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Close Air Support

At long last, I present you with CAS the Service Dog AU~ This was inspired/heavily spurred by @yawpkatsi ’s utterly fabulous Bucky and FUBAR comic as well as @unclesteeb ’s Companion Dog AU starring Steve and Violet!

It was @sammy-who-are-these-people who gave it the final push since they drew amazing art to go with start to the series this fic belongs to!


@zamnwilson this may be the universe answering your call for more SamBucky?


Dog tooth violet
“Spring ephemeral”
Spring has come to Asahikawa.
April 15, 2017

Day 2. (What? You idiot!)
A. Separation
B. Hurt/Comfort


“You were in hell, but that hell cultivated a strong will in you.”

anonymous asked:

Headcanon: FUBAR has a best dog friend at the dog park. He's an ancient rescue pittie who has a few scars from when he was fought before getting rescued. He got rescued pretty young though and actually had a long happy life with his people. Anyway, that's Foobs dog bro, can you believe it, what could he possibly see in him?


Riding with Violet

Part 1 Part 2

Steve can’t believe it, but he likes the country.

Mostly, he likes the rolling hills and long stretches of highways. He likes the open sky and the view of the stars that seem to glitter everywhere he can see. He’s not used to that, being from the city. 

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do you have any feelings about steve sketching the others while they are going about their days? i'm not saying he has an entire notebook (he can have MULTIPLE sketchbooks now the future is SO NICE that way) full of soul-healing fubar & violet doodles, guest starring lilo... but i think he should

AWW YES I LOVE!! (I definitely draw Foobs as a self-soothing tactic so Steve totally would too, ESPECIALLY with Violet!)


You’re beautiful, you’re like
Stardust and roses and
Puppy dog kisses and
Blazing violet sunsets.

You’re untouchable,
Unattainable, a
Mystery like the lady
That smiles in the moon.

Your heart is tender and
That’s why you protect
It behind bullet proof glass
And isolated silences.

People resent what they
Don’t understand, and
With that mind of yours
They will never, ever

Understand you.

For my lovely friend @untold-stories-here :)