dog on trampoline


My friend found a ball bouncing by itself on a trampoline in his backyard

anonymous asked:

Hotel have room service, but Gwen have better swimming pool, trampoline, dogs, chicken and birds plus tons of kids toys and most importantly other kids! As a mother of young kids myself, those are actually much better than any room service.

Yes!! Gwen’s place has all sorts of amenities!

– M

Stuck at home with stomach flu, but it’s all good because I get reread Queen’s Gambit (by Bedlamsbard who I’m not going to tag because I’m not worthy) and go through panharmonium, blastergirls, and dyingsighs “Awkward AU” tag all over again and cry about the fact that there aren’t more modern Star Wars AUs. (Also, does Dog jump on trampolines and sit on people? I’ve met a Great Dane who does and he’ll bounce little kids on the trampoline.)

i don’t care about boy opinions anymore honestly….. pleasing boys is a waste of energy i could be petting dogs or jumping on trampolines or drinking smoothies in the time it takes to cry over what a crusty boy thinks


Figured this was a good note to start off the week on….bounce away!