dog in a necktie!


Some stuff I drew from the Lucky Dog 1 Ivan x Gian Drama CD: Autumn Chance - Cold Fever last year. I srsly miss this fandom and OTP.  THIS FANDOM NEEDS MORE LOVE! IVAN x GIAN NEEDS MORE LOVE. /cries My OTP here is voiced by (Gian) Makoto and (Ivan) Rei’s seiyuu! Rei is seme Makoto is uke hahaha

I just realized I have a thing with neckties. oxo;

The Leash Game

Fandom: Overwatch

Pairing: McHanzo (top McCree)

Warning: NSFW, lazy editing, shitty humor, PWP, AU

Summary: Jesse makes a deal with Hanzo about a stuffy party that he doesn’t really want to go to. 

A/N: This is pretty much so longwinded. Probably some inconsistencies here and there. I’m sorry. I am very tired. This is pretty much my first real kinda sorta McHanzo fic. And the first fic I’ve written in a long time. Please be gentle with me, lol. Inspired by all the fucking terrifying dogs that are in my neighborhood when I take my terrible dog for her walks. 

He stands in front of the mirror, two neckties draped across his forearm. They are both fashionable, silk and expensive. One of them—a soft, powder blue—brings out the richness of his eyes.  The other—a bold, elegant red—makes a statement. It exclaims pride, confidence, power.

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