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Humans are Weirdos (ft.  animals)

I know a popular ‘humans are weird to aliens’ topic is how easily humans can bond to animals. But then think the opposite.

We humans are so weird because we are practically bonding magnets to animals.

We have our social hierarchies, so it makes sense that we can fit in with certain groups like dogs and even gorillas if we can understand them enough. We get ourselves acquainted with dogs who have been domesticated and these dogs will leap into our laps and constantly bother us for pets and treats and licking us as a way to show affection. People who can get certain animals to open up to us are super cool. Aliens are in awe of how our understanding of them can get us into a pack so readily that humans who are super close to normally protective dog mothers are allowed to hold their precious babies.

We can even manage to bond with animals like cats, known to be mostly solitary. We care for these cats and when they’re comfortable they will break their isolation and seek us out for affection.

Imagine an alien seeing a dog or cat go to an upset human and try to nuzzle them or snuggle into their lap to let themselves be held for our emotional comfort. These animals which, though currently domesticated, were descended from predators streamlined towards a goal of becoming efficient hunters. Willingly coming to our emotional aid and comforting us because they’ve bonded with us so closely.

Aliens see dogs act as protectors and bark away intruders on the human territory, but instantly turn happy when they know it’s their owner and friend. They see cats utilizing inborn maternal instincts to hunt down and leave 'gifts’ of dead things in an effort to feed and teach their humans to take care of them since we’re such worthless hunters in their eyes. They’ll even know if something is wrong with humans medically before we do, or know about disturbances in the home like fires or gas leaks, and will uncharacteristically jump us to get us out of danger.

And when humans are in danger by others, and an animal senses it before we do, these animals will immediately jump on the defensive and snarl and warn against any potential enemies  and try to alert us.

You’ve got dogs who will literally jump on intruders and bite them when they’re trying to attack their human owners. Throwing themselves and and intimidating animals many times larger than themselves for our sake. Even cats, the ones people might think aren’t very interested in their humans, will throw themselves into the fray and claw the hell out of something that’s a danger to a precious human of theirs.

And, for an added bonus, imagine if we can get this to apply to bigger, deadlier animals with similar capacity for pack bonding.

After months and months of talking, mimicking, feeding, and caring for a giant predator the rest of the crew refuses to near, it’s sort of relaxed to the human. A sense of loyalty that 'yes, this creature cares for me’. Then, one day, pirates invade the vessel and somehow the animal gets loose. Cue the crew panicking when it comes ambling out of its’ holding bay at the time when a pirate is about to bring a knife or something down on the human. Two seconds later this pirate is running and screaming for its life when it sees it. The creature takes a running start, LEAPS over the human (which was closest to it and already injured) and takes off after it. When that pirate is either captured or dead, the creature returns to the human, nuzzling them and making sounds to see if they’re okay.

The human is smiling and mimicking the sounds back, or just talking to it to say what a 'good boy’ it is.

The aliens of the crew are in shock.  The rest of the humans just smile knowingly.

The Pawns And The Kings

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Smut

Plot: The reader is kidnapped, left alone in utter darkness. Once the day of her auctioning comes, she’s given to the head of one of the worlds most powerful gangs, Jungkook. She was nothing but a gift to him. But her little soul turns out to have the power to turn the tides in the worlds angriest ocean. And it turns out, Jungkook isn’t the only man whom eyes have settled upon her.

The devil was once an angel - a beings who’s sole purpose was peace and love. He held the grace of heaven in his hands and the love of God carefully sewn into his skin by a master seamstress. But one day he grew jealous, the sin in the form of an emotion plagued him. He aimed his heart towards this jealousy and lurched in it, losing himself. The thread in his countenance unwound and the needle grew dull. He had lost his grace. He fell from his family, being crowned the king of despair and agony, becoming the utter essence of hatred that grew in him, becoming the nature of his still beating heart. He had lost it to the desire to be worshiped, and granted himself, henchmen. 

And so he was given a new name, a name that has only been uttered from a dead man’s lips. What a cold pale purple they hold, the cracks running down the skin as they shiver out the name. “Min Yoongi”

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2014 Stags’ Leap Winery Merlot

Miles from Sideways might not like it, but there’s nothing to hate about a well made merlot - and that’s just what this is! A ripe nose of blackberries, black plum, and the typical cocoa powder and espresso with a bit of vanilla. On the palate, you get more of the same - plums, blackberries, cocoa, and espresso. If you don’t like this wine, then you’re like Miles and simply don’t like Cali Merlot!

4/5 bones



14% abv

Napa Valley, USA


Exercising on the Beach, 1930′s / src: National Science and Media Museum

Favorite Sweater

A/N: This is from the point of view from a reader with chronic migraines inspired by something posted earlier about not seeing many sick readers in the fluff department and because I just watched Kingsmen tonight. Hope this is something like you had in mind.

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“Go on. Give it a go.” He bit his lip in anticipation. You eyed him and the dog before beginning to speak.

“JB, fetch my favorite sweater.” The dog leaped off the bed and scurried out to the living room. You could hear the scrap of his nails and tap or his paw pads tracking through the house. Then there was a pause followed by the noise returning. JB came to the edge of your side of the bed holding Eggsy grey sweater you loved to steal when you missed him or your headaches got the best of you. Accepting the sweater your lips pulled up in a tight smile. You didn’t like crying especially even if they were happy tears. “You taught him that just for me?” Your boyfriend was beaming at this point.

“That’s not all! He can also fetch your pills or a water bottle and he can bring the phone over or push the speed dial I installed should you ever need me.” There was no way you could hold back the tears any longer. “Oi, why are you crying? It ya head again?”

“No. No. Nothing of the sort. You just…” He gently wiped the tears as you marveled at him. “I love this sweater.” You both burst into chuckles.

“I know you do and you’ll always have it, aight?” He peered into your eyes earnestly and you nodded back at the bright blues. You pulled him down for a heated kiss that you didn’t break until you heard a small whine. “Oh bugger off JB.” He whined back making you laugh again. Patting the spot on the bed for him the small pug leaped back up to get comfy.

“Thank you.” You whispered cuddling into his chest.

“Anything for you, love.” He murmured into your hair as he rubbed your back until you fell asleep.

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Monsta X Reaction to: Meeting Their GF’s Husky But They Had Imagined A Small Puppy

Anon: Hello! :D Can I request a Monsta X reaction when they meet their gf’s dog for the first time and it’s a Husky (they imagined some small puppy)? Thank you!! <3

Shownu: The affectionate dog messes up his hair in their attempt to greet the new guest. He never told you he had been expecting a small dog, so he just smiles.

“He’s very friendly. I hope we can continue to be friends.”

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Wonho: He’s knocked to the floor, assaulted by the friendly husky’s wet kisses. “What is this beast?” he jokes. “I thought I would be meeting a tiny puppy!”

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Minhyuk: He’s already a puppy so regardless of the dog’s size, he will get along with them. He was just so surprised by its size, feeling almost worried when the dog leaped on you in greeting.

“Is this really a dog? Or a horse?”

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Kihyun: ”Yah! What’s the need for a dog that’s bigger than me? I thought you had a small, sweet puppy. If I’d known you owned a beast, I’d have come dressed in armour.”

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Hyungwon: Had expected something small, that you could both cuddle with at night. ”I don’t know how to tell you this but … I don’t think Mr. Tiddles will fit in bed with us.”

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Jooheon: ”Oh, giant doggo, please accept me as your owners boyfriend. I promise to protect her heart and not pee on the carpet.”

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I.M: Meeting your dog was more important than meeting your family. A dog’s trust is of the utmost importance, he feels. He had prepared himself to win the love of a tiny pup, that he could carry around cutely. When he walks into your home, he’s instead glared down by a protective beast.

“Meeting your father was less scary than this …” he gasps.

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thearichildress  asked:

ooh~ ooh~ my turn for an ask lolol how would the rfa + saeran react to an mc who has a really big, mean, and just generally aggressive looking dog but it turns out to be the sweetest thing (like my sisters' pitbulls, omg they're so cUTE??? HOW ARE THEY CONSIDERED SO BAD HOLY SHIT) sorry if it's a little confusing but i just love dogs

d’aw… i kinda relate to this… I used to have a very mean looking husky but he was just a cuddly sweetheart, like he’d run up to someone and just walk around them. The fun part was when people were seated because he’d jump on them and lick them. he was adorable af, and then my mom gave him away ;-;  f u allergies…


  • glad you don’t have a cat
  • when he sees him e’s a bit surprised
  • then you just tell him he’s a cuddly sweetie
  • he doesn’t look like one but ok…
  • after a bit he just notices how sweet he is and he’s just ???
  • he falls in love with your dog
  • probably sends a pic of ur dog to Jumin}
  • “Furball better watch out”
  • Gets along pretty well with your dog


  • no just no
  • why would you have dog when you can have a cat?
  • Jumin bby pls…
  • when you tell him your dog is the sweetest thing he calms down a bit
  • then he sees it…
  • shook
  • Mc he looks aggresive
  • he’s not coming near Elizabeth 3rd, no
  • takes a while for him to notice it really is a sweetie
  • holy shit he was wrong
  • still not a fan tho
  • cat mom
  • after noticing how sweet your dog is he’ll let him come close to Elizabeth
  • not for too long tho
  • Jumin pls


  • Thank goodness it’s not a cat
  • when you tell her your dog is increadibly sweet she can’t wait to see it
  • sees it and just
  • well… looks fool sometimes so…
  • unfazed by how ur dog looks
  • notices it’s really sweet 
  • well with an owner like you no wonder it’s so nice
  • pretty sure even ur dog noticed u blushing
  • oops


  • this boy loves animals
  • you tell him you have a dog and he’s just
  • YES
  • sees your dog
  • bit scared
  • MC what if your dog eats me?
  • Yoosung… Sweetie no
  • also effing omelette yoosung just popped on my mind after writing that goddamit
  • when he notices your dog’s a sweetheart
  • He’s  so happy
  • d’aw the two puppies…


  • Probably found a pic of your dog when he stalked researched you
  • he jumped when he saw it
  • and now you’re telling him to meet your dog
  • scared
  • he remembers how a pic of your dog almost gave him a heart attack
  • he can’t tell you that tho
  • he’s a brave chip
  • you take him to see your dog
  • your dog leaps towards him
  • probably yelps a little when your dog tackles him
  • then he realizes your dog is literally just liking his face
  • omg yes
  • forget Elly not really
  • he’s always near your dog now
  • they’re so fucking adorable you just wanna take pics 
  • cute babes 


  • umm ok?
  • desn’t really care tbh
  • has he ever seen a dog?
  • holy shit if he hasn’t this would be so cute yo
  • Let’s say you forgot to tell him your dog was sweet af
  • so when he sees your dog he just
  • fuck
  • your dog just walks towards him and he’s like welp this is how i die
  • then your dog just sits in front of him
  • “Saeran, he wants you to pet him”
  • You’re telling him to touch this beast? are you insane?
  • *pets him*
  • your dog just jumps at him
  • shook
  • “Oh he likes you”
  • oh okay… what would your dog do if it didn’t like him holy shit
  • your dog grows onto him
  • loves how he looks pretty scary
  • edgelord here wants a scary pet pls let him be
  • also loved how scard his bro was of your dog at first

hope this is what you wanted! 


Happy 4th of July To My American Friends!

3 - 4 July 2017

Here in Western Australia the 4th of July has rolled around ahead of the USA so I’ve popped up my temporary facebook profile picture for y’all. I’ve made some pretty awesome cyber-acquaintances from the United States, so have a happy holiday folks. (If I’d been paying attention I would have done the same for Canada Day -  apologies fellow Commonwealth buddies!)

For me, this will be Day 4 of Dry July - no alcohol for 31 days - and it already feels like an eternity. I haven’t been tempted to drink wine (I ate a tad too much sugar in compensation yesterday though) but it already feels like an ultra-marathon. The habit is strong. I was simply going to make this a private challenge but on impulse signed up to the official challenge, which raises money to support people with cancer. I figured I might as well help others while I help my own health, and donated the money I would normally spend on wine in a month.

I have Tuesdays off and, like my pooch, was feeling a bit cold and tired this morning - she emerged with her blanket still attached. We settled on the couch to watch yesterday’s Tour de France stage (I watched - she went back to sleep and snored). I am weaning off prednisolone and am due to change over from Remicade to Humira shortly; the bowel is not great and probably explains my enervation.

Abstinence notwithstanding, July itself has been wet wet wet. My run trainer belatedly posted those cheerful snaps on fb after our last sunny session two Saturdays ago. Yours truly instigated the silly post-run poses of course heehee. Looking at our timing and vertical jump fails there’s barely a fast twitch muscle between us - endurance ftw!

lady-mephistopheles  asked:

How about some Hartwin fluff + walking JB in the park together? (If you write hartwin, that's it)

This is basically an invitation for me to make JB a hellhound, thank you so much. <3 I also went a bit off-prompt, but I hope that’s okay.

For such a small, lazy dog, JB was an eager little brat as far as daily walks were concerned. If he wasn’t out for a stroll in Hyde Park by precisely 3 pm, Eggsy wouldn’t hear the end of it.

JB was a punctual walker, and if he didn’t get his half-hour stroll around the park, he’d chew up Eggsy’s Jordan Scott’s and scratch up the front door.

On this particular day, the park wasn’t too crowded, so his guard was down. Normally he’d have to hold JB back until he was choking himself pulling against the leash, but today he seemed fine.

Tongue half-hanging out of his mouth, wheezing softly, swaggering along on his wide-set legs, his curled tailed bouncing and bringing some joy to Eggsy. Maybe JB had finally settled down, and he wouldn’t drag his walker halfway across the park to chase a squirrel.

However, when he turned back, he found JB dashing towards Round Pond, tongue practically slapping against the side of his face.

His eyes went wide, and he sprinted, screaming “JACK BAUER UNWIN, COME BACK HERE!

Eggsy dodged people walking the same path as him, nearly knocking himself off his feet when he swooped out of the way of a woman pushing a pram. She swore at him, which he didn’t mind, as he was on a mission to stop his dog from leaping into Round Pond and drowning.

JB’s trajectory landed on a man sitting on a bench near the pond, reading a book and seemingly ignoring the chaos ensuing a little less than ten feet away from him. The pug leaped up into the man’s lap, slobbering on him and yapping.

Eggsy was out of breath and red in the face as he approached the man now petting and scratching JB’s face. He was going to keep JB from his treats for a night as punishment for this madness, but it seemed that no harm was done.

The man looked up to Eggsy, his grin turning to more of a smirk as he lifted JB off of his lap with a huff.

“Is he yours?” He stood up, holding the flailing pug awkwardly and trying to give him back to Eggsy.

He grinned much too big back at the stranger and took JB back, intentionally brushing his hand against the strangers’.

“Yeah, that’s JB. He’s a prat.” He put JB down, ensuring that the collar was secure and he couldn’t escape again. “So, who is it I’m buying a pint for later tonight?”

He thought he’d fucked up for a moment, but the man smirked.

“Harry.” He and Eggsy started down the path again, JB walking in front of them with a large, happy smile on his smooshed face.

“Eggsy. Sorry about him.” He gestured at the pug.

Harry looked down to his watch, furrowing his brow at the display.

“Have to get back to work. Meet me at the Black Prince at 8, I’ll buy you a pint instead.” He smirked as he said this, making Eggsy almost giggle as the man bid him farewell and strode quickly down the path.

Were he so inclined, he would have kissed JB for introducing him to such a heartthrob.

Healing (4)


Jackaboy landed back into Jack’s room with a spring in his step. Soon Jack would be back on his feet, Schneep would feel better, Anti would be defeated, and all would be well. He placed Marvin’s cape and Schneep’s cap on the floor and set off the smoke bombs. In a flash the other egos were back. The doctor stumbled a bit and gasped in shock as he appeared; clearly he would never get used to all of Marvin’s tricks.
“By the way,” Marvin pressed, “what turned out to be the problem with Jack?”
Schneep straightened himself up and replied, “At firzt I zought it vas a respiratory problem, like ze flue or bronchitis. It turned out to be zome kind of substance zat clogs ze blood and it began to shutz down hiz nervous syztem, and zen it shut down ze rest of hiz body and he died.” He paused for a moment. “Ze odd zing vas, it centred on hiz brain, giving him zings like memory loss, depression, and anxiety. It could have been eazily treated by a zimple draining of ze fluidz and a blood thinning agent. Hiz body ended up full to ze brim of ze substance, like zome kind of poison.”
“That must be why my magic wouldn’t go through his body.” Marvin concluded, “In that case, you can drain his systems, and then I’ll add the magic to bring him back! Job done!” His face lit up, as did the other ego’s.
“Let’s go then!” Jackaboy sang, and he rushed down the stairs ahead of the others into the dining room.
He froze on the spot, his heart in his throat. Marvin and Schneep walked in after him and they too stalled in shock.
There was no sign of Jack’s body.

“W-where did he go?” Jackaboy asked as they all approached the table anxiously.
“W̵̨̡hè̛͟rȩ͞ ͢dơ͞ ͜͞y̢o̵u̧͟ ͏̛t̡h̸i͢n̶͢k ͟h̨̀͢e͡ ẁ̛͠e̢͜n̴t͟?̧”
The egos snapped to attention and began scanning the room for the source of the voice. A small childish giggle bounced off the walls and surrounded them as the room strangely got darker. The three egos stayed close together, Jackaboy and Marvin ready to do what they must if anything got near. Schneeplestein wasn’t as confident, and began to frantically back further between the others as the darkness got closer and closer to them. The air became alive with electricity and static, and something moved in the smoky darkness; something green, something unstable, something smiling.
“A͏w̶w.̴̕” Anti’s raspy voice cooed, “Lo͏́͜oḱ͜ ͟a̸t̕ th̷͡e͏͞ ̴͟p̡͘o̡o̵r̶ ̸̵l̴̕͠í̵t̴t̴̛l͟͢e͘͟͝ ̨͠ḑo̶͝c͝tor, ̕͢t͞͝o͟͠o͠ s͜ca͏͠r̢͝e͘͢͟d͞ tơ͝ ͢ f͝a̴c̴̷̴e̡  ͘͡h͘͞i͡s̡͠ ̵ p̴̢u̴̧n͞is͘h̢͟m̧ȩ͡͏nt̕͡?”̵ A blade slipped out of the darkness and found itself pointing at Schneeplestein’s heart.
Jackaboy pulled him back and tried to grab at the knife but it glitched away at his touch. “Show yourself, Anti! Or are you a coward?”
“M̷̀̀é̛?̨̛͘ ͡A͟͠ ͏͟c͝o̡w̸̕a̢͢͞rd?̷̡͡ J͡u͏͟s̵t͜ ̢͜l̵͘͜ǫ̀͟o͞k͏̨͠ a͢t ͜yơ̷̵u̧͘͏r̴ ͢ņąiv̴̀ȩ͞,͘ ̵̧̀p͞at͟h̢̛e̸͝ti̸̡c̕ ͢ l͢it͟t͟͠͡l͟͞e ̡̡a̷s̸s̷, ͞͝t̢͞h̛̕͟in̸͞kì̡n̷̛g̶̀́ ͏ý͢͞ó̧̡u̕ ̕͜͝ar͘͘͟e̴͝ b̛́r̴̕a͏v̸er ̴͢t͠ḩa̸̢n ͠m̵̀͘e.” He laughed once more, and his voice morphed into sinister barks and growls. Suddenly huge fanged jaws of vicious dogs leaped out of the darkness at Jackaboy. He screeched and fell back in fright. Bloodied and blackened claws emerged and grabbed at his feet to try and pull him into the shadows, but the hero crawled away quickly. The demonic hounds disappeared. “J̴u̡s̶ţ͡ ̀͠a͘͟s͡ I̢̛͟ ̶͢t̷͝͡h̛o͘u̢g̛͜h̷t.͠.. ̴̶”
Marvin picked up Jackaboy off the floor, holding the hero’s hands steady for a moment as he pulled himself together. Marvin looked around angrily and demanded, “What have you done with Jack’s body?”
The egos could feel Anti’s presence stalking them like the wild animal he was. “I͝'́ve ͞h̛͏i͢d͟͜d̴̀e̷̵n̨ ́͞h̛̛i̶͏m̵͏͞,̷ o͠b͝v̛͢ìo̸͞u͜s͟͟ly.̴͟” Anti sneered, ”H̕o̵̧w̛͞ s̸tu͠p̴͏id̡ ̧̡d͝o ̴y͢o̴͡u ha͠v̶͢e͝͞ t̴͟͢o ͡͠b͝e  ̨̢͘t̸̀o̶̡ t̴a̧l̷k̛͢͞ a̴b͜o̡̡u̡t̸ ̡yo̴ur̢͜ ̀͞d̵͞e͏v̸̸͘io̡͘us̸ ͠li͘t̸̛t͟͠l͏͠ȩ ̢́͞pl̵͝a͠n͠͝s̷̡ ̷͘ oư͘ţ ́͢͡l͏͟͟ǫ̷ud͏̢͜?͜͞ ̷̡ Y̧̢o͜u ̕s̛h̵o̧͏̕u̵͞l͢ḑ͏ ą͝l̷̶l̴ ̶̧͏k̷n̷͞ow̡͞ by͝ ǹo̴w̸.͏́.͘.̕ I̛ ̷̶̨ç̧͝à͡n ͞h́e͢ar ̨͡ev͡ęry ͏͞o̶̕n̴̕e͏ ͏̕of y̕ò̀ų̛.́̕͜” Then his voice spoke from within them, inside their heads. “ I̴̷’m  a͢l̷̴w͡a̢y͘͠s ̸w̵̡atchi͟͝ņg ,̵̕͜  ͢͞a̛ĺ̨́w̡àys͜͡ ̨l̕i̴͟s͟te̛͠ni͜͏ng͡….̷̷ ͢”

Marvin shook his head clear and cleared his throat. He was feeling gutsy. “This doesn’t have to be this way, Anti. We just want Jack back, and if you would be so kind as to hand him over, then everything will be ok on all sides.”
There was a moment of silence as even Jackaboy and Schneep stared at him in puzzlement. Anti laughed as heartily as a heartless creature could. “Ỳ̕̕où'̷r̨͟e͏ ̡͡h̶͞on͝ę̶̷st̛l͠y̵ ͞a͏s̷͘͏ki̵̵͜n̨͏g͟ ͏m̷̴e̛̕ to͘ ̸̕͝g̡̧i̴͘ve̡͏ ̶h͡i̡͘ḿ̕ ͢͠bac̡ķ̴?́̕͟” he jeered.
“Well, I’d thought I’d give you the option to hand him over peacefully,” Marvin explained as he began to role up his sleeves, “but, judging by your tone, it seems you want to take this the messy way. In that case, bring it!”
“Yeah!” Jackaboy cheered, “There’s one of you verses three of us.” He readied his fists. “And we’re not leaving without Jack, right Schneep?”
Schneeplestein snapped to attention and nervously nodded. “Yez, exactly!” he whimpered as he stood a little taller, trying to look intimidating.
Stepping out of the darkness at last, Anti stood in front of the doctor, arms crossed with an unimpressed smirk across his face. “Ó̸͡h̡͟,̢͝ y̵o̷u̸̵ ͘͘c͟ąn ̢́͘t̴͟͢al̀͞k!͝͝ Yo̢ù're̵̕͝ ́t͏ḩ̀͟e ͡o̴n͟͟e ̴̧͘w̷͏h̸ơ̡ ̛ki̡l̢͢l̢͟͜ed̡ ͢͟͡h͜i̵̢͜m i̷͢n ̢͜t̴h̶̛e ̷f̛i̡͝͝r̨̀͟s̷̀t̡͞ ̸͢p͟l̴͠ace̵͞!”
Schneep stuttered, “N-no, I didn’t.”
“Oh̛ ̸́͏y͢es̸̵̸,̛͠ ̛yo͏u̵̧͝ ͠d́͝iḑ!̵” Anti snapped, causing Schneep to jump in fright. A smile grew on Anti’s poisonous face and he walked around Schneep menacingly. “An̡d̡̛͞ ̴y̕o̴u͝ c̴a̧̧lļ̷ y̕͠ou͜r̸̕͢s͝͝e̷͝l̵̀͏f ̶͘a do͝c͢͞t͟o͘̕r͞?̧̕” A knife slipped underneath the trembling Schneeplestein’s throat. “̡̢͢Y͢o̴̸̴u'̷̢̛d̴͜ ̕h͜ą̵v̢͘e̕̕ mo̧̨r̢͜e ͞u̧se ̴a̧͘͡t̛͝ ̧̕a̵̡ ̸c̡ŗ͡e͘m͘a̴͜t͞͡ơ̴ri̧ùm͏͏ ̢̛̕t̕ha̷͘n ̨̨͞à͏ ̧̧h̛͟o̕s̵͡p̕i̕ta̷l̢!͏”
Jackaboy screamed out, rather carelessly, “Leave him alone, you glitch bitch!”
Anti’s head whipped towards Jackaboy, giving a furious glare before blinking out of sight. Suddenly there was a deafeningly loud blast of white noise and a jolt in the ground, as if an invisible bolt of lightning struck at their feet, causing the egos to fall to the ground. Except for Jackaboy Man. In fact, he began to slowly rise up from the ground, desperately clutching at his neck, trying to stop an unseen force from choking him. Soon a hand that tightly gripped around the hero’s neck started to fuzz in and out of existence, and running from his arm to the rest of his faulty body, Anti began to materialize.
Anti stared darkly at him, eyes black and empty. “H̛͟͜ǫw̨.͞͞.̴͡.̸ DÀ͝R̡̀E!͟ ̢yơ͡u̡͏ c̨̕ąl͏̷l͏ ͠͏me ̛͞t̸̷͢h̵at͝.̡͡ ̧̧͝”

Suddenly there was a dire broken war-cry as Schneeplestein charged at Anti and grabbed his arm to pull him off Jackaboy. At this chance Marvin threw a smoke bomb at Anti’s head, in some way hoping to knock him out as well as blind him, but that didn’t happen. However, Anti was blinded, so Marvin pulled Schneeplestein and Jackaboy Man away. He waved his wand at the darkness and a strong breeze blew through the smoke to make a gap that lead back into the dining room of Jack’s house. After that he threw the two egos through the gap before throwing himself through to join them.
“Quick!” he urged, “We need to find where Anti’s hidden Jack’s body and bring him back before Anti stops us.”
Jackaboy looked back to the gap they fell from. It was like a crack in time hanging in the air, a floating fissure with a static frame leading into a void. He could faintly see the green blurry silhouette of Anti angrily flailing at the smoke, his knife slicing though the thick cloud and gradually dispersing it.
Jackaboy shook his head at Marvin. “We don’t have time. Your distraction is wearing off fast.”
“It’s ok.” Marvin said, “That gap will close soon and he’ll be sealed off from us, stuck in his own dimension.”
But Jackaboy wasn’t assured. They had trapped Anti like this before, last time he killed Jack, and the last 5 minutes proved that he couldn’t be held back for long. Anti would recover very soon, he’d come back, he’d stop them all before they could even find Jack’s body, and this time around he would be showing no mercy. Before the others could stop him, Jackaboy jumped back into Anti’s little pocket dimension and called out to them, “Find Jack and do what you need to do. I’ll distract Anti for now.” The gap closed up.
Jackaboy turned back to Anti just as he had cleared through the smoke bomb. His body was twitching out of shape and he growled at the magician through his sharp teeth and black eyes. He staggered forward, raising his knife with each step, “Ỳ̢o̴͡ų͡..̡͜. ̢p̨͢u̴͢͡n͏y.́.̸̴͠. l̢͝i̡t͏tlé!̡̛͠.͘.̶.̧̀-”
Before Anti could reach him, Jackaboy pulled out a small vial from his pocket; a vial of invisibility that Marvin slipped him when helping him up from Anti’s dogs. He raised it high in the air and smashed in at the ground below his feet. There was a blinding flash of white light, and the hero was gone. Anti swung at the air where he once stood, but nothing happened. He froze and listened closely… soft footprints were circling him.
“Ǫǫ̷ó̷h́͡.͜͡͡.̴̕.̨ ̧i̢̡̨t'͏s̢̛ ̸͢͟go͏i̡̧n͜͡g  t̛͢͜o ͏̨̕b̨́͞e ̵̷̡l̀͢͞i͏͞k̕e͞͝ t̶̨ḩ͢a̧t,͟ ̛́i̢s͢ ̡́i̵̛t?” He asked to nowhere in particular, walking back to the center of the clearing in the darkness.
Jackaboy didn’t answer. He didn’t want to give his position away just yet.
Anti giggled like a small boy, with a very very bad cold, and he casually twirled his knife playfully around his fingers.  ̵̀͠F̨i̵͟͢n̛e  ̷̨͜b̴̀̀y ́m̸e͠.͏ ̷̨”


Day 6

Autumn Leaves

So, despite what I said yesterday, my dog has been loving leaping through the fallen leaves so much that I decided autumn can’t be too bad!

Products used-

Base- OPI in Coconuts Over OPI

Leaves- OPI in Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet, No Tan Lines, Living On The Bula-Vard! and Nails Inc in Orchard Street

Gold topcoat- Models Own in Gold Rush

Topcoat- Barry M in Plumpy Topcoat

anonymous asked:

Vocal Hanzo accidentally summoning a dragon into the bedroom. McCree goes from shocked to ridiculously happy/excited in a split second. Bonus points if it's the first time he finds out about Hanzo being able to summon actual dragons.

This actually made me laugh out loud. Imagine it not being like the full on battle dragons, and not quite noodle dragons, but just like. Large dog sized Dragons. Like his arm glows blue while Jesse is like balls deep and he’s like “Yo what the fuck” and then two dog sized dragons leap out of his skin and Jesse is like “YO WHAT THE FUCK” and Hanzo , who was like lost in the sex snaps out of it and is so flustered and he’s like “I CAN EXPLAIN!” Meanwhile Jesse has fallen backwards onto the floor buck ass naked and there’s two fucking dragons on him. Needless to say it’s a shock.