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Cosmos just got 700 followers and that’s way more than we thought he would! So we’re gonna celebrate with a lil giveaway! 👀✨
Cosmos’ fav accessories! 🐶💕

*Pizza plush🍕: a must for any italian-cuisine loving pup! (Cos’ favorite, it was hard to keep him away from this brand new one, it crinkles and squeaks)
*Rope toy🐕: ideal for chewing and playing tug!
*Treat bag 🍪: incredibly helpful, divided in the middle for different treats, easy to open/close, and can be worn over shoulder or as a belt! (Or simply hooked on to belt loops.)
*Nerf Launcher 🐺: Super fun! Flies real far, and it’s easy for your pup to carry! (Cos appreciates the lil bit of rope too!)

Giveaway ends May 18th (Cosmos turns 13 months that day lol) and is open to everyone in the US!
You only gotta:
*Follow & *Reblog
Good luck guys! Thanks for liking my weirdo pup! 🐶💕

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See his ball? Yes, this ordinary green dog’s toy ball. Everything alright with it except we don’t know where did Xiu Xiu get it and how did she manage to get it into our apartment unnoticed. Our friends didn’t give it to her either.
Feels like there’s something I don’t know about my dog, I now think she’s probably a Finnish spy. >_<