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The bear, the bear!
Lifted her high into the air!
The bear! The bear!
I called for a knight, but you’re a bear!
A bear, a bear!
All black and brown and covered with hair
She kicked and wailed, the maid so fair,
But he licked the honey from her hair.
Her hair! Her hair!
He licked the honey from her hair!
Then she sighed and squealed and kicked the air!
My bear! She sang. My bear so fair!
And off they went, from here to there,
The bear, the bear, and the maiden fair.

Sansa’s first scene in A Game of Thrones, and the readers’ introduction to her from a POV perspective, starts with her feeding Lady under the table, and I’m quite sure this was intentional.

“I’ve never seen an aurochs,” Sansa said, feeding a piece of bacon to Lady under the table. The direwolf took it from her hand, as delicate as a queen.”

Septa Mordane sniffed i disapproval. “A noble lady does not feed dogs at her table,” she said, breaking off another piece of comb and letting the honey drip down onto her bread.

“She’s not a dog, she’s a direwolf,” Sansa pointed out as Lady licked her fingers with a rough tongue. “Anyway, Father said we could keep them with us if we want.”

The septa was not appeased. “You’re a good girl, Sansa, but I do vow, when it comes to that creature you’re as willful as your sister Arya.”

(page 139)

Like Sansa, Lady is courteous and perfectly disciplined. By hiding Lady, Sansa keeps up the appearances of a noble lady, but she refuses to let go of Lady. Lady is her tie to her Northern heritage, and her identity, and in her first scene, Sansa has learned to hide Lady. Sansa is not openly rebellious like Arya, who skips meals with the Queen to go riding with her friend, but she makes sure her rebellions are small, silent, and disciplined. When Lady dies, Sansa loses that concrete tie to her Northern identity, and while in Kings landing she has to sever any open connection or loyalty to her family. When she becomes Alayne she has to submerge her identity even further, but I think the key to her character the constant small assertions of her identity: her trips to the Godswood, telling Joffrey Robb might bring her his head, telling Cersei she will make the people love her, not fear her. These are all small assertions of who Sansa really is, a glimpse of when she keeps “under the table” in her mind.


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‘‘I’ve never seen an aurochs,’‘ Sansa said, feeding a piece of bacon to Lady under the table. The direwolf took it from her hand, as delicate as a queen.

Septa Mordane sniffed in disapproval. ‘‘A noble lady does not feed dogs at her table.’‘ 

‘‘She’s not a dog, she’s a direwolf,’‘ Sansa pointed out as Lady licked her fingers with a rough tongue.

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Need some advice on what to do next time like somethings like this happen. I was at a restaurant, and this lady brought in her "service dog", which was a massive pit-bull. The lady was feeding it scraps from the table, the dog kept trying to climb on chairs, and at one point she dropped his leash allowing him to walk around and letting people to pet him So what can you do if you see somethings like this?Can you ask them to see proof it's a real service dog and not just a vest they bought online?

Service dogs are required to uphold certain level of obedience in public places. 

  • No aggressive behavior toward people or other animals; no biting, no snapping, no growling, no mounting, no lunging and/or barking;
  • No begging for food, eating table scraps, or petting from other people;
  • No sniffing merchandise or people who pass by;
  • No overly excited or hyper behavior
  • No urinating or defecating in public unless given a command/signal to eliminate in an appropriate place.

You cannot ask proof of a dog’s status, that would be similar to asking someone for proof that they need a wheelchair. But you can alert the business of the dog’s disruptive behavior. The dog could be an emotional support animal, which does not require proper training, but they are not to be granted public access.

Unfortunately, vests can be purchased at anyone’s leisure. But regardless, asking someone if they’re faking it is not good. Simply reporting the dog’s behavior to the business is sufficient.

Also, Pit Bulls can make wonderful service dogs ;)

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Firstly I want to say that I reeally love your blog and I'd like to request a small scenario or hc for chuuya with a provocative s/o that also work with him in the mafia. (sorry for my bad english..)

It’s okay your english is really good! 

Nakahara Chuuya

  • Chuuya, bless is black heart, wouldn’t know flirting if it punched him in the face 
  • In fact he’ll often get the two instances mixed up: mistaking flirting for picking a fight and picking a fight for flirting
  • His s/o could make sexual implications that would make anyone else’s jaw drop and yet it goes right over Chuuya’s head, as a result he’s always answering their innuendos with utter sincerity
  • When he does catch on, he gets super flustered, makes a failed attempt at reciprocating, and then tries to escape with some excuse while desperately hiding his blushing behind his hat
  • Chuuya flushes so easily that they nickname him, much to his horror and everyone else’s amusement, ‘Rosie’, a name they are especially fond of using during missions and in front of his closer subordinates
  • Says he’s gonna get you back but doesn’t yet
  • Eventually, s/o is so used to it that they become overconfident and make innuendos specifically to laugh over Chuuya's obliviousness
  • This backfires spectacularly as Chuuya reminds them exactly who they’re dealing with
  • After they direct yet another dirty joke at him ‘that he definitely missed’ so they along with a few other members of his squad are busy smirking and cackling amongst themselves, Chuuya, with a perfectly calm demeanour, pauses briefly while passing by his s/o to rumble a blunt and everything-but-oblivious reply in their ear, effectively turning them into a flabbergasted blushing mess