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Loca the pug ❤


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That fookin’ Kangaroo will dew fookin’ NOOTIN’! 💥🇦🇺🍀
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etsyfindoftheday 5 | ST. PATRICK’S DAY FRENZY | 3.17.17

lucky clover knit dog cowl by allyouneedispugshop

your furry pal will look so cute in his or her knitted shamrock cowl this st. patrick’s day!! allyouneedispugshop has the best models ;) happy st. paddy’s day all!


getting ready for St Patrick’s day by Cees

Need Blogs To Follow

My dash is a bit dead cause I haven’t used tumblr in ages so I’m looking for more relevant blogs to follow so please like or reblog (to share to your related followers) if you reblog/post any of the following:

- celtic, particularly irish aesthetic type stuff like talking folk lore, fantasy,        clothing, etc 

- medieval fantasy

- any sort of fantasy costume and such

- writing tips and guides

- weapons and weapon guides, facts, etc

- dogs i guess as well cause why doesn’t need that on their dash 


A palestinian father bathing his daughter and niece in their destroyed home. 

Heart surgeon soothing a crying 2-year boy just before having the operation on.

An employee of McDonald’s helps an disabled adult.

A donkey gives us a bright smile after being rescued from flood in Ireland.

This dog is disabled and can’t walk anymore. That’s why his owner would bring it out and go for a walk in a wheelchair every single day.

A little reindeer doesen’t want to leave the man who saved its life.

Soaked up father lends his umbrella to his precious son.

A 80 years old man builds up “train” fot the homeless and straying dogs in order to take them to “adventures”

A 8 years old boy is being teased up for growing his hair long, but he had been doing it just to donate the lenght to the ones fighting cancer.

Kindness is the key to peace. 
Do good, you might be the only one doing it.