dog sledding

Freya went on her first bike ride today! I figured I’d hook her up with Orion on her first time instewd of going solo.

While he has the obedience and thoughtfulness to be the “lead dog”, she has the sheer drive to pull and run–so they make an awesome team together!

Every time we stopped at a crosswalk or to check in, she would go crazy wailing and howling, wanting to get moving again, and would get them tangled up trying to turn around and see what I was doing. We’ll definitely have to work on that lol.

Hi friends!

Some of you might have wondered where I’ve been the past few weeks. Well, turns out that my work sent me to Sweden quite unexpectedly! I found out that I was going on December 1, left on December 3, and only got back to the US on Tuesday night. PHEW!

The trip was for a documentary film conference in Stockholm, where I got to see some old friends from my PBSDS family. But a bunch of documentary filmmakers and I went to a place called Kiruna in northern Sweden—above the Arctic Circle—after the official conference ended.

Kiruna is an old iron mining town—and the mine is still important to the economy of both Kiruna and Sweden as a whole. So important, in fact, that when the mining company discovered that the iron seam ran directly under the town, the town decided it would MOVE rather than stop mining! Plans have now been drawn up, and the move will begin soon.

While up north, I visited the Esrange Space Center, which launches sounding rockets for scientific experiments, stayed at the Ice Hotel (sadly not in one of the rooms MADE OF ICE, though I did get to tour them!)…

…went dog sledding…

…wore a gigantic snowsuit…

…and saw the northern lights. 

All in all, a pretty amazing experience.

Aaaanyway, I’m so sorry for my long absence, and the delay in publishing any new episodes. I will have a new video out next week, inspired by my trip up north (I’ll keep the topic a secret for now.) And the “Thank You!” video in which I answer YOUR questions will be out the following week.




“…just one sprained ankle away from literally dying. And that’s a risk I’m willing to accept.” Video by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey). Miki Collins and her dog team on a subsistence trap line that runs deep into #DenaliNationalPark, Alaska. Miki and her sister Julie inherited the trap line (which existed long before the National Park) from a long line of trappers who also lived off the land in this remote land of kettle lakes, winding rivers, and winters that regularly dip down to -50 or below.

Cute date ideas

-Picnic in a garden

-Ice skating even though one of them doesn’t know how

-Rollerskating even though they both done know how

-Walk on the beach at sunset

-Swimming even though one of them can only do the doggy paddle

-Fancy restaurant to see how the other cleans up

-Hiking because one of them knows the best place to see the sunset/sunrise

-Skiing/snowboarding because they can cuddle afterwards to get warm

-Walk through the park/garden

-Just staying in to watch the sunset and stars on the balcony

-Cuddling on the couch marathoning LOTR with ice cream and popcorn

-Home cooked meal because one of them really wants to impress the other even if they did overcook the noodles

-One of their favorite coffee shops

-Diner where they can make out in the back booth and no one will notice

-Family owned restaurant where one of them goes so often they could name everyone who works there. Their date finds it endearing

-Sledding because who the fuck doesn’t love sledding

-Dog park because DOGS