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[Three Panel Illustrated Comic titled “Sofa-Human”.

Panel 1: A close up of a big eyed Chihuahua/Russell Terrier mix dog named Robbie climbing on to the lap of Jessica, who is sitting in her chair. She says to Robbie “Who’s a good boy?”. He sniffs her chair as he stretches across her lap, and thinks to himself “Hmm, so these humans are sofas too? And move? I’ve never seen moving sofa-humans before.”

Panel 2: Lianna is titled back in her chair, with Robbie stretched across her chest and lap. She says “Good dog!” as he closes his eyes and wags his tail while she pets his back. Robbie thinks to himself “Mmm, I get cuddles and nap times? Every dog should have a sofa-human!”

Panel 3: Lianna is being lifted out of her chair with a sling and ceiling lift, with her mother to her side. Robbie witnesses Lianna out of her chair in shock and worry, while yelling “WAIT!! WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU DOING TO MY SOFA-HUMAN?!!” Lianna and her mom look at the dog, only hearing BARK BARK BARK BARK. Lianna says “Hey, no barking!” And her mom looks at Robbie and says “Shhh!” making the shhh gesture with her hand to her mouth.]

Our dog still doesn’t like it when we’re not in our chair, and we’re pretty sure this is why.

{Reaction} Monsta X meeting your huge dog

Could you write how monsta x would react if their s/o had a huge dog??? (Like mastiff or a shepherd or dobermann) I have one and people are often put off by her size. Thank you! Also I love your work! Thank you for trying!

Disclaimer: I don’t own gifs/images used

Lee Minhyuk

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Excitement would fill Minhyuk’s body as he entered your house and was face with your dog for the very first time. He was energised, and didn’t take a moment to start petting your dog and instantly began pounding you with questions. Your dog wasn’t unhappy with the attention either, he rolled over, allowing Minhyuk access to his stomach and Minhyuk abided, laughing and grinning as he fussed with your dog. Once he stood up again when you told him you’d show him to the living room, the dog followed, and you smiled to yourself as you watched Minhyuk allow the dog to jump onto the sofa to sit on his lap. When you walked back in with a tray of drinks for the two of you, you couldn’t help but smile at the way Minhyuk was gently stroking your dog’s head, who head it lead on Minhyuk’s knee with the rest of his body spread out against the sofa, lying down.

{y/n}: “You like my dog, then?”

Minhyuk: “Are you kidding? I love her.”

Yoo Kihyun

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You weren’t too sure how Kihyun was going to react to your dog. Kihyun is the kind of hard to judge the reactions of in these situations, but he didn’t let you down. As he met your dog for the first time, you couldn’t help but notice the way that he smiled, crouching down to stoke the dog, not that he needed to couch down very far. He started by making conversation, asking questions about your dog’s name, age and breed, and the two of you got into a lengthy conversation about dogs as you both sat on the floor to pet your dog, who was more than happy to accept the attention. He talked about how he has always wanted a dog, and when you told him that he was as good to your dog’s dad by now, he couldn’t keep the smile off his face.

Kihyun: “I knew there was a reason I was dating you.”

{y/n}: “For my dog?”

Kihyun: “Precisely”*winks to show he’s joking.*

Shin Hoseok/ Wonho

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Wonho was more reserved when he came across your dog for the first time, not because he didn’t care for dogs or that he was scared of them, it was more because he has never really been around animals and therefore doesn’t really know how to act around them. When he stepped into your house for the first time, he looked at your dog and smiled, understanding now why you constantly told Wonho that your dog was cute. With some encouragement Wonho stoked your dog, and the dog was patient and content with Wonho’s attention. He found himself becoming more confident through time, and by the time he had to leave, he told you that he was now determined to get a dog of his own.

Wonho: “I could just take your dog home.”

{y/n}: “He’s as much yours as he is mine from now on, but if you steal him, you’ll regret it.”

Son Hyunwoo/ Shownu

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Since Shownu doesn’t have that much experience with animals, he is a little bit more reserved when it comes to being around them. He gets nervous and doesn’t really know what to do with himself. Of course, he is a little bit more comfortable around dogs because he has a better idea of how to treat them and what they like. When he met your dog for the first time, he found himself feeling nervous and unsure. He’s open about how he feels, and talks to you, tells you that he doesn’t really know what to do and that he would life for your to help him. You didn’t take a moment of hesitation in supporting him. You told him all the places your dog likes to be petted, and it wasn’t long before the dog and Shownu were bonding on your own. You smiled, it was like watching children as Shownu talked to the dog as he petted him in the living room.

{y/n}: “I see you two are getting along nicely”

Shownu: “Happy as Larry.”

Lim Changkyun/ I.M

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Changkyun is very good with dogs, and would be very happy from meeting yours for the first time. He would be insistent on taking the dog out for walks, and this time, he even decided that he would take you and the dog in his car to the coastline where the dog could run on the beach. When the car pulled up, you let your dog off the leash, grinning as he ran around excitedly, you followed him to the sea, rolling up your jeans as he jumped and splashed as if there was no tomorrow. Changhyun was also amused, grinning as he watched. After a while, all three of your were tired out, and decided to lie back on the sand. Changyun kissed your lips, and laughed when the dog licked his cheek.

{y/n}: “Dogs need kisses too.”

Changkyun: “Well it’s too bad my kisses are only for you, huh?” *grins as he strokes the dog*

Chae Hyungwon

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You already knew that Hyungwon would be good with your dog, because really, Hyungwon is good with animals altogether. You had introduced Hyungwon to your dog pretty much as he entered the house because your dog came running when he heard footsteps and voices clearly entering the house. Hyungwon had smiled, making a statement about how much cuter the dog is in real life than just in your stories. He had been in practice all day, and even with his aching bones, he crouched down to pet your dog for a few moments until you told him to go into the living room and you’d meet him in there with something to drink. But when you did walk into the living room, Hyungwon was fast asleep on the sofa, and your dog the same, curled up at his side.

{y/n}: “Aish, so typical of him.” *Smiling - taking pictures*

Lee Jooheon

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It was like sunshine had met another sunshine when Jooheon met your dog for the first time. You laughed as Jooheon dived onto the flood to get the greetings down already. He began betting your dog, speaking to him in that high, animal voice that made you grin uncontrollably. You laughed as the two played, Jooheon doing his aegyo and the dog bouncing and rolling around, playing with him. You left them to it as you began cooking dinner, laughing every now and again when you heard Jooheon talking to your dog.

{y/n}: “I’m glad you’re hitting it off well.”

Jooheon: “We’re already practically best friends, just saying.”

domestic!alfie snippets

thinemineours wanted more domestic!alfie

from a range of verses including references to ‘mo mhadra’ and ‘fáilte abhaile’

“We should get a dog”

“We have a dog”

“We should get another dog”

You kept your eyes on your book but you weren’t paying attention to the words.


“He needs a friend”

You looked up at this, your face amused. Alfie was sat on the sofa, with your legs over his lap, running his hands over your shins.

“He needs a friend?”

“Yeah. We’re at the office a lot, he’s gotta be lonely”

“We have a house full of servants for him to play with”

“Not dog friends though”

Your lips quirked.


“I want another dog”

“Yeah. I thought this might be more about you”

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I don’t understand people who don’t let their dogs on the furniture. I get pissed when my dog doesn’t want to spoon with me at night and you wont even let them sit next to you??? How do you even snuggle? 

Bringing home a new pet (reaction)

I’m still not feeling well, so stuff is going slowly with my bigger writing things, but here is something I had lying around for the meantime. 

It’s a reaction when the boys randomly bring home animals. I hope you like it. :D


You came home to find Seunghyun sitting on the sofa in the living room, busy with something on his tablet. Being very tired after a long day, it took you a moment to notice what was different today, but then you noticed the dog sitting beside the sofa. It cocked his head and looked at you with curious brown eyes, you crouched down to greet it. “Hey there buddy,” the dog wagged his tail as you started stroking his head. You turned towards your boyfriend, “darling, whose dog is this?”

Seunghyun looked at you casually over the top of the screen in his hand. “Oh, he’s mine, I picked him up yesterday.”


Coming home from work, you opened the door to discover your boyfriend’s shoes. You smiled to yourself, you loved it when Jiyong came for surprise visits. Before you had time to say hello though, a cat came dancing into view. Your eyes went wide, before you called out “Jiyong, why is there a cat in my apartment?”

“I can’t keep it with my cat before it has been checked for diseases and stuff,” came the muffled answer from the living room.

“I see…. But why is there a cat? Why is it in my apartment?”

“It’s yours. It looked sad, so I picked it up.” You still couldn’t believe what was happening.

Walking into the living room you muttered in disbelief, “but Jiyong, I don’t have a cat.”

“Now you do,” he grinned at you.


You were lounging on the sofa when you heard Youngbae’s voice from behind you. “So, jagiya you know how we both love dogs?” You had heard him come in a couple of minutes earlier, now both of his hands were behind his back.

“Yes?” you were starting to suspect where this was all going.

“And you know we talked about getting a new dog,”

“What? I never?” you paused for a minute, before you continued, your voice stern, “Youngbae?”

“Here he is!” Youngbae shot you one of his famous eye-smiles, and pulled out a small adorable puppy from behind his back. The dog was wearing a ribbon around its neck, and as you looked into the depths of its dark sad-looking orbs, you fell in love.

You held out your arms towards Youngbae, “fine, just give it here and then you can tell me everything about it.”


Daesung had sent you a message yesterday that he was bringing home a surprise for you, so you were looking forward to having him home today, even more than usual. When he finally arrived, Daesung carefully poked his head through the partially opened door. “Hey baby, are you prepared for the surprise?” he grinned at you.

You just opened your arms at him, “just get over here Dae, I missed you.”  

“Promise you won’t be mad?” his eyes twinkled mischievously.

“Fine, whatever you did I won’t be mad,” you chuckled. Daesung shot you a beaming smile, pushed the door open, and walked in with his bag in one hand, and a dog on a leash in the other.

“Surprise! We have a dog now! I adopted her from a shelter in Japan.”  


Your stomach growled, it had been quite a while since Seungri had called to let you know he would be home soon and was bringing dinner. You set some plates ready in the kitchen, before you heard the door open, and a loud, “baby I’m home!” from the hallway.

You poked your head out, to see your boyfriend and a happy-looking dog. “Who is your friend?” you asked, bewildered by what the fuzzy creature was doing in your apartment.

“I have no idea,” he shrugged, “but I couldn’t get him to stop following me.”

You both agreed that the dog would stay the night, and then you would find some shelter he could go to. When you came back from work late the next day, you found your boyfriend and the dog cuddled up on the couch together, sleeping peacefully. You grabbed a snack and went out to a shop to pick up some supplies for the dog that was apparently part of the family now.


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Prompt: Person A returns home from a business trip and is greeted by Person B’s guilty smile and a puppy.

Something seems off when he parked their car in their driveway, nothing seemed out of place, Stiles heartbeat sounded like it always did – sounded like there was a dog in the house, it wasn’t unusual for Stiles to take care of Scott and Kiras dogs when they needed it, but it was only one dog inside with Stiles. Derek opened the front door, calling out: “I’m home.” As he took off his shoes, jacket and put the suitcase next to the stairs, Stiles came through their living room. He smelled nervous and giddy – Yes Derek is aware it didn’t really have a smell as such but you could always tell with Stiles. Brows furrowing, he turned to meet his boyfriend-

“So, I know we haven’t talked much about it and I shouldn’t try and push this on you and I know I should have at least called before I made any kind of decision and that I shouldn’t make decisions that affect our life on my own but Derek, look at this face and you try to say no.” Stiles rushed the last steps, holding out a Collie puppy, who yipped happily at Derek trying to reach out to smell and lick at his face. Derek blinked a few times, eyes going from the frankly adorable canine in his boyfriends outstretched hands to said boyfriend, whom was looking at him smiling albeit guilty.
“Why?” He asked taking the dog in his own hands and moving them into the living room, several toys thrown around the room, a moss-green fluffy dog bed between their sofa and Stiles lazy-boy, he sat down on the floor, putting the dog down between his legs, petting it as Stiles sat down next to him.
“I promised to drive Scott to work yesterday morning, right? And this little guy was just left there, tied to the door, we’ve tried to find the owner, he has a chip but there is no registered owner. There wasn’t any space for him at the clinic and neither Deaton or Scott could find place at any shelter near here and so I offered to take him.”
“Is it for now or?” Derek looks up at Stiles, whom bit his lip glancing at his boyfriend. “I want to say don’t get attached. But I see it’s already too late.”
“She’s just a couple of months but she seems house-trained and Kira mentioned that they will start an agility group soon and that I can join in with the puppy group that started the other week. And she also said that-“
“What’s her name?” Derek asked, scratching her belly as she had sprawled between his legs.
“River.” Stiles answered, Derek didn’t need to see his boyfriend to know that he was grinning like a loon right about now, because he knew that River was now a part of their little family.

So Desperate For A Dog, He Accidentally Kidnaps One | Phan Tweet Dabble

Summary: If the dog makes it into their flat on its own, is it really so bad for Dan to stall and enjoy having a dog for a little while?

Word count: 800

Genre: Domestic fluff

No warnings

Read more from the collection of tweet-based Phan dabbles here

Based on the following tweet:

Also available on AO3

7th of March 2017

It was an honest mistake really, besides was dognapping even a thing?

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This is Katie. She loves me WAY more than anyone else in the family which makes me feel special. Here’s a picture of her sitting on her ottoman. She’s a good dog that stays off the sofa. Awwww hi Katie! What a pretty girlllll 🤗