dog on motorcycle

  • Akutagawa: What's wrong with the way I dress?
  • Atsushi: You know, some people might say all that black leather makes you look like an evil villain.
  • Akutagawa: [gives Atsushi a death glare]
  • Atsushi: ...Not me, I think you look like a sexy motorcycle.

You haven’t fallen in love now, have you?

No te habrás enamorado, ¿Verdad?

Totalmente veo a Castiel andando en una motocicleta así que… Es mi primer aesthethic xd
Quizá haga unos de los demás chicos. *-*

My submission for the @beauty-karamatsu photobook.

When I was looking up photographs for sunset lighting and motorcycles and leather jackets I kept coming across pictures from Top Gun and I realized Karamatsu definitely loves Top Gun and definitely views Maverick as a paragon of sensitive roguish masculine sensuality and definitely stands in front of the mirror with the dvd paused doing his best imitation of various 1986 Tom Cruise poses.