dog in van

Tag Yourself as Composers


  • gifted kid burnout™
  • has not done laundry in 3 months
  • orders water at starbucks
  • LoVEs tO tYPe LIkE ThIS
  • watches vines during AP Calc but somehow aced the final


  • loves turkey and always eats the most on thanksgiving 
  • “get off my lawn!”
  • grandpa friend
  • has a dog named Spot
  • Hetero™


  • Poland stan
  • loves van gogh 
  • art bro
  • has no shame in crying on the subway
  • #PunchANazi
  • quotes Voltaire 


  • basic white girl
  • loves Pinterest
  • “Lol i just don’t want the lesbains to hit on me”
  • has one (1) black friend and therefore can’t possibly be racist 
  • got married on a beach
  • think positive uwu  


  • still uses “in soviet russia,” memes
  • has a communist tumblr
  • inexplicably loves Martin Freeman 
  • lowkey violent
  • ready to be carried away by the fae or adopted by the nymphs
  • loves greek mythology


  • e m o
  • brendon urie 2kForever
  • loves halloween
  • bleached their hair 17 times this month alone
  • no friends


  • “i’m not emo, i’m goth”
  • once tried to hire a darkweb hitman but had no money
  • #cripple punk
  • unrequited love
  • really loves Game of Thrones 
  • social anxiety