dog in leaves

Tumblr, I really need to have a rant about this.

This afternoon I went into my local park to visit my favourite trees, and discovered this. It’s apparently the remnants of somebody’s ritual: hundreds of fake fabric petals, pieces of wood wrapped in cord, empty herb sachets and several BATTERY OPERATED CANDLES.

This so, so fucking irresponsible and unacceptable, I’m sorry. I don’t know how many solitary and group rituals I have partaken in that were held outside but went to great lengths to leave the absolute minimum trace of our being there. Other people love and enjoy and use and worship these areas.

And if you want to do your ritual outside - why? Because you want to be close to nature? Then you have to take some responsibility, make an effort and make sure whatever you does has no negative effects on the natural world. Don’t leave things that are non-biodegradable, polluting or dangerous to animals like items with BATTERIES in. Have some consideration and don’t force other people who actually give a damn about the wellbeing of the area to pick up after you.

If you think clean up is too hard, don’t do the ritual outside. End of discussion.

Dogs are not communal property.

Hi friends. I’m currently on a rage because my best friend & I are service dog handlers and people have zero respect for us as handlers.

If we are in public:

  • staring is rude
  • petting is rude
  • distracting my dog is rude
  • taking photos are rude
  • “OH MY GOD DOG” is rude
  • do not let your dog meet mine
    • mine is life-saving medical equipment, yours just peed on your foot

……Have you really never seen a dog before?

If we are in dorms/halls and not working our dogs:

  • yelling at our dogs is rude
  • pushing our dogs is rude
  • smacking or negatively interacting with our dogs without explicit consent from the handler is unacceptable

In training service dogs are not perfect especially when young and not working. Dogs are not robots and they are not yours. My service dog is mine and no one but me has the right to interact with, punish, or do anything with my dog without my explicit permission. This should be common knowledge even for pet dogs- you wouldn’t punish a strangers child.

A dog in training will not learn if 10 people are yelling at them for what the handler wanted to be a recall training session. A dog needs constant and consistent rules and I don’t care if you had a dog as a kid, a service dog is an entirely different ballgame and you don’t know about it until you are a disabled service dog handler.

My dog is the only reason I can go out in public most days and no one has the right to ruin that for me. A single distraction/bad interaction for my service dog can ruin our whole day. One bad interaction with my dog set us back months in training. It could even wash my dog out of work- wasting thousands of dollars and hours of work.

Dogs are not communal property and fuck you if you feel that you petting a dog is more important than me being able to function like a regular human being. You aren’t entitled to anything from me or my dog.