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I’m seeing a post going around regarding unsafe toys killing dogs, and this is SO IMPORTANT but I just can’t look at the pictures, so I hope you’ll forgive me for sharing only the general message:


Chewing on or playing with them may create a vacuum, making the toy stick to your dog’s tongue or mouth, causing serious injury or even death. Several manufacturers appear to be recalling treat- or activity balls because of this.
Kong and similar toys have a smaller “vent” hole on the opposite side to prevent this from happening, but cheaper alternatives or knockoffs may not. Please make sure your toys are safe!


Unlike most cats, dogs aren’t the least bit shy about looking silly. Bored Panda assembled an awesomely funny collection of photos of dogs playing with toys that make them look completely ridiculous. All those sincere and loving puppy eyes over hopelessly goofy mouths. We can’t stop giggling. From the Wallace and Gromit Big Mouth and the long Humunga Tongue to the Funny Teeth-Shaped Ball, the over-sized and fantastically dapper Humunga Stache, and the infectiously smiley Rogz Grinz Treat Ball, these toys help keep dogs entertained while amusing their humans to no end.

Then there’s our personal favorite: Trotter the french bulldog (previously featured here) wearing a bright red pair of Moody Pet Humunga Lips. Where are our wax lips when we need them?

But wait, Bored Panda has received 40 submissions of photos of dogs wearing hilarious toys. Click here to view them all.

[via Bored Panda]


The Rules for Tug (for a family dog):

  1. The dog must drop the toy on cue.
  2. The dog’s teeth must not touch the person’s skin or clothes.
  3. The dog and human play tug only with dog toys.

If the dog doesn’t follow the rules, stop playing and ignore them for a few seconds. Here is the ASPCA’s guide to playing tug with your dog, with ideas for teaching your dog to drop the toy on cue. Here’s an easy guide to making your own tug toy out of felt (you can also cut up and use old/worn out clothing or blankets). Here’s a trickier, but sturdier tug toy.

Playing tug in this manner will teach your dog to control themselves even when they’re excited, to listen to you, and to keep their teeth to themselves. It is also great fun for a lot of dogs!

Alright, guys! I am currently doing a Business Model Canvas Project for my class. I would really love some photos of dogs tugging toys or playing with them.

Next would be your pups making the saddest of all sad faces. (To show their need for the toys, heehee).

If you have videos, photos, etc, that you would allow me to use solely for my presentation, pls add them! :3 I don’t want to take them from anyone’s blog without permission even if it’s just for a school presentation.

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The Fur Babies, I Love Them All…

You know what makes me happy? Besides the thought of someday having a steady paycheck again, visiting Paris and stuffing my face with chocolate croissants/macarons and/or a double markdown at my secret store? Puppies!! Puppies make me happy!! Look at ‘em, all snug as a bug…and their little stuffed toys! Cute overload!