dog on roof of car

Cryptid ABCs: Devil Monkeys

Devil Monkeys are a cryptid residing in the United States, which is exactly where you wouldn’t expect to find monkeys. They are highly aggressive little beasts that have made a name for themselves since 1934.

Devil Monkeys are about 3-4 feet tall, and resemble baboons. Their fur is shaggy and comes in a range of brown tones. Their faces are said to be more doglike however, with big protruding fangs. They also have powerful legs, not unlike the original Chupacabra. They also best sharp claws and tiny pointy ears.

They are known to be highly aggressive. Acts of their aggression range from attacking dogs to ripping roofs off cars. This would also mean that these animals are very strong. These animals have also been observed in packs, which makes their aggression all that more dangerous.

They could be explained away with escaped pet monkeys of course, but there have been sightings all over the country, which would really call into question just how many escaped monkeys would have to be out there.


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