dog washing service

Ed and his dog, Avia. It’s his first time walking around without somebody else with him since he was was kidnapped. I posted the first chapter of this au here on Ao3, if anybody wants to read.

I got some new inks and decided to test them out. They feel a bit different going down like I might actually have to put in effort to stretch my papers before I start ink washing, so this one has so many mistakes I cried but it’s a learning experience.

女性用シャワーキャップ。Women Bath Shower Hat.

It is too small a bath shower hat for her.



Bath Time!

冬毛だからか、大人になって毛がボーボーになったからか、今回はいつもより乾かすのに時間がかかった ((;゚Д゚)) 片づけを含めて予約した90分、ギリギリだったよ・・・。いつもは余裕なんだけど。チャウ・ドリルの写真、真正面からリベンジしよう(笑)Self Service Dog Wash.500 yen per 30 minutes.Dorami always finishes in 90 minutes.