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Spring on Midsummer Hill.

Barney returning from a solo-adventure exploring in the bluebell woods. He’s always loved his freedom & often likes to range far & wide when we’re out on the hills, exploring the way ahead.

He never leaves me too far behind though & regularly comes back to check on my progress - often suddenly appearing on the path ahead, just standing there staring at me, with a wagging tail & a smile on his face - waiting patiently for his slow, clumsy human companion to catch up :)



  The British Camp.

A few of Barney on his way up the British Camp a couple of weeks ago. The hill is the site of an Iron Age hill fort, so it’s a really cool place to walk…

However, as we live at almost the opposite end of the Malvern Hills from the Camp, I rarely bring the pup up here. Plus, there are often sheep grazing on this hill & sheep are some of the only animals I simply can’t trust Barney to 100% ignore when off lead - he’s too much a sheepdog!  I’ve persuaded him to ignore cows, horses,chickens, cats & he’s easily called off from squirrels & bunnies but he cannot help but eye & stalk sheep & I suspect, if they bolted, he might well do too!

When we go on the Malvern Hills, we’re mostly on The Beacon (where a lot of my photos are taken), which is the last big hill you can see in the distance behind Barney in that final shot.


I know pet all pet border collies are supposed to be totally ball obsessed & want to play fetch 24/7. I’ve met some like that myself. However, Barney’s just not one of those collies. When we’re at home, he does enjoy a game of fetch but while we’re on walks, Barney’s rarely interested in toys.

I still bring a ball out with us from time to time, to see if he’d like to play. I usually get the canine equivalent of an eye-roll & if he could speak, I’m pretty sure Barney would suggest I kindly buy myself a retriever if I want stuff fetching. Sometimes though, when he’s in a VERY good mood, he humours me & plays along… at least for a few minutes!


These are also from 2010. My dad was off doing some crazy long bike ride round the mountains in Wales, so I got a lift to the start point of his ride & took Barney out for a hike.

Barney & I walked (or ran in his case) from Wales, into England & back again. We set off at about 8.30 in the morning & got back to the van at 6pm. Barney power napped for 20 minutes, then got bored, started squeaking & demanding I play with him! What dog runs around for about 9 hours & THEN wants to play fetch? Stoopid border collies. Good job he’s cute!

(All the photos were taken with my trusty little point & shoot camera).


Barney & I are off to Devon in a bit, to visit a friend for the weekend. As I don’t yet drive, we going by train (dogs are free on trains in the UK, which is great!).

We’ll be travelling about 4hrs, with 2 changes, both at busy stations. Barney’s a good little travel buddy & he’s done this journey quite a few times before now, so, although it’s going to be a looong day, it shouldn’t be too stressful :)

Just hoping the hideous rain will drop off before we set out because I always feel awful sitting with a load of strangers in an enclosed space for an hour or more, when my dog is soaked… He had a bath yesterday as well ;p

Hope everyone has a good weekend!



Barney was really interested in the sounds coming from a nearby orchard today - the farmer & some workers were out picking apples. He stayed up on the hay bale for ages, just listening to them go about their work.

My laptop is still in having work done on it, so I’ve not got much internet access at all atm! Hopefully, I’ll be back online properly on Monday….


Throwback Thursday.

More from our camping trip to St. Davids in 2010. Every evening Barney & I walked across a few fields, down to the cliffs, to watch the sun set over Ramsey Island & to look for the gannets, seals & porpoises, which fish in Ramsey Sound. The Welsh ponies out grazing on the cliffs usually came over to say hello. It’s an unbelievably magical place… hope we can go back one day!