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Ancient wisdom from the neural network

What happens when really old advice meets really new technology?

A recurrent neural network (like the open-source char-rnn framework used here) can teach itself to imitate recipes, paint colors, band names, and even guinea pig names. By examining a dataset, it learns to formulate its own rules about it, and can use these rules to generate new text that - according to the neural network - resembles the dataset. But since the neural network is doing all this without cultural context, or any knowledge of what the words really mean, the results are often a bit bizarre.

In this example, the dataset is a list of more than 2000 ancient proverbs, collected by reader Anthony Mandelli. Some of these are well-known, such as “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” and “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Others are frankly a bit strange: “Where there’s muck there’s brass.” and “A curst cow has short horns.” and “Be not a baker if your head is made of butter.”

What will a neural network make of this ancient wisdom?

If you answered “Really really weird proverbs”, you are correct.

A fox smells it better than a fool’s for a day.
No songer in a teacuper.
A fool in a teacup is a silent for a needle in the sale.
No man is the better pan on the hunder.
A mouse is a good bound to receive.
Do not come to the cow.

Some of them almost make sense:

A good wine makes the best sermon.
A good fear is never known till needed.
Death when it comes will have no sheep.
An ounce of the heart comes without an exception.
A good face is a letter to get out of the fire.
No wise man ever wishes to be sick.
A good excuse is as good as a rest.
There is no smoke without the best sin.
A good man is worth doing well.
A good anvil does not make the most noise.

While others would be more difficult to pass off as real proverbs:

We can serve no smort.
A good face is a letter like a dog.
A good earse makes a good ending.
Gnow will not go out.
A fox smeep is the horse of the best sermon.
No sweet is half the barn door after the cat.
There is not fire and step on your dog and stains the best sermon.
An ox is a new dogn not sing in a haystar.

One of the oddest things to emerge from the proverb-trained neural network is a strange obsession with oxen. I checked, and there were only three oxen-related proverbs in the dataset, yet they appear frequently in the neural network’s version, and usually as rather powerful creatures.

An ox can lever an enemies are dangerous and restens at home.
An ox is not to be given with a single stone.
An ox is never known till needed.
An ox is as good as a best.
An ox is not to be that wound is hot.
An ox is a silent for the gain of the bush.
An ox is not fill when he will eat forever.

Whatever the internal mythos the neural network has learned from these ancient proverbs, oxen are mysteriously important.

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31/100 Days of Productivity

Gettin’ ready to make February my bitch. It’s going to be a hellish month, but after I’ve handed in my final essay for the month on the 27th, that’s my workload emptied until May. 👊🏼✌🏼

I also got Snapchat, @belle.etc!! Follow me for slightly out of focus snaps of my dogs and tear-stained textbooks !!


When is an eye problem reason to go in to the vet? The simple answer is any time you notice it! On the other hand, a little redness might just be from sitting in front of a fan or digging in the yard. Good rule of thumb: If there’s squinting or mucous discharge take your pet in. Let’s see if I can make that rhyme. Blinky with goo, to the vet with you! (Meh. I’ll work on it.)

If I see an animal with blepharospasm (winky eye) and severe conjunctivitis (inflammation of the conjunctiva—for any reason not just infection) or chemosis (swelling or edema of the conjunctiva), I’ll want to check a few things. I’ll definitely look for a scratch or other defect of the cornea. The outer layer of the eye ball is the cornea, and a simple test can detect a scratch. Fluorescein stain is placed on the eye. If the outer layer of the cornea is disturbed, the stain will stick to the eye. It’s easy to see with a black light, and as a bonus, if you play Dark Side of the Moon it synchs up perfectly!

If there is no corneal defect, we can use steroids in the eye. If there’s a scratch, it can make things way worse. It’s a good way to lose the eye. So let your vet do that test. Don’t risk it.

We may also check tear production (that’s called a Schirmer tear test) or the eye pressure (called tonometry). Those tests will be done based on other factors such as the duration of the problem or the presence of other clinical signs.

If a corneal wound is not healing or if it’s severe we might send you right to the veterinary ophthalmologist. Yep, there are lots of them around. If you live in a city with an ophthalmologist, you might get sent there sooner than you think. Eyes are very sensitive and small problems can become big in a hurry.

So take them as soon as you notice a problem, don’t just keep an eye on it (see what I did there).

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This isn't an ask or anything but imagine dog!stain with a dog!s/o. He's like a big greyhound and she's some tiny dog like a Pomeranian. She's got tiny legs so he lets her ride on his back. He picks her up by the scruff. People try to pet her all the time because she's the "cuter" one and end up with a bitten hand. When they go to sleep he curls his entire body around her. He hides her under stray blankets when he goes to fight. Her little tongue pokes out and he nuzzles her bc she's so cute!!!

Admin Speaks: Smol dog and Tol dog would be the talk of the town. “Have you seen that one dog without a nose?! He always has that tiny fluff with him!” “I’ve tried to give the pomeranian a home but I couldn’t get near them without the big one nearly killing me!”People are confused by the two dogs since they are such opposites, but Stain doesn’t care, he’s protecting something precious to him and no one will take you from him!

He saved you from a few scrappy looking dogs and from then on you followed him around and caused him more trouble than anything. But one day after he had gotten into a particularly bad fight and could barely stand to find the two of you food you found your chance to shine. Using puppy eyes and cute tricks you got people from a nearby cafe to give you nearly all of their leftovers and you brought back a feast of ham and cheese sandwiches fit for a domestic dog! And ever since you cared for him when you could have left him for dead, he has vowed to protect you.

Your height is a constant battle since you can’t even make it up tall stairs…. And this annoyed Stain to no end. So when he first picked you up without warning you fussed a little and the people around you were alarmed that he was going to hurt you. But he really did just want to help you up the stairs. Once people figured that out they calmed down and “Awed” at the sight of you two.

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Fic, Of Dragons and Friendship

Hey, so after I posted this fic with dragon Virgil and knight Princey I was itching to write more dragons. More half dragons too. I’m sure I’m not the first person to think of half dragons but I’ve got my own way they work and act and look and such so I was really excited to write them. This exists in the same universe as the previous fic and they are separate stories but I’d suggest reading the first one before you read this one because there are references to the ending. Where the last one was a platonic prinxiety thing this is a platonic logicality thing.

Warnings: Talk of death. 3,442 words.

Abstract: Befriending a dragon, befriending a half dragon, befriending a human.

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Deductive Reasoning

Paring: Sirius Black/Reader

Tags: female reader, Gryffindor, deductions, Hogwarts seventh year, magic-users, fluff, angst. 

Summary: Plagued by the ability of abnormally rational thought, Reader has had the ability to deduce since she was young. You could say that it runs in her family. But unlike everyone else who finds her to be an utter asshole, she has her band of friends, the Marauders + Lily, by her side.

Word Count: 2,161

Current Date: 2017-08-18

Originally posted by sadlildarling

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the series read as follows:

SupermanMondayCheezy PouffsBaconStumblingTrail Mix …  PunchFridayPreparation … Uncle Mudler


By Tuesday afternoon, they had a full house, five kids, two FBI agents, an injured Maggie and as Mulder included in his head, quite possibly a partridge in a pear tree. The kids knew to steer clear of Grandma/Aunt Maggie but sometimes, kids just have to see their Grandma/Aunt Maggie and they hovered on the stairs, one on each step, peering through the banister railings, quietly waiting until she was settled on the couch, feet up, pillows under her arm before, “Grandma?”

Oh, she had missed their voices, surrounded by nurse matter-of-factness and doctor ramblings for four unbearable days. Waving her arm in their direction, they took that as the ‘go’ sign and scrambled, politely remembering not to crash into her but definitely skidding to stops very close to injured parts.

The cacophony of stories made Mulder’s ears ring, five kids with five lives that needed to be relayed immediately to their favorite person. He watched Scully smiling a concerned grin, worried someone would jostle her mother right back in the hospital but again, to the kids credits they were on best behavior, finally calming after a few minutes so Maggie could speak, “and tell me, when is your last day of school again?”

Sam piped up, “Thursday. It was supposed to be a half day but since we had so many snow days, they made it full.”

Mulder realized he’d better make some damn good lunch bag drawings because he’d only be doing them two more days. He felt three-headed monsters and Tribbles with sunglasses were in order for Wednesday.


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Hey hun! (I just decided to stay as inspired anon on here for the time being cx) I just wanted to ask about who your favourite fic writers are on here? I could do with some more fic to read, but I never know where to start :') - inspired anon (I don't have a slew of asks this time luckily, just this one, I feel like I agitate everyone with my ton of asks 😂)

Yes sure, you can stay here as a lovely anon, I don’t mind :’)

Ok so, you can see my fave writers on my rec page, the are all the most talented, sweet, funny people here!!!

But I mean, I think I’ll refresh your memory, cos I never miss an opportunity to throw some well deserved love at these amazing girl :’)

(even tho it’s always a bit embarrassing tagging so many people lol) 

First of all, I have to start with my dear dear friend @inktae <3 I 99% sure you already know her actually, for her stories are legendary here :’) just go through her whole masterlist (esp since I know you are into angst these days)

But my faves are surely Lavender hues, The swirling ways of stars, First light, Blue orchids and Below thunder showers

She’s also an extremely sweet girl :’)

Then, we have @pantaemonium, la mia lauretta, she wrote some amazing fics as well (even tho she always deny her talent and I just wanna smack her head every time she doesn’t let me compliment her talented ass), anyway, my faves are Fallout, First kiss and ofc Sonata for a frozen heart (I screamed until 2 am at her when she posted it ahahah), but again, love her whole mlist

Another big queen of the fandom his @gukvory and I really feel like I don’t have enough words to express how much her style can make my heart quiver :’) she has an amazing way with words and her plot are just spectacular! I have to rec An oath for sinners, Kingdom ties and Something in the water for sure :’)

Also, @myfeelsinink has some pretty badass stories (more on the fluffy side tho), especially Bread pudding and Luna!!

Same goes with @thules, look this girl has one of the most refined style I ever had the pleasure to witness :’) my faves are Metempsychosis, Pas de trois, and Traced in constellations the delicacy of her words will make you super soft I promise :’)

A similar soft style is to be found on @wonderer-ru‘s blog!! Even tho she still manage to put some angst in it. And damn man, she’ll tell you she can’t write but NO LIE COULD BE BIGGER THAT THIS. Don’t listen to her and just go read her wonderful stories :’) in particular Seven of hearts and Lightning under your skin <3

If you are into smut, you may want to check out @bxebxee and her Impatient, Cats and dogs and Stain and the whole draft tag (some juicy things are hidden there ohohoh); also   @1honeypot who I recently discovered and man her fics are not only way above the usual smut, but her characterization is also always on point :’) for her, I have a lot of love for Jinx, badboy!Jeon and Dare <3

And here there are some other authors that I’m really looking up to: @cyphertrip (her whole mastelist, I can’t chose only a couple of fics ok, everything is just great), @yoongihime (the most sparkling bean in my life, the cherry on my cake, the tae to my min), she has this super cool three words thing and it’s amazing how creative she can be starting only by a few words :’) she shifts between angst and fluff, but everything is equally amazing!! Again, check her whole masterlist!

Again, all these girl are amazing writers and people, I’m sure you’ll like all their works for they are amazing :’) pliz, go send them a lot of love!! They truly deserve it <3<3

Dog Tags

For RvB Bingo Wars! Angst Square for the blues

Ao3 Link

The problem with spaceship crashes always becomes clear after the dust has settled. Here’s the thing about falling from the sky and hitting the ground hard enough to fold the ship in on itself, like a burning cigarette ground into an ashtray:

It doesn’t leave much behind in the way of human remains.

Or, Wash finds himself collecting dog tags from the wreckage after the Hand of Merope crashes. Tucker and Caboose step up to help, because that’s what teammates do.

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I'm really curious as to what your opinion is on West Highland White Terriers? I've always wanted one, and I know terriers tend to be healthier than other breeds, but what should I be aware of issues this breed has?

I’m fairly sure all the vetblrs reading this question know what I’m going to say, because it’s very common knowledge about this popular breed, but first the disclaimer:

These posts are about the breed from a veterinary viewpoint as seen in clinical practice, i.e. the problems we are faced with. It’s not the be-all and end-all of the breed and is not to make a judgement about whether the breed is right for you. If you are asking for an opinion about these animals in a veterinary setting, that is what you will get. It’s not going to be all sunshine and cupcakes, and is not intended as a personal insult against your favorite breed. This is general advice for what is common, often with a scientific consensus but sometimes based on personal experiences, and is not a guarantee of what your dog is going to encounter in their life.

Originally posted by plutostheory

The West Highland White Terrier, Westie or WHWT for short, is a dynamic and charismatic little breed. Despite being a small breed they’re not fragile, and are reasonably well constructed on the inside.

They are moderately prone to avascular necrosis of the femoral head, which can present as a unilateral lameness. Fortunately for dogs this small simply removing the femoral head may be just as effective a treatment as a total hip replacement, and markedly cheaper. We do see a few for multiple cruciate ligament tears, but this is usually in their middle or senior years and usually secondary to doing something like leaping off the verandah after a bird.

Dry Eye (keratoconjunctivitis sica) is reasonably common in these dogs, which is a little surprising as their eye shape is fairly sensible. It’s caused by a lack of tear film production in one or both eyes. Usually this is immune mediated and needs lifelong medication to prevent recurrent corneal ulcers.

Atopy, Allergic Dermatitis, Malasezia Dermatitis and other related skin disorders are what the breed is most well known for in veterinary circles. So much so that the WHWT is the dog most likely to feature on any info pamphlets handed out to vet clinics about new skin products or treatments.

You ever see these pure white dogs with bronze/brown staining n their feet, belly, groin? That’s because they’re so itchy, they lick and chew themselves so often, that they have stained their skin and fur with their own saliva. That takes an awful lot of licking.

If the cause of the dog’s itch is an infection, and yeast infections are very common in this breed, then controlling the infection should control the itch, but it’s not that simple and rarely that simple) if the dog also has an allergic component. Dogs can be allergic to anything in their environment, including the yeast infection on their skin.

This is one of the reasons dogs with chronic skin disease, like the WHWT, can be so frustrating to treat. Almost every dog of this breed I’ve encountered has had some sort of skin issue.

As these dogs get older, they do seem to be a little more prone to pancreatitis, hepatitis and diabetes mellitus. I have to wonder whether these conditions are associated in any way with the prednisolone most of these dogs live on for several months each year. It will be interesting to see if the frequency of these conditions change with the advent of new, different anti-allergy medication.

Oh, and recently the West highland White Terrier was suggested to be the breed seen most often for esophageal foreign body obstruction. That means it’s being seen in veterinary practice as the breed most likely to attempt to swallow something whole, and getting it stuck in its esophagus. Whether this is a breed predisposition or not, I can’t disagree with the hypothesis because a full half of dogs I’ve seen with objects stuck in their esophagus have been WHWTs, distinctly more than any other breed.

Whether this is a testament to the breed’s stubbornness despite its small size could be debated.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it is what I see most commonly in practice.