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down time

got7 visits the USA!

mark, a native:

  • hugs his parents immediately (jackson calls his mom: “i miss you”)
  • this is where I eat things, and this is where I do things, and this is where I do other things 
  • ot6 follows mork like ducklings following a mama duck
  • aggressively yelp-ing


  • says “y’all” a lot bc he saw it in a movie once
  • is so over everyone asking where they’re from, who cares
  • decides that they’re all going to say they’re from Finland 
  • convinces everyone that it’s quintessential to visit ellis island + the statue of liberty
  • for history, guys
  • photo bombs all the pictures with derpy faces that you didn’t know a human face could make  


  • starts a U.S.A chant (just him: U.S.A…U.S.A…U.S.A)
  • strikes up conversation with protesters, often realizing he doesn’t know how to exit the convo
  • after everything bambam says, “so what he’s really trying to say is ___” 
  • duck lip selfies with the selfie stick
  • wore a basketball jersey bc appropriate 


  • is someone really called honey booboo?
  • fidgets with stupid trinkets at rest stops like those tiny music boxes that play music if you crank it
  • often searches for chairs or ledges to lean on 
  • should’ve worn more supportive loafers
  • what are miles even??? no metric?
  • ordered a “hot dog” expecting a corndog, but did not get a corndog 
  • shook’th


  • is super confident with his cute af broken english
  • gives whatever money he can to every single street performer and homeless person he sees 
  • doesn’t know how he should refer to the country 
  • USA, america, the states, united states of america, the US, US of A ??????
  • y


  • big mac
  • collects as many state-themed starbucks mugs 
  • OMG some stranger reply dabbed him
  • America is good 
  • should we go to the Mall of America (mark: that’s literally in Minnesota)
  • finds all the trendy food/dessert places via instagram


  • rehearses english phrases prior to landing in America
  • waits patiently in chris brown’s driveway
  • wow bald eagles really do look bald hahahahahaha
  • insists on trying LA galbi …in LA 
  • was accidentally left at the airbnb the morning of the flight

ot6 on the plane back to Korea: WHERE’S YUGYEOMMAH


Kolvina + Driving

Sheriff Stilinski had a friend who had a service dog that he raised and lived with and served with in wars and in the police force - let’s call him Achilles for this. But when his friend passes away the dog struggles to be rehoused and only seems to get along with the Stilinskis. 

Sheriff Stilinski takes Achilles in but his house isn’t good for a dog and he doesn’t know how to take care of Achilles. But Achilles has a soft spot for Stiles, sleeping at the end of his bed when he comes to visit and calming him down from nightmares and panic attacks when Derek or the Sheriff aren’t there to do so. 

So Stiles takes Achilles home with him and Derek is pensive at first, but Achilles loves them. He curls up at the foot of their bed, runs back and forth to check on them when Derek’s working in his office and Stiles is doing something else at the other end of the house, he brings them their keys and their phones when they lose them, and he’s overjoyed when Derek brings him home his very own bed - a cushion-like thing that he drags about the house. Derek also gives him a few toys and he’s very gentle with them. And when Stiles has a panic attack, Achilles keeps him calm or runs to get Derek and leads him over to Stiles so that he can take care of him.

Achilles guards them, growling at anyone who walks through the door that doesn’t have their scent in the house. So, Derek’s okay, Stiles is okay, Sheriff Stilinski takes him a second but he lets him pass, Scott is allowed to pass, but Peter is warned off.

And as much as Derek loves and trusts the dog, he’s pensive to let him near the child they bring home one day. Stiles wants to trust the dog and sits down on the ground with their adopted son in his lap.

Achilles is cautions and curious. He very carefully creeps forward and brings the child one of his toys. The baby very gently pats the dog, and from that moment on, Achilles becomes the perfect guardian for him: sleeping at the foot of his cot, sticking his head through the bars when he wakes form a night mare, keeping him calm until one of his daddies can come and get him, and when he grows up a little more he supports  the little boy and helps him walk, he brings him toys and guards him from Peter and anyone he perceives as threatening.

Okay, I’ve had my say. Do with that as you will. :)

anonymous asked:

Yo sooo... tastemade just released a Facebook show called struggle meal.

Dog I’m really fucking glad you sent me this because I’m baffled right now.

I just watched the first video on their FB page and there are a good chunk of similarities to it that got me thinking some bozo off their shit saw one or more of my videos and got “inspired” to make a show of the same name with similar jokes/punchlines/timing.