dog tags,

I headcanon that at one point after things between Bucky and Tony start to get more serious, Bucky gives Tony his dog tags. It wasn’t supposed to be a huge thing or anything, until suddenly it is. Because Tony loves them, ok, and he always wears them. He even wears them above his shirt, so everyone can see it, and he’s playing with it all the time. And Bucky’s never thought he’d be the possessive sort, but seeing Tony proudly displaying his dog tags like that… and the way Tony flushes when he catches Bucky stare at him…

Bottom line I really like Tony wearing Bucky’s dog tags and so does Bucky.

okay okay okay but, I think most of us safely presume that the Garrison is located in the united states because,,,,, lbr,,,,,,, the U.S. gov’t acts exactly like the Garrison does in the show, EVERYTHING is covered up lmao. Bu that technically makes all of the paladins part of the U.S. army, or at least training for it, and the Garrison is the futuristic equivalent of basic, meaning that the paladins all have dog tags. 

Don’t imagine all of the paladins as new recruits checking out their dog tags for the first time and being so happy because “we’re part of something!” “we actually made it!” and thinking about all the planets they’re going to go explore, what space must be like, and all of the cool aliens, with childlike innocence about all of it. Don’t imagine Shiro and his friends actually counting out all of the beads to make sure that there are 365. 

Don’t imagine all of the younger paladins taking apart their dog tags, one bead day by day, so that they can track how long they’ve been in space. Don’t imagine their sullied faces when they realize that these dog tags, the ones they used to boast about and stare at before bed each night because they were just so cool, are just another cog in the machine of war, are just another tool for them to remember all that they’re missing back home, to remember how many days it’s been since their mothers last knew where they were, last knew that they were safe. 

Don’t imagine Shiro often going to play with his dog tags before remembering that the Galra took them. Don’t imagine Shiro remembering that he put the other set of dog tags around his ankle before the Kerberos mission because they just didn’t fit correctly around his wrist with the space suit on. Don’t imagine him taking off one bead each week because he may not be back home yet, but it’s one more week free from the Galra. 

Don’t imagine Coran asking about the dog tags one day, because he doesn’t know what they are and he loves Earth’s culture, and beaming with Lance when he starts to explain how getting them was supposed to be an honor, supposed to mean that they were officially part of the Garrison, and him starting to explain the meaning of the beads and what they’re used for. Don’t imagine Coran, an extremely old Altean who’s seen warfare and the horror that comes with it, don’t imagine him slowly watching another light of childhood innocence dim out of Lance’s eyes when he realizes exactly what he’s using the beads for.

Small Ink and Error Chibis I did for my backpack last month.

Since I have a cool print shop in a near town, I was able to print these cuties in time for last convention. So whenever someone asked me who the characters were that @unu-nunu-art cosplayed, all I had to turn and show them these chibis.

Like this:

See? They’re happy on my backpack. (Also feel free to read the dog tags ;) )

(@unu-nunu-art​ has the counterpart set of dog tags.)