dog lick man

kisses and cuddles

Sirius walked into the common room depressed and collapsed by Remus on the couch. “Moony I’m depressed,” he whined. “I need some cuddling and kisses to make me feel better.”

           Remus sighed. “I love you Padfoot but I need to finish this assignment first.”

           Sirius sighed and began whining. “Mooonnnnny.”

           “Padddddfoooooot,” Remus mocked with a smile.

           “This isn’t funny. I’m depressed. I just got out of detention for something I didn’t do. And I had a run in with Snivellus who tried to hex me,” Sirius told Remus dramatically.

           Remus kissed Sirius. “I love you Pads but I have got to finish this essay. If its any consolidation I would rather be cuddling and kissing you than doing this.”

           Sirius pouted. “School sucks.”  

           Remus laughed and went back to working on his essay. Sirius continued to whine but Remus tuned him out and did forget about him for a little bit until he felt something licking his neck. He jumped and found Padfoot the dog licking him.


           The man refused to change back from a dog even after Remus spent ten minutes trying to convince him to. Remus went back to working on his essay while doing his best to ignore the whining dog.

           Lily walked into the common room. “What is that noise,” she asked looking around. “Ooh a dog! Where did you find him Remus?”

           Remus looked at the dog who was grinning. “I don’t know. He’s a pest that just follows me everywhere.”

           Lily sat down beside him and began petting the dog. Remus didn’t know what to say especially when Padfoot started growling.

           “He doesn’t like females too much I’ve noticed,” Remus told Lily who sighed and stepped away in case he bit her. “I’m sorry.”

           “He’s cute,” Lily told him. “You’re up late.”

           “Yeah. I have to finish this essay. I still have a few pages to do. I have to turn it in in the morning.”

           Lily looked at how tired her friend was and had some compassion for him. “You look like you could use some sleep. I’ll finish your essay. It’s no big deal. I’m sure you would do the same for me if I needed it. I know you’ve done the same for your friends.”

           Remus was shocked. “Is a prefect offering to do my homework for me,” he asked teasing her.

           Lily blushed. “Yes. You are my friend and its not like you purposely blew off the assignment. I want to do this. Go get some rest and take that whining mutt with you.”

           Padfoot rolled his eyes and barked at her. “Snuffles be quiet,” Remus told him patting him on the head. “Thanks Lily. I owe you.”

           “No you don’t. That’s what friends are for.” Lily hugged Remus goodnight and him and Padfoot went into their room.

           “Was that necessary Padfoot,” Remus asked as the dog changed into Sirius.

           “Yes. She was flirting with you. I would have offered to do your homework if she hadn’t come in,” Sirius told him jealously.

           “You do know that for some reason I only have eyes for you,” Remus told him giving him a kiss. “Now how about those kisses and cuddles?”

           Sirius grinned and pulled him onto his bed where they made each other feel better all night long.

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