gets really nervous.
  • Tiny child Kara who has no filter tells Lena that she thinks she’s beautiful. Kara drawing pictures of the two of them together and Lena is the only one who can calm angry child Kara down when she’s upset.
  • Alex giving Kara juice cartons and everyone doting on this sweet innocent child.
  • Reluctant Space Dad sitting with Kara as she colours or when he has to give her piggyback rides with the most deadpan face.

These are just a few of my ideas but any more are welcome. Let me know if this is something people would be interested in reading and any suggestions are gladly appreciated! Will add any suggestions I like in bold!

  • Kara wants to play hide seek with J'onn. To her everything is a game, she starts to run around the DEO always doing something and J'onn is going after her. 
  • Kara has a stuffed animal dog that she NEEDS in order to nap. She names it Krypto -  @bobbywatson <3
  • Kara wants to be just like her big sister. And as children do she copies Alex’s behaviour. (her big sister wears a cool uniform at work and tells people what to do and so does Space dad.)  Cue Winn and his sewing skills. 
  • ^ Next time Alex gets back from a mission she finds little Kara in a tiny DEO uniform complete with badge, standing on a chair(that on closer inspection has a tiny NCPD jacket that looks just like Maggie’s hanging off it) beside J'onn with her hands on her hips waiting to debrief the team.  
  • Obviously they can’t give her any weapons so she has a water gun in her tiny holster, and different little snacks in all the other compartments on the belt. They did give her real handcuffs, which they felt only a bit bad about when she cuffed mon-el to a chair and flew away. (anon I love you for this little addition<3)
  • Cat and Lucy end up having to babysit at one point. 
  • ^ Cat pretends to not know about Kara being Supergirl in order to take care of her, and to everyone’s “surprise” she is a total softie and great with Kara. 
  • Lucy watches Kara at one point, and she lets Kara wear her cool hat and Kara starts saluting everyone and every thing they come across (yes that includes saluting her stuffed dog pup Krypto)
  • Cat finally giving Kara one of her cupcakes because damn it if even she can’t resist a 4 year old Ray Of Sunshine pouting and pleading with her
  • 4 year old Kara reverts back to speaking Kryptonian especially when she’s angry or upset. J’onn who can speak some Kryptonian does not approve when this tiny girl grumbles a “bad word trying to punch another of his brand new monitors.
  • ^ which then gives me Tiny Kara punching punchbags with James.
  • Lena is a smart woman and because of Lex and learning that Kara is from Krypton Lena learns to speak Kryptonian. She speaks it almost fluently. Kara and Lena often have conversations in Kryptonian. - @whiterose-blackrose <3<3
  • Kara is restless and almost always has bundles of energy so getting her to sleep is quite a task. Lena is called whenever Kara is being particularly difficult because for some reason she is the sleep whisperer. (Alex knows it’s because Kara likes to snuggle up to Lena, falling asleep cradled in Lena’s arms -one hand wrapped around her Krypto whilst the other clings to Lena’s clothing)
  • Alex often finds Kara sitting atop of Maggie’s shoulders, Maggie is great with Kara even if she does sneakily give Kara two more scoops of ice-cream when she’s only allowed one.
  • M’gann WHO DID NOT LEAVE gives Tiny Kara stickers, a shit ton of stickers. Kara has a book full of space stickers. When she thinks someone did a really good job she gives them a sticker and everyone tries to act like it’s no big deal but even the toughest DEO agents blush and melt when she beams and presents them with one. You know every agent is working their butt off to earn stickers from their adorable Baby-Agent Kara. J’onn doesn’t even complain, productivity is way up! -anon you are wonderful! <3<3<3
  • ^ (my addition to this) Kara gives her favourite people more than one sticker and proceeds to pepper them with multiple stickers. Winn sniggers as Alex’s DEO badge has at least 10 and Lena’s dress is just covered in brightly coloured star stickers. 
  • Kara gets Alex and Maggie to take her to the park, holding both of their hands as they swing her and then they help her pick out some of the nicest flowers she can find. Lena is in her office when Kara arrives nervously clutching Alex’s hand, the other clutching a large bouquet of flowers. She hands them to Lena with a shy smile and a whispered “Flowers are pretty but not as pretty as you”. Lena answers with a kiss to Kara’s cheek. - @yellowanchor17 <3 (I added a bit to it)
  • Kara’s senses are heightened and she gets attached to being able to comforting scents. Kara likes to give Lucy lots of hugs because “she smells nice” -Lena will deny it but she’s a little bit jealous. That is until she finds out that Kara thinks Lena’s hugs “remind her of home”.  - @sarcasm-with-sarah <3 (I added a little bit but this is perfect!)
  • Kara can be quite protective so when people *coughs* Mon-El *coughs* get a little too close to her favourite people (Alex, Lena, Maggie, Lucy etc) she tends to throw things, things that tiny 4 year old children should not throw. After almost having his hand frozen he soon learns to keep his flirting to a minimum…unless it is involves a certain tech puppy. - @sarcasm-with-sarah (THIS! I love it)
  • ^ This links in to my own idea: Mon-El is actually great with kids, he plays games with Kara and tells her stories about space. He tells her about Royalty on Daxam and what was expected of them. Kara realises he has feelings for Winn and it becomes her match-making mission to pair the two.

i know that particularly on tumblr, there’s a culture of idealization, idolization, and elevation of other people - celebrities, people with popular posts, strangers, but just because a lot of people do something, and just because it’s common with the culture, doesn’t make it okay.

some people, when told off on their behavior to me as a trans man, tell me that i am suffering from toxic masculinity for wanting to be referred to as a regular average man the way you’d talk to any other dude you know and not a doll.

toxic masculinity is NOT wanting to be respected as a human being before being referred to using terminology you’d use for a dog or a stuffed animal ie being called a too pure precious baby/soft and smol and precious/too pure for your sinner eyes.

these things seem small, simple, and harmless, but things like this, idealizing strangers and painting images in your mind that you refuse to see in any other way, acting like it’s your right to use whatever language you want without being told off, structuring and labeling other people who you probably know little to nothing about without figuring out who they are as PEOPLE - that’s how you get fetishism, transphobia, and you can see this in a lot of marginalized groups, not just people who are LGBT.

with this mentality you create impossible standards and images in your mind of how these people (celebrities, trans people, many other marginalized people) ought to be to you, and anyone who doesn’t keep up with this image is outcasted or not seen with the same respect, seen as a buzzkill, as vicious, unapproachable, and just in general unappealing on the very basis that they don’t conform to the stereotypes YOU foster. 

you create dehumanization (no dehumanization is good, whether you elevate them to godliness or tear them down to evil), melting down into stereotypes - all trans ‘boys’ are precious and small and pure and weak, whereas all trans women are merciless goddesses who should step on you and violently kill you? 

reducing these people to the qualities that, regardless of whether they want to be associated with them, are labeled with anyway, qualities that are currently attached to the gender they do not feel comfortable aligning with?

to the point that many people start to believe that, rather than criticizing their wording and thinking for a good minute whether what they say might be massively uncomfortable, they are in the right and these other people are just ‘sensitive’. 

stop immediately projecting your desires and your images on PEOPLE, who are PEOPLE first and not a gender, not a set of body parts, not an IDEA, and stop responding to someone’s discomfort with ‘oh you’re just one of those suffering from TOXIC MASCULINITY’ or other similar bullshit as if you know ANYTHING about the people you’re trying to create personas for against their will.

Dear Journal,

I woke up after our nap and found Sirius awake next to me. He was leaning on his elbow looking at Teddy, who was babbling to his two stuffed animals. When the little Teddy saw I was awake, he layed his hands on my cheeks and kissed the tip of my nose. He giggled and tapped his hand together.

“Merlin I can’t get over the fact that he’s our son now..” Sirius said.

“I know..” i said, looking at our beautiful baby boy.

“Do you like playing with your Padfoot?” Sirius asked Teddy.

“Padda.” Teddy said.

Sirius looked at me with big eyes.

“Did he just say padfoot?..” I asked.

“Say it again Teddy.. padfoot!” Sirius said, pointing his finger to his own chest, showing Teddy who was Padfoot.

“Padda.” Teddy said again, pointing at his black dog stuffed animal.

Sirius and I laughed. I picked up Teddy and we walked to the kitchen. Sirius made some grilled cheese lunch while I heated a bottle of milk for Teddy. Lily told me to always make sure it wasn’t to hot by putting some on my wrist.

“Who wants a grilled cheese?” Sirius yelled so Regulus could ear him from the library downstairs.

“Padda!” Teddy laughed.

“Padda wants a grilled cheese?” Sirius asked, playing the baby’s game.

Teddy nodded, still laughing. Sirius took a grilled cheese and a Teddy’s stuffed animal and made the black dog eat the grilled cheese. Teddy laughed uncontrolably and i smiled to myself, thinking that this would be my life everyday from now on. Sirius gave Teddy his Padfoot back and took a bite out of the grilled cheese. I sat Teddy in his high chair and gave him his milk bottle. He took it in his small hands and began drinking.

“Are Lily and James coming later?” I asked Sirius.

“Yeah James said they would be here in a few minutes. They can’t wait to meet you my little Teddy bear!” Sirius said, tickling Teddy from his side of the table. Teddy giggled and Continued drinking his warm milk.

A few minutes later Lily and James arrived. I took Teddy and my arms while Sirius went to open the door.

“Where is the little buddy?!” Lily asked.

When Teddy saw that there was a lot of people he became shy. He burried his face in my neck and i held him closer.

“It’s okay Teddy.. It’s only James and Lily.. Do you want to just say hi? Just a little wave?” I asked, tickling my finger on his cheek.

He softly nodded and took hold of my finger with his little hand and waving to James and Lily with his other.

“Hi Buddy!” James said, waving at him.

“Oh he is so adorable!” Lily said.

“Do you want to show your Padda to James and Lily?” I asked Teddy.

He nodded and I layed him on the fluffy carpet of the living room so he could play with his toys. He didn’t know how to walk yet but he like walking on all fours. Lily sat next to him and he showed her his stuffed animals. Lily looked at me and laughed, realizing it was a black dog and a wolf.

“Did you get him a Moony and a Padfoot?” She said.

“Padda!” Teddy said.

“Oh remus he’s so cute!” Lily said.

Teddy stared at Lily’s baby bump and touched it with his finger. He looked really confused.

“There is a baby in my tummy!” Lily said.

“Padda?” Teddy asked.

“No it’s not a Padda..” Lily laughed.

All night long, Teddy was an angel. He got tired after dinner so Sirius and I went to lay him in his crib while James, Lily and Regulus finished eating.

“Goodnight my Teddy bear.” Sirius whispered, kissing Teddy’s forehead.

“Sleep well baby..” I whispered too, laying Teddy’s blanket on his small figure.

Sirius took his wand and did a quick spell to make both of our patronuses fly over Teddy’s crib. He looked at me and smilled, kissing my lips.

April 10th 1978