dog locked outside the door


Anonymous asks: Can u make one where u are dating vic and u leave him a letter saying u love him and goodbye n u commit suicide n he tattoos ur name on his body long and fluffy please

Song: Bulls in the Bronx - Pierce The Veil



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very pretty moon and stars 2/9/14

anonymous asked:

"How does my perfectly pear-shaped ass look in this dress?" Ginny cheekily asks.

Mike looks up from his phone where he’s keeping track of his fantasy football standings to find his girlfriend at the bottom of the stairs, looking at him almost demurely over her shoulder as she shows off her absolutely perfect ass in a little flesh colored dress that makes him squint.

How she found a dress so close to the color of her golden brown skin is a mystery he needs to solve so he can kiss the designer, and it’s only when she walks over to close his apparently open mouth that he realizes he’s gawking at her like a teenager so he jokes, “It’d look better if you were actually wearing clothes, Gin.”

She laughs and the points of her nipples peek at him, making him realize that not only does she look naked in the dress, she’s also naked under it as she replies, “That’d defeat the purpose of the naked dress, old man.”

“Or you could just get naked right now and save me the trouble of destroying something that probably cost me a lot of money,” he suggests, the end of season party–the whole sport of baseball is gone right now if he’s being honest–so far from his consciousness as she stands before him, grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

“I think I’ll make you suffer,” she says, that particularly naughty grin on her face as she turns to head for the door.

Mike follows like a dog, watching her ass sway and she pauses outside as he’s locking the door, stuffs something she “forgot” in his pocket and Mike regrets his decision to wait until they get to Evelyn and Blip’s to unwad what turns out to be a sheer black g-string that he has to quickly put away as he looks at his smiling rookie, watching him even though already grinning and flirting with the guys.