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  • Title: Rigel, or Tenuis Puer (the brightest child)
  • Domain: The mortal realm
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Residence: A temple devoted to the Primal God[ex]


  • Disposition: Sunny, optimistic, conflicted, and curious
  • Weaponry: A sturdy stave that eventually will be a great weapon
  • Powers: Minor miracles, feats of agility and strength despite his size
  • Attire: A honey golden hue of paint, often draped in traditional robes of the Priests with whom he lives - often pulled up in ways to keep his movement free

Patronage: A demi-god devoted to children, family and care for those suffering hardship; Those seeking positivity or courage in adversity 
Symbolic flora: Crocus
Symbolic fauna: Song birds
Symbolic satellite: Sun dogs
Symbolic gemstone: Clear Quartz
Symbolic consumable: Energon Candies of refined crystal clusters
Favored offering(s): He doesn’t accept offerings to himself, but will direct patrons to the temple’s many iconic altars.
Favored blessing(s): Clearing bad coding and non-lethal virus programs, meeting newly minted younglings, good fortune to those who better their community

QUOTE: “Do no harm, but take no shit.”

Get to know the God


Title: Korero, the lonely speaker
Domain: Deflection
Alignment: Primus
Residence: lingering in the dark corners of parties, quiet corners in dark rooms, all the places people tend to hide to go unnoticed


Disposition: chatty and everybody’s friend on the surface, Korero tends to neglect himself in favor of taking care of others. always there with a joke and a wide smile when you need one, he tends to come across as annoying to most people because he never stops talking. 
Patronage: Outcasts, people desperately pretending to be all the things they’re not in hopes that’ll make them those things, lonely people, depressed people
Symbolic flora: Heather
Symbolic fauna: dog
Symbolic satellite: ???
Symbolic gemstone: ???
Symbolic consumable: Alcohol
Favored offering(s): conversation and stories. doesn’t matter what about or if it’s to himor just yourself, he likes to listen. objects meaningful to the giver.
Favored blessing(s): companionship (yes he will literally show up to spend a few hours with you), opportunities to make friends, drinks

QUOTE “But I still feel like I lost…”— Chuck Klosterman