dog with eye lashes

Imagine singing with Jensen

Pairings: Jensen x Reader, Jared

Word Count: 879

Warnings: swearing?? it’s fluff

A/N: I’ve had this in my drafts for a long time, and I wanted to post this as a thank you for 100 followers! So thank you all, and I hope you enjoy this! This is also completely unedited, so please ignore any mistakes.

Jensen turned the live stream on, “Okay, so my wife doesn’t know I’m home yet, and she’s singing her heart out right now,” Jensen whispered, the sound of soft piano music floating through the air. “She’s amazing and doesn’t believe it.”

Jensen turned the camera around and peeked it around the corner of the door frame until those tuning in could see you.

You were completely oblivious to your husband’s arrival as you continued on with the song.

Your fingers danced along the keys as you belted out the lyrics of Adele’s Someone Like You.  

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Hamilton Headcanons- Someone Breaks Into Your Home

A/N: The headcanons nobody asked for yet I provided.


  • If you’re the kind of person to hide when you think someone in the house, don’t worry!
  • Angelica is ready to defend you.
  • She will protect you even if you don’t want to be protected.
  • If you’re more headstrong, Angelica will be by your side when you investigate.
  • She’s not a physical fighter, she uses her wits to outsmart people, but if someone gets her angry (if they are sexist, racist, transphobic, or homophobic, or if they offend somebody she loves.) she is ready to attack.
  • No matter what, whether you can protect yourself or not, she will push you behind her and go ahead.
  • She’ll try and convince you to stay in the bedroom.
  • If you stay there, she’ll feel a lot better, but she understands if you want to come with her.
  • You’ll have to stay somewhat behind though.
  • She will have a flashlight in one hand and a bat in the other.
  • She will look at the person before she swings, she’s smart and wants to prevent hitting someone she knows.
  • Peggy has snuck into the house 1000 times. Every time Angelica comes around the corner and screams.
  • Peggy can’t live without Angelica so she’s there like every day and she sneaks in at night.
  • You and Angelica made up a code.
  • “Just knock.” “You’ll wake up!” “So we won’t wake up when you step on every item we’ve ever owned?”
  • So you just have a knocking pattern, she’ll either knock on the door or go through the window and knock a certain pattern on the wall.
  • Eventually you just make her a key and give it to her for her birthday.
  • After that, with Peggy in the living room, there’s no reason to worry. Nobody breaks in with her guarding the door.
  • Overall, Angelica isn’t scared, she just wants to protect you.


  • Eliza wakes up first and shakes you awake.
  • Her eyes are wide, she’s terrified.
  • “Somebody just broke in.” “That’s nice. oH MY GOD, WHAT?”
  • She is really afraid of someone breaking in, so she gets scared at the slightest noise.
  • If you do the same thing, neither of you will really investigate.
  • One time, there was an actual intruder. You immediately just crawled under the bed and Eliza was in the closet.
  • You were both terrified.
  • If you’re more headstrong, Eliza will appreciate it.
  • She’s more than happy to stay behind.
  • She’s willing to let you protect her.
  • But if you aren’t that brave, Eliza will protect you in a moment of panic.
  • One time Peggy snuck in (Angelica wasn’t home and the windows were locked) and Eliza punched her when she got too close to you.
  • You were just turning the corner
  • And you saw a shadow and it was coming towards you
  • And Eliza was like “nOPE THATS MY PARTNER!” and punched poor Peggy
  • Eliza was so sorry, she would never hit anyone ever again.
  • She has surprisingly pointy fists so Peggy had a bruise for a week.
  • Eliza is not ready to fight but she will.


  • Peggy will hide.
  • She is brave, but she is not going out there.
  • You could be the shyest person ever, but she will make you go.
  • She’ll give you her cute puppy-dog doe eyes and bat her lashes, if that doesn’t work you’re being shoved into the hall with a flashlight and a “good luck” then she slams and locks the door.
  • It’s in that moment you hate your girlfriend more than anything.
  • Nobody has ever really intruded, it’s usually just a noise.
  • You get really annoyed but she kisses and cuddles you until you love her again.
  • If anyone actually came in, she wouldn’t kick you out.
  • She has a sense for danger.
  • In the case of an emergency she will come out with you and follow behind you.
  • Eventually she’ll get so scared for you she’ll push you behind her.
  • She would beat up someone if they were in there.
  • I like to think one time one of your friends came in through the front door but you didn’t hear them
  • They were there to set up a surprise party
  • And Peggy beat them up.
  • And it’s like Alex getting up like “WHAT THE HELL, PEGGY?”
  • Peggy is like “you should have texted me!”
  • It was still a surprise because Peggy made you go back to the room.
  • The next morning at the party you were like “Alex it was you who came in?”
  • He’s like “DO YOU SEE THE BRUISES?”
  • Peggy will protect but she won’t stop for anything.


  • You might think he’d like get out of bed and keep you safe

  • No
  • He pulls a peggy and like kicks you out
  • “Please protect me” “yOU’RE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT ME?!?”
  • He is the kind of person to eventually come out and be like “okay you’re not getting hurt on my watch”
  • And he will basically scream “COME OUT COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE”
  • Spoiler alert: it’s 99% chance of being Peggy
  • Poor Peggy has a bruise on her face for weeks.
  • Alex is scared but he will protect you!
  • (Though if you don’t want to be protected he is fine with that)


  • John is my cute, adorable, smol little boy.
  • But he will run out without a second thought.
  • He will protect you.
  • Or try to.
  • He will feel better with you by his side, though.
  • He will kind of weakly object to you coming with him but he really wants backup.
  • He knows you’ll be safer by him than alone in the room anyway.
  • He’s not calm at all he is freaking out!
  • If John was home alone he would totally call you.
  • “There’s someone here!” “JOHN PLEASE CALL 911” “IT’S COOL ITS FINE IM FREAKING OUT BUT I’M OKAY!” “John.”
  • He’s gotten hurt trying to punch people.
  • At this point if he wakes you up with an intruder you just roll over and go back to sleep because it’s probably a noise he heard
  • And you’ve already lost so much sleep from this.
  • Afterwards he’s really upset and scared and you have to snuggle with him.
  • Not that it’s a bad thing!


  • You are not leaving the room
  • If there’s even the slightest sound, you are being locked in the bedroom until the danger is gone.
  • You can try and protest but Laf is not having it.
  • One time you slipped out when he wasn’t looking and followed him.
  • And there was an actual break-in!
  • And Lafayette was like “I’ve already called 911 the cops will be here any second” which was a lie, so you immediately went and called 911.
  • Which was good because the robber didn’t believe Laf and had a gun
  • And the the cops showed up and the robber was like “oh”
  • Then he saw you by the phone and you shrugged and he scooped you up and was like “I love you so much!!”
  • Now he lets you come out with him, but you have to be careful and you always call 911 if theres a problem before the intruder can notice you.
  • You are partners in crime and Laf loves it so much.
  • He always kisses you all over afterwards and you fall asleep in his arms.


  • Like Laf, you’re not coming out.
  • He really is so scared that you won’t be safe.
  • He really wants to protect you!
  • If you’re more of a brave person, he respects that, but Hercules is strong and smart and he can easily overpower anyone who tried to come in.
  • You’ve had an intruder before and within five minutes he had called 911 and basically punched the guy.
  • Afterwards he apologized a lot because he knows you don’t like when he fights.
  • “I’m sorry, sweetheart, I just wanted to keep you safe.” “No, Herc, it’s really okay!!”
  • Most people don’t even mess with you with Herc by your side.
  • If you’re home alone, make sure you call him.
  • Even if it’s the middle of the night, if you’re not safe, he needs to know and he needs to save you.
  • He will come home right away after and comfort you, even if it was minor and you got out okay.
Licenseless/Mumen Rider Headcanons

*Tends to dress rather casually when off from work, but makes sure to doll up real nice when on a date!

*Actually has a driver’s permit, but never took the test due to preferring bikes over cars for environmental reasons.

*Has the eyes of an ikemen puppy dog and lashes fluffy as feathers, but is extremely nearsighted, so he only takes his glasses off during bath time or bedtime.

*Has contemplated settling down and starting a family, but doesn’t think he’s good enough.

*Does a LOT of volunteer work and, although he insistently refuses, gets paid much money and gifts from the people he’s helped.

*Has sensitive hands that callus easily, so he wears gloves when doing certain labors.

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🐶- A Dog -shymaru

Ishida winced as a sharp pain shot down his spine. When he regained his composure, he soon realized that he’d become a big white dog with small black markings near his eyes that mimicked his lashes. What was he going to do now?

Living in a Phantasy — Part 7 | Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

Summary: Phil has just uploaded another video and now he and Dan are super bored. So what do they do? They go ice-skating! Cue Fluff™

Genre: fluff, love, romance, phan, domestic (sort of)

Word count: 3660

Trigger warnings: One or two swear words probably, slight angst (like super small lol)

A/N: Sorry this took so long to upload. Hope you enjoy. Credit to Millie for help with the title (cause I absolutely SUCK at titles lol)

Part 6

Part 8

Phil hit ‘Publish’ and watched as his latest video uploaded to YouTube. He slouched back in his desk chair, letting out a long sigh and taking the last sip of coffee from his mug. Almost instantly his phone lit up with notifications, fans commenting and liking and tweeting him over and over. He couldn’t even see what people were saying, they were going so fast.

He reloaded the page on his computer, scrolling through the comments. Already more than 1000 people had said something. Phil chuckled to himself and spun around in the chair. He stood, taking the mug with him, and slipped out into the hallway.

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MM: Solstice Part V


Previous Chapter, Solstice Pt 4

Fine. Being disgruntled at the fact that he was being so stubborn. But then the perfect thought instantly clicking in my head.

Put your phone on mute. You’ll love me for it. I promise <3

K. Its on mute.

I followed all your rules baby.


I sent him the video followed by one final text.

I didn’t come ;) I waited in silence on the bed. Holding my knees in anticipation. Kissing them with my lips in silence because I knew he was watching. And hiding his phone so friends wouldn’t see. And trying to nonchalantly readjust himself so his friends wouldn’t notice his arousal. I could practically feel him as he got closer to the door. Pushing it open. I saw his face, no apparent way to read it. Blank.

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5SOS Preference #18 :: Professional


You watched from side stage as your dark-haired and green-eyed boyfriend strummed the black and white electric guitar in his hands. He glanced over at you, and you gave him a small thumbs up, making his entire face light up. When the song came to an end, Michael walked up to the microphone, running a hand over his hair. “This next song is for someone extremely special to me,” He smiled, looking out into the crowd. “I only hope that she feels the same way as I do.” He turned towards you slightly and gave you a little wink as the opening chords to Remembering Sunday began to play. You smiled widely as he sang along. Your smile dropped when he walked over to you and tried to take you out on stage. “Mikey, you know I don’t like being out there…” you protested, but he only tugged on your arm harder. “Come on,” he whispered. “There’s something I have to do,” His mischievous grin lead you to follow him out in front of the blinding lights. He held your hand as the crowd cheered and his bandmates sang the next verse. Right on cue, Michael knelt down as soon as Luke sang “I’m gonna ask her to marry me”. Tears pricked your eyes as Michael smiled up at you, ring in hand. “You’re so cheesy,” you laughed through tears. “So is that a yes?”


You sat on the edge of your seat, literally, as your long-term boyfriend, Calum Hood, dribbled the black and white ball up the sidelines, angling his hips perfectly to shoot the goal. He pulled his foot back and the goalie braced himself for the shot, squatting down slightly and readying his hands as the opposing players raced up the field. Everything seemed as if it were in slow motion. You grabbed Ashton’s arm as the ball flew forward. The goalie dove, and the ball spun off of his fingertips, hitting off of the side of the ball, and perfectly into the middle of the net. You were probably the first to stand up and cheer, shortly followed by everyone else. “Oh my God!” You squealed, just as the referee blew the whistle for full time. You bolted out onto the field soon as you could and threw your arms around your tall, muscular, dark-haired boyfriend. “That goal was for you,” he panted into your ear, holding you tightly. “Happy anniversary,” you smiled into his shoulder. “Now, let’s get home. I’m whipped, and the only thing I want to be doing is curling up with you on the couch and watching a lame chick flick like you always insist on doing.” His eyes crinkled up as he smiled at you.


You watched your boyfriend as the cameras flashed in his face, smiling ever so slightly, wondering how you got so lucky. He wasn’t smiling, but there were still faint traces of dimples on his cheeks as he looked at a photographer with puppy dog eyes under long lashes, a leather jacket slung over his shoulder. “Alright, that’s a wrap. Good job, Ashton,” the coordinator said. Ashton’s manager walked over to him and whispered a few things, then gave a small wave towards your direction. Ashton looked over, and his hazel eyes met yours, widening in shock. “(Y/n)!” He shouted, sprinting towards you. You looked at his black shirt, dark-washed jeans, and white Converse All-Stars. “Wow,” You smirked. “You look like you could be a model,” you feigned shock. He laughed. “I missed your sarcastic attitude so much,” he murmured, resting his head on yours. “I missed you, too,” you grinned enthusiastically and he stepped back, slinging an arm around your shoulder.


You never wanted to come to Luke’s matches, but you always felt as if you had to. He told you repeatedly that it was no big deal, but you wanted to be there to support him. Now, you winced as Luke’s opponent landed a punch square on his jaw. You could see the rage in Luke’s eyes, a rare expression for him, as he raised his arms to block the next blow. He was able to slip one of his arms down long enough to position himself for an uppercut and successfully pull off the move. His opponent’s head snapped back, and Luke followed with a series of punches before the muscular man fell to the ground and the referee called knock out.You put your head in your hands, smiling wildly. He’d done it. You got up and made your way over to his bench, where he met you with open arms. “Gross, you’re all sweaty,” you scrunched up your nose, trying to push him away. “Aw, you know you want this,” he chuckled as you allowed him to pull you tightly to himself. “I did it,” he whispered into your hair, making you grin. “I’m so proud of you, Lukey,” you sighed happily, burrying your face deeper into his bare chest.

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Warmth and Love

Number 18!  I wrote this a while ago and it’s honestly one of my favorites.   love fluffy, cute domestic things. 

Last time: Fuzzy Fiend

“Was that the last of the candy?”

Mark closed the door, locked it, and turned all of the lights outside of the house off before answering Jack.

“Yeah.  The little goblins ate away two entire bowls this year!” He bounced over and sat on the couch next to Jack.

“I think you ate an entire half of a bowl on your own, Mark.” Jack smiled and nudged Mark with his elbow.

“How could you?  To think I would literally steal candy from children.  Jack, you’re so cruel to me!” Mark clutched at his chest and made puppy dog eyes at Jack, fluttering his lashes and poking his bottom lip out.

Jack rolled his eyes, “Drama queen.  Just relax so we can watch some dumb, cheesy movies.”

“At least you admit that I’m royalty.” Mark responded, kicking his shoes off and sprawling out across the couch, using the armrest as a pillow.

“Yeah, a royal pain in the ass.” Jack was flipping through Netflix to find something suitable for spending the rest of Halloween curled up on the sofa and eating junk food.  He was getting a bit irritable at not being able to find anything that he actually liked.

He gave up eventually and passed the decision making to Mark.  As they were both in T-shirts and pajama bottoms, Jack thought it best if they used the big, warm comforter that was on their bed to snuggle into.

While Jack went to retrieve that, Mark settled on an old eighties film full of brain eating zombies and stupid teenagers.

When Jack returned, giant comforter around his shoulders, Mark asked, “Do you want to go camping in the woods with me Jack?  The solitude? The stars at night?  The peace? The neighborhood serial killer coming to chop us into bits?”

“No thanks.  I lived in a log cabin remember?”

“I’m sure that was much cozier than a house in the middle of L.A.”

“Nah.  This is much cozier.  The cabin back in Ireland lacked a few things.”

“Oh?” Mark asked, a bit intrigued, but also a bit distracted by Jack taking his shirt off to get more comfortable.  “What was it missing?”

Jack smiled softly, “It was missing you, ya big doof.”

Not expecting that answer, Mark flushed and his mouth split into an involuntary grin. “That was so corny you big idiot come here and kiss me.”

Jack laughed and bent down to press a soft butterfly kiss to Mark’s lips.

He pulled away to sit on the couch between Mark’s legs, curling his own legs up and onto the couch. He scooted around a bit until he could comfortably lie down on Mark’s chest with his head tucked securely underneath Mark’s chin.  He pulled the blanket up around his shoulders and snuggled into Mark, his body relaxing and a goofy smile permanently stuck on his face.

Warmth and love bloomed in Mark’s chest and he reached up with one hand to play with Jack’s hair as he started the movie with the other hand.  

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