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AH NO OZ!! DONT ATTACK! *lets go of his leash* SAKAMAKI!! RUN!

♥Shu: If I don’t move he won’t attack me, so…

♥Reiji: Ah! You should really domesticate your dog, young lady!

♥Ayato: Damn! That dog is big! Where did you get it?!

♥Kanato: Why did you even let go of the leash, silly?!

♥Laito: You should stop making such a fuss, Ayato-kun. Otherwise, he’ll bite you.

♥Subaru: Heh, do you think your dog can catch me? You’re underestimating me.

I’m in my first year of vet science and this question is something that I will always remember. When the lecturer asked this question, I started to compare the amount of small and large breed dogs to get an average life span. My classmates threw out answers from 8 to 14. 

The answer had less to do with the potential lifespan of a dog, or the diseases that could prevent them from reaching their senior years. It has almost nothing to do with dogs at all. 

The answer is 3. That is the average age that dogs (in Australia) live. This means for every 17, 18, 19, 20 year old dog that we see, there are many more who do not even make it to their first birthday. 

People are the reason for this. People who get a puppy but do not know how to care for it. People who think they want a dog but hate that they dig, bark and chew. People who don’t know how to handle dogs. Or chose a breed unsuitable to their lifestyle. Or are just selfish. These dogs get euthanised when they are still young.

During my first dog dissection prac, I looked around the lab and noticed that every dog was a large breed, the kind that you see for sale on facebook, and none of them looked any older than 2 years old. Those dogs had all been surrendered and euthanised at the pound. And there are many, many more who are dumped every day. 

Having worked with surrendered dogs (fostering them and doing behavioural work) I know that most dogs are not surrendered because they are aggressive but because they display undesirable behaviours. By that I mean, they act like a normal dog. If the owner had taken them to puppy pre-school and continued to work with them, the problem could have been fixed (the problem being the humans who did not bother to learn anything about their role as a puppy owner).

If the owners had done their research and realised that they were not in a position to take on that particular dog at that particular time, the problem could have been avoided. If you are considering getting a dog, please stop and think about it first. Do you have the time, knowledge and money to take them on right now? 

I know that puppies are cute, but please remember that dogs deserve to be cared and loved for a lifetime - and that their lifetime should be far more than 3 years.

An important phrase for any dog-loving traveler:

Japanese: いぬを なでても いいですか。

inu o nadetemo ii desu ka?

[Is it alright if I pet your dog?]

Feel free to add it in other languages so that all dog lovers can ask the all important question for safe doge love.