dog washing service

Ed and his dog, Avia. It’s his first time walking around without somebody else with him since he was was kidnapped. I posted the first chapter of this au here on Ao3, if anybody wants to read.

I got some new inks and decided to test them out. They feel a bit different going down like I might actually have to put in effort to stretch my papers before I start ink washing, so this one has so many mistakes I cried but it’s a learning experience.

Hi everyone, I’ve recently started working for a foundation in Chicago called Urban Autism Solutions that provides vocational & life skills training, housing and mental health services to young adults with autism. Clients can also take part in a couple businesses we have set up in the Little Italy neighborhood in Chicago.

One of those businesses is a dog walking & washing service called Washdog Chicago! We have an Instagram account set up to share pictures of all the dogs we take care of & our adventures with them, and I would really appreciate it if you could give it a follow @ washdogchicago on instagram! Thanks so much!