dog in da house

No but really, Thorin needs to interact with more children. I realize that to most characters he can be preeetty standoffish at first, but if you come at him as a child he will soften like butter in a pan and do everything he can to be as sweet to you as he is capable of. 

And honestly, this is a side to him I don’t get to explore very much and I’d like to do more of it. 

Like, idk if there are any Tilda blogs out there? But my headcanon says there was at least ONE moment we didn’t see in Bard’s house where Tilda came over to where he was brooding with her big shiny eyes and was like,

“I’ve heard Dwarves will grant wishes, is that true?” and if ANY grown person had said this to him he’d fly off in a rage but because she is a sweet innocent little human he actually manages a smile despite himself, laughs and says, “It depends on the wish. What do you wish for?” and she thinks about it for a moment and says, “I’d like to have known my mother. I’d like to have talked to her once. She died when I was little!" 

And Thorin’s heart tightens because he knows and he says, "Some wishes can’t be granted, little one. My mother died when I was young. I would give anything to have her back." 

And Tilda nods and takes his hand because she feels that will make him feel better maybe and then she says, "Well…maybe a dog then. Da won’t let us take them in the house." 

And Thorin is once again smiling and laughing and he says, "I will see what I can do.”

AND THEN SOMETIME LATER, AFTER THE BATTLE, BILBO APPROACHES TILDA WITH A FAT LITTLE PUG AND HE SAYS, “I’m sorry Thorin couldn’t have given this to you personally. I’m doing it in his stead." 

And you know there ain’t no way Bard can say ‘no’ to that dog now.