dog ties


An embroidered lawn robe à l'Anglaise, circa 1770-80, 

Delicately embroidered in chain stitch with stripes and sprigs of pinks, convolvulus, dog roses, honeysuckle, tied with pink bows, closed-front bodice panels with drawstring to neck, the sleeves with shaped elbows adorned with ruffles; together with a pink taffeta petticoat, 18th century 

Alla fine cosa rimane? Solo il banale orrore di due persone che si trovano per caso, si piacciono, si amano… Magari pensano persino che l'amore sia qualcosa di eterno… finché una delle due abbandona l'altra… e scompare… così come scompaiono mille e mille estranei che nella vita incontriamo per un attimo e non vedremo mai più.
—  Dylan Dog, Gente che scompare.
Luminescence: Chapter 1


Summary:  Dan never expected Phil to seriously notice him. Sure, maybe he’d glance at his sign and laugh, but not even in his wildest dreams did he imagine actually getting called up onstage to do the one thing he’d dreamed of for years. But what happens when a simple kiss unexpectedly turns into something more?

Formerly titled “One for the Books”

Word Count (for this chapter): 3.1k

Genre: Fluffy smut

Extra tags: Musician AU, concerts, first kiss, getting together, first time

Warnings (for this chapter): Smut (but nothing explicit), swearing

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A/N: Based on a prompt from phanfic:

basically, dan is a total fangirl of phil, who’s a musician. phil does this thing, like halsey does, where he’ll be people’s first kiss at concerts. dan goes to his concert and phil notices dan, they kiss but it turns out to be a total make out session. you decide what happens next…

Yeah. Can you imagine how much I wanted to write this? Well, after nearly 3 long weeks, it’s finally here! I hope you enjoy!!

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anonymous asked:

Does Priya have any behavioral issues because of her life as a street dog before you got her?

She has some quirks, but it’s tough to say where they come from – hard to know what might be tied to her experiences as a former street dog, vs. what is just stuff that pops up with dogs sometimes. (I lean toward the latter interpretation mostly.) She has some dog-reactive / dog-selective quirks, but that’s not uncommon for dogs in general. She has some resource guarding tendencies, which I can imagine were probably nurtured in her first year of life when she literally scavenged for a living – but resource guarding is an awfully common behavior for dogs who’ve lived in homes their whole lives too. She also countersurfs (surfbort, surfbort) and has crashed multiple holiday dinners, but that’s more about human failure to remove temptation.


Carry On Chapter 33

It dawned on me during our fifth year. When Snow followed me around like a dog tied to my ankle. When he wouldn’t give me a single moment of solace to sort through my feelings—or try to wank them away. (Which I eventually tried that summer. To no avail.)
I wish I’d never figured it out. That I love him.
It’s only ever been a torment.
Sharing a room with the person you want most is like sharing a room with an open fire.
He’s constantly drawing you in. And you’re constantly stepping too close. And you know it’s not good—that there is no good—that there’s absolutely nothing that can ever come of it.
But you do it anyway.
And then …
Well. Then you burn.

-Carry on by Rainbow Rowell

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A/n: Thank you for requesting anon!! I wasn’t entirely sure of the best way to go about this request but I got an idea and it’s sparked a three parter. I’ll hopefully finish the pt2 by next tuesday but no promises… anyway I hope you like it! - Amelia

Genre: Angst, Fluff
Members: Namjoon x reader, ft. Twin Taehyung
Word Count: 2,992

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Part One - Move

“Old or new. New or old. That’s not really important. What’s important is that we still breathe and we live in the same place. So let’s move on.”

Originally posted by taetaehyungs

The train ride from Daegu was exhausting, not to mention expensive and just barely worth it. If you didn’t have your beloved twin brother Taehyung, and your handsome boyfriend Namjoon waiting for you, you would have zero motivation to ever visit the capital city. After sitting through two hours on the train and the extra time it was going to take you to get from the station to the dorm, all you wanted to do was take a long ass nap in the arms of your soft boyfriend… but the purpose of your trip today wasn’t to laze around. For once you had actual ‘business’ to tend too.

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Bungou Stray Dogs - Ch. 42 Omake

Along with chapter 42, Young Ace published a short report on the anime recordings of Bungou Stray Dogs focusing on the Port Mafia cast, with art by Kanaineko-sensei, the author of BSD Wan. This is part 2 of 4 in the series of Sea Urchin’s (that little black star) observations - part 1 will be posted later (we recently realized we do have the raws after all, but this one was already done XD).

Brought to you by Liz (raw provider & translator) and Cris (cleaning, redrawing & typesetting). 

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