dog humping leg

I hate 3 types of bird videos.

1) The bird is performing a behavior that is confused for something else. Aka trying to mate for “hugging” or regurgitating for “dancing”. Bonus points if you point it out and are told you are wrong or “ruining the video”.

2) It is a wild bird that seems like it is sick, injured, or too young to resist since it’s letting strange humans pet it or pick it up, not something a wild prey animal would usually allow. Bonus points if commenters consider it a spiritual experience that they got so close to a wild animal. And, again, bonus points if you point out what is likely happening and are told you are ruining it.

3) It is a pet bird playing with another pet who is a predator, especially a cat whose mouth bacteria alone could kill the bird. Bonus points if, “I know my pet and they would never hurt them.”

My friends and family share a lot of bird videos with me and I feel like I’m always the party pooper who’s like, “Uhhhh…..” but I don’t think they’d enjoy it if I sent them videos of dogs humping someone’s leg. Or cats throwing up hairballs. Or a baby rolling around with a deadly snake.

And yeah, some videos are cute or funny and the bird isn’t in any danger, but some just make me want to strangle the person who filmed them.

Puppy head cannons

These requests are so cute

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McCree puppy head cannons

  • He brings you the little puppy in a box. He is honestly just as excited as you 
  • All the dogs in Deadlock were violent. The idea of a loving puppy was so amazing to Jesse
  • He carries the puppy with him everywhere
  • “How about we name em huckleberry?” “Jesse stop”
  • You joke about how similar the two look
  • ESPECIALLY if the dog starts to hump your leg
  • “Bad boy! Thas mine! find yer own lover ta hump” 
My Dad Brought Home A Werewolf (Werewolf AU Hoshi)

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Type: Fluff

Your father was a man who loved to help children to be more exact supernatural.

At the age of 4 when you began helping your father with his special projects. He was a special man who worked to make sure your constantly growing family was taken care of. You remember as a child when Soonyoung came in, he was roughly year old and you treated him like a brother. Feeding him bottles, giving him baths, helping him walk, dressing him. “Hoshi stop it” you whined as little Soonyoung practically crawled on you to get to the bottle in your hand, he let out light whimpers “papa” you whined as he came in hold yet another baby named Jihoon the half demon boy who was always seemed to be grumpy. Soonyoung’s little hands took the bottle from you and quickly began to drink “he’s had 4 bottles now for dinner papa. He’s drinking all the formula” you tell him “he’s a growing pup he drinks a lot” you were told as you held up another bottle full of formula for Jihoon and Soonyoung’s hands reached up for it as well. “I can always buy more. Just make sure he’s well fed and taken care of” your father said with a chuckle. Your hand quickly held the bottle for Soonyoung because he had let go of it.


You stopped Jeonghan before he walked outside. You picked up his parasol and opened it “that’s bad luck” the little one told you as you rolled your eyes “yeah but you don’t need to be ashes do you?” you asked him as he shook his head no. He held it up as he headed outside holding the parasol. Soon a hand grabbed your rear making you jump “noona come play outside with me” Soonyoung said as he held his soccer ball close. He was now 4 years old and constantly needing your attention even more “I have homework Soonyoung” you told him as he pouted “Jihoon doesn’t play with me and Jeonghan can’t play” he whined. You sighed as you pushed him lightly out the door then followed him out.


“Hoshi what the hell!” you yell as you slammed the bathroom door shut, 10 year old Soonyoung and was completely into the now growing body of you. You soon came out wearing a dress as he smiled. “You look really pretty” he said as you rolled your eyes “creepy” Jihoon says as he passes you guys with a book “why can’t my dad find girls” you mumble as Soonyoung followed after you. You bumped into Seungkwan a little wizard boy, you simply moved him out of the way and headed down the stairs. 


“He’s going to be going through his first heat?” you asked your father as he nodded. “So he will literally be a dog humping my leg? That’s great” you tell him as Soonyoung walked in the kitchen looking grumpy “I can hear you, you know?” he said as he got a drink from the fridge “it wouldn’t even be your leg-” “Hoshi” your father warned as he lifted his hands in defense. “I’m 14. Girls are all I think about” he said as he left the kitchen. 

Later that night as Soonyoung pounded on your door, you groaned getting up and opening it and almost instantly you were laying on your back on the bed. His bright yellow eyes stared into yours as his lips were on your neck. You attempted to pull him off as he growled continuing his actions before he was thrown off by Jeonghan who had Soonyoung pressed down on the floor “he didn’t bite you right?” he asked as Soonyoung growled again. “No he didn’t” you responded “then he just marked you” he mumbled “what?” you asked “he marked you as his mate” Jeonghan said as he picked up Soonyoung as he growled loudly looking at you. 


By the time Soonyoung was 17 he had his arms around you, since he had marked you let him in more and he was no longer a dorky little boy who you fed as a baby, or the little curious boy. He was still a horny teenager but he was yours now. His body was pressed against you as you two laid in your bed “so mating season is soon” he said as he rubbed your back. Your fingers moved from the hairs from his forehead “not this time. You have more energy than I do and I have an essay to write” you say as he chuckles “next one then?” he asked as he pecks your lips lightly. “You’re just a horny little dog” you coo as he smiles “the first time with you will be magical. You are the one I will mate with for the rest of my life” he tells you as he kisses your lips again “alright a none heat filled time” you say as he nods. “Right now?” he asks as you turn away. “Good night Hoshi” you say as he simply buried his head into your back.  

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The gang getting a dog who humps eveRYTHING (Like their legs and furniture and shit 😂😂😂)

-Ponyboy is genuinely thrown off by it he’s like “what? nO! STOP THAT, GROSS!!”
-The dog constantly humps Soda’s leg and tbh, Soda just goes a long with it 
-Darry claps and uses his Loud Voice every time to try and get the dog to stop
-Two-bit fucking roars with laughter every time and starts calling the dog “Lil Two-bit”
-Steve avoids the dog like the plague because it also really enjoys humping him
-Dally is the only one the dog listens to when being told to stop humping, but then purposely pees on his shoes afterwards
-Johnny keeps saying that the dog just needs a ‘special friend’ and then it’ll stop 

  • My car broke down and you just happen to be the only mechanic for fifty miles au
  • I’m a wedding planner and you’re a funeral director au
  • My cat got stuck in a tree and you’re who the fire department sent au
  • I’m a stressed out teacher and you just happen to be the super hot substitute filling in for me during my vacation au
  • You curse under your breath in a foreign language and I know I shouldn’t be turned on but I totally am au
  • We are neighbors and your ‘adult product’ ended up in my mailbox au
  • You work at the senior home my parents are staying at au
  • We are roommates who have started leaving passive aggressive notes to each other about doing the dishes correctly au
  • I drove all the way to the store for a certain box of cereal and you just picked up the last box au
  • My cable box isn’t working and you are the customer service representative I am connected to au
  • You stole my parking spot au
  • You babysit for my kids and they keep trying to set us up au
  • The senior class decided to haze me and duct tape me to a tree and you are the one who finds me au
  • You’re my surprisingly gorgeous roommate who likes to walk around our apartment shirtless au
  • So you’re the asshole who keeps photobombing my selfies au
  • I work at Starbucks and intentionally spell your name wrong on your cup au
  • Your dog tries to hump my leg every time it sees me au
  • I thought it was small animals stealing my vegetables from my garden but it’s you au
  • My phone number was written on a bathroom wall so you called for a good time au
  • You’re the douchebag that keeps trying to hack into my wifi au
  • I saw you studying for finals in the library and thought you might like some coffee au
  • We are strangers sitting next to each other during a scary movie and I totally just grabbed your hand but you haven’t pulled away au
  • I thought you were a home intruder but really you’re just the cable guy au
  • I just went through surgery and you’re my hot physical therapist au
  • You stole my usual seat at the coffee shop and I don’t know how to ask for it back au
  • You’re a hot firefighter and I might have pulled the fire alarm on purpose au
  • I got locked out of my apartment and you’re my neighbor that I’ve never spoken to but yes I’d like to crash on your couch until the locksmith arrives au
  • You mistook me for a famous movie star and I’m totally going along with it au
  • You’re the star quarterback and I’m the waterboy au
  • Rival newscasters au
  • I hit you with my car because you were jaywalking au
  • We went driving with no destination in mind and now we are totally lost au
  • I’m your upstairs neighbor and I might have just fallen through your ceiling au
  • I’m the new mailman and you like to check the mail in your underwear au
  • We are best friends who unknowingly share true love’s dance at a masquerade ball au


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Prompt: During S9 Sasha and Shea totally having a thing for each other but not knowing how the other feels. But the other queens totally pick up on it and try to push them together. Luv u❤️❤️

Thank you darling!

Send me sentence prompts and drag race pairings and I’ll write you a little drabble!

‘We have to do something about this.’ Nina whispered.
‘Yeah totally.’ Farrah agreed.
'I just don’t get how they can’t see it!’ Peppermint interjected.
'We have to make them see how the other feels.’ Alexis spoke up. They all turned to look at Sasha and Shea on the other side of the werk room giggling and chatting to one another. The others had seen it even if they hadn’t. They tried to insist they were just friends but the others saw the way they looked at each other. It was hard not to notice it. Their eyes would always light up when the other was near and they seemed to go off in their own little world when they talked. They touched each other a little more than necessary, always hugging for no apparent reason, touching each other’s arm when they were talking. How Sasha and Shea didn’t see it had the other queens baffled.
'I’ll talk to Shea.’ Nina decided.
'I’ll talk to Sasha.’ Peppermint spoke up.
'And if that doesn’t work?’ Trinity asked them all.
'We’ll hatch a plan.’ Valentina smiled.

The next day in the werk room the girls worked on keeping Sasha and Shea separated so Nina and Peppermint could talk to them. It wasn’t easy, the two queens liked to spend time together, a little too much. They finally managed to get them apart and Nina had Shea over by the werk stations while Peppermint kept Sasha busy by her rack of clothes. Peppermint subtly nodded at Nina across the room. Nina gave her a subtle nod in reply.
'Gurl can we be real for a minute.’ Nina interrupted Shea who had been talking about some new foundation she’d been using. Shea stopped and put the foundation down.
'How real?’ Shea raised her eyebrow.
'You and Sasha.’ Nina jumped straight in because she knew they didn’t have a lot of time. Shea forced a frown even though she knew exactly where this was going she didn’t want Nina to know that.
'What about me and Sasha?’ She scoffed, turning away from Nina to tidy away her make-up.
'You know exactly what gurl.’ Nina watched Shea’s reflection in the mirror and she saw something change on her face but she was quick to try and correct it.
'I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.’
'You like her!’ Nina couldn’t waste any time here. Shea turned back to Nina and sighed. She looked over Nina’s shoulder to make sure no one else, especially Sasha, were in ear shot.
'Am I that obvious?’ Shea but her lip.
'Kinda.’ Nina smiled softly at her. 'The rest of us worked it out.’
'Oh god do you think Sasha knows?’ Shea panicked a little but Nina was shaking her head.
'No I think the two of you are just as oblivious as each other.’
'What do you mean?’ Shea frowned. Nina rolled her eyes. How slow are these bitches?
'Sasha is totally into you too!’
'What? No way.’ Shea turned back to her make-up again.
'Yes way.’ Nina put her hand on Shea’s shoulder and turned the other queen back around. 'We’ve all seen the way you two look at each other.’
'Sasha doesn’t like me like that.’ Shea shook her head. 'I don’t know what you think you’ve seen, but trust me, she’s not into me.’
Nina rolled her eyes again. Slow bitches, how the hell can’t they see it? She hoped Peppermint was having more luck

'This is an intervention.’ Peppermint told Sasha on the other side of the werk room. Sasha frowned at her.
'For my raging alcohol problem?’ Sasha teased. 'Oh no you must be talking about my heroin addiction. That thing really has gotten out of control.’ Sasha laughed and turned away from Peppermint, going through her clothes trying to figure out her runway outfit.
'You can joke all you want, we both know what I’m talking about.’ Peppermint sassed her. Sasha focused on her clothes. Of course she knew what Peppermint was talking about. She wasn’t going to admit as much so easily though.
'I honestly don’t have a clue.’ Sasha pulled out one of her dresses and inspected it. She held it up to her body and contemplated it. Peppermint grumbled something under her breath and snatched the dress from Sasha’s hands, putting it aside.
'Yes you do.’ Peppermint raised her eyebrow at the younger queen. 'She’s tall, dark skinned, leggy and goes by the name of Shea Couleé.’ Peppermint folded her arms. She saw something flicker in Sasha’s eyes at the mention of Shea.
'What about her?’ Sasha was a terrible liar, she always had been. She knew Peppermint saw right through her.
'You two need just fuck and be done with it.’ Peppermint’s words almost made Sasha choke on the air in her lungs.
'I’m not beating around the bush here gurl. We’ve all seen the two of you making googly eyes at each other. Clearly you want to fuck her and she clearly wants to fuck you.’
'I have no idea what you’re talking about.’ Sasha turned away from Peppermint because she could feel the blush spreading to her cheeks and she didn’t want the other queen to see. She had though.
'Would you stop that a second.’ Peppermint pulled Sasha away from her clothes. 'Do you or do you not have a crush on Shea?’
'Not.’ Sasha pulled a face as though she was disgusted by the mere thought.
'You are so transparent.’ Peppermint rolled her eyes. 'Do you actually think you’re a good liar?’
Sasha bit her lip.
'Even if I did like her,’ she sighed. 'And that’s a big if. If I did like her, she doesn’t feel the same anyway so it doesn’t matter.’
'Oh good god gurl are you really that blind?’ Peppermint clucked. 'Shea never stops eyeing you up. If she was a dog she’d be humping your leg.’
'As if.’ Sasha rolled her eyes.
'I’m not the only one that’s seen it Sasha. All the girls know you two are into each other.’
'You’re wrong.’ Sasha shook her head and turned her back on Peppermint again, signalling the conversation was over. Peppermint sighed and looked over at Nina who was now stood back with the other girls in the middle of the werk room. Nina shrugged at her making Peppermint sigh again. She made her way over to the other queens.
'Don’t worry.’ Valentina smiled brightly at Peppermint. 'I have a plan.’

A few days later when they were in the untucked lounge while the judges deliberated, Valentina made eye contact with Peppermint. The two queens nodded subtly at each other, Sasha and Shea were in the midst of a conversation and didn’t notice anything. Valentina stood up.
'I need to use the bathroom.’ She spoke quietly so Sasha and Shea might have heard her but probably didn’t.
'I’ll join you gurl.’ Peppermint stood up too and the two of them left the room.
'I need a smoke.’ Farrah stood up soon after, speaking quietly like Valentina had.
'Me too.’ Nina and Trinity followed suit.
'I’m pretty sure I’m lip syncing, I’m going to come with you and listen to my iPod.’ Alexis followed them. They turned back to look at Sasha and Shea from the doorway. The two girls were chatting away to each other still, clearly not even noticing the rest of them had left.
'And now we wait.’ Alexis smiled as they all fled the lounge.

'I can’t wait to show you around Chicago. I can’t believe you’ve never been.’ Shea touched Sasha’s shoulder.
'Even if I had, I’m sure a Shea Couleé tour is not to be missed.’ Sasha smiled a little shyly at her.
'Oh it isn’t.’ Shea’s eyes sparkled. Her eyes were locked on Sasha’s but as they fell into silence she suddenly realised how quiet the lounge was. She tore her eyes away from Sasha’s and looked around. 'Where the hell is everyone?’ Sasha turned around and looked to see they were alone.
'Have they gone back to the mainstage without us?’ Sasha frowned. She turned back to Shea who was smiling at her.
'I don’t mind.’ Shea smiled at her but her smile was a little shy. 'While we’re alone…can I talk to you about something?’
'Of course.’ Sasha’s heart skipped a beat. What does she want to talk about? 'So uhm…this is gonna sound so dumb.’ Shea shook her head. 'You’re going to laugh really.’
'What is it?’
'Nina…she uhm…she thinks we like each other.’ Shea started to laugh but it was a forced laugh. Sasha felt herself blushing.
'So does Peppermint. And according to her, the other girls think we do too.’ The two queens stared at each other for a little while feeling extremely embarrassed. The other queens were hidden behind the door to the lounge.
'They’re talking about it!’ Farrah whispered excitedly.
'Shush!’ Alexis scalded her.
Back in the lounge the two queens were still awkwardly looking at each other.
'Are they crazy?’ Shea asked Sasha softly, biting her lip. Sasha bit her lip too.
'I don’t know.’
Shea ran her fingers through her wig gently.
'At the risk of making things super awkward here…’ she trailed off with a large exhale. 'I uhm…I do like you.’ Shea felt herself blushing but she hoped it wasn’t noticeable through her layers of make-up. Sasha also felt herself blushing. She looked away from Shea but Shea was quick to cup her chin and guide her face to look at her again. 'You feel it too right?’ Sasha’s blush deepened. She found herself nodding. Shea breathed a sigh of relief.
'Oh thank god.’ Shea laughed a little. 'That could have been really awkward.’ And not knowing they were being watched, Shea cupped Sasha’s face a kissed her.
'Ohmygod!’ Farrah screeched and all the queens practically fell through the door back into the room. Sasha and Shea leapt apart and looked at their audience.
'I knew they just needed a gentle push.’ Alexis laughed smugly.
'We’re match makers!’ Valentina swooned. Shea and Sasha were both bright red now.
'Don’t stop on our account.’ Trinity laughed.
'We want to see our hard work paying off.’ Peppermint added. Sasha and Shea looked at each other, their lipsticks smudged on each other’s lips.
'We’re not going to kiss just so you guys can watch. Perverts.’ Shea chuckled, taking hold of Sasha’s hand.
'Total perverts.’ Sasha agreed. The other queens looked at each other briefly, clearly all thinking the same thing. They turned back to Shea and Sasha and all at once they started chanting, 'Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!’
Sasha and Shea looked at each other again, cheeks still red but they were laughing now. Shea squeezed Sasha’s hand.
'I suppose we kinda owe them.’ Shea shrugged. Sasha rolled her eyes.
'I still think they’re perverts but you’re probably right.’ Sasha smiled softly. Shea grinned and pulled Sasha close by her hand and their lips met again. Their audience erupted into cheers and Sasha and Shea laughed a little into the kiss. When they pulled back all the other queens were staring at them.
'Urgh seriously guys, this is creepy now.’ Shea pulled a face.
'We’re just so happy for you guys!’ Farrah screech a little.
'Took them long enough.’ Nina clucked.
'It probably wouldn’t have happened at all if it wasn’t for us.’ Alexis gave them that smug look again.
'Yeah yeah alright guys.’ Shea rolled her eyes. 'We’re grateful and all, but that’s the last time we let you watch us make out.’
'But you’re going to do it again?’ Valentina beamed. Shea looked back at Sasha and squeezed her hand again.
'What do you reckon? Do you think they’ll be more where there came from?’
Sasha mused for a second, deliberately leaving Shea hanging.
'Hmmm….’ she pretended to think about it. 'I suppose, if you play your cards right Miss Couleé.’ Sasha smirked at her. Shea laughed and squeezed her hand once more.
'I’ll play my cards any which way you want them Miss Velour.’ Shea winked at her and Sasha had no idea how she made that sentence sound sexual but she felt a stirring in her groin. She felt herself blushing again and Shea pulled her close and wrapped her arms around her.
'Awww!’ Farrah screeched again. 'We rock!’ She jumped up and down.
'We really do.’ Nina grinned. 'They’re never going to let us forget this was their doing are they?’ Sasha spoke quietly into Shea’s shoulder.
'No way.’ Shea laughed.
'Someone had to push you two idiots together.’ Peppermint spoke up.
'Yeah, you weren’t going to figure your shit out without us.’ Trinity added. Sasha and Shea both laughed as Shea tightened her hold on Sasha. Maybe all they’d needed was a gentle nudge in the right direction. They would be forever grateful to their fellow queens for helping them get together. Maybe one day they’d tell them that. Maybe one day they’d tell each other exactly what they meant to each other. But for now, they were happy knowing they’d taken the first step toward their future.

honestly calum seems like he’d have the type of luck where if he’d ask to pet some random stranger’s dog in the park, at first it’d be all happy and wagging its tail and the next thing either of you knew your dog would be humping calum’s leg while he was so caught off guard because PLEASE HELP IT’S HUMPING ME, STOP LAUGHING, OHMYGOD PLEASE STOP HUMPING MY LEG, DOG.

Was searching through the deepest annals of my Hard Drive and came across a GIF of one of my first animations (circa 10 years ago).

Paper cut out stop motion using the old family SLR. I vividly remember spending a night on my knees carefully moving paper bits while pressing the shutter button before they all blew away.

FEATURING: Bruce Lee with Jackie Chan’s body
GUEST STARRING: Screen shake before it was cool (possibly due to my dog trying to hump my leg as I worked)

the signs as dog behaviors
  • aries: humps peoples legs
  • taurus: has to sleep on your bed
  • gemini: overreaction to the word 'walk'
  • cancer: licks faces
  • leo: viciously attacking the mailman
  • virgo: barking at crows
  • libra: lets the cat sleep on its back
  • scorpio: destroys bedding
  • sagittarius: runs around the yard in circuits for no reason
  • capricorn: eats the cats poop
  • aquarius: lays in the sun
  • pisces: falls asleep getting petted
honeysuckle, foxglove

[M] [TWOSHOT] [2/2]

pairing: wontaek
notes: haha it’s been 5 months since the first part funny how that works // i can promise you absolutely that this is nowhere as good as the first part is, but it does have over-elaborate smut so i guess that’s something :^)
words: 5,040

Somehow though, he could just feel that it was all coming to some sort of head, and he didn’t know if he liked that or not.

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  • Someone: Cute dog
  • Remus: why. you have a crush on him or something. why huh. i'm right here. u wanna go.
  • Padfoot: [nudges remus away slowly ]
  • ---
  • Someone: can I pet you dog?
  • Remus: sure
  • Someone: [pets dog]
  • Padfoot: [growls]
  • ---
  • Someone: uh...your dog.........they're humping your.. uh leg
  • Remus: [grit teeth] [shuts eyes] [breathes sharply]
  • Remus: i know
  • Remus: i can't get him to stop
  • Remus: he's an ANIMAL.
  • Remus: [sighs] he just wants attention.
Secret Agent [M-Rated]

Request: Bobby surprises you on new years and says he loves you for the first time.

A/N: Happy 2015!
This piece is inspired by Lee Haru’s definition of love.


Bobby sat down on the wooden chair and crossed his legs.

The man across from him sneered, golden grills catching the light of the single fluorescent bulb hanging from the ceiling.

“Since when did Tommy recruit pretty boys to be his gofers? People with faces like yours annoy the fuck out of me.”

“You’re bitching at the new Tommy right now so you best shove your annoyance up your ass if you want your benjis.”

Gold Grills raised an eyebrow.

“Ya killed him?”

“I got fed up working under the bastard.”

“Pretty boy’s got a spine.”

Gold Grills gave a gesture and his underlings clicked open two suitcases to show the goods before tossing them on the floor in the space between them.

“Now give me the dough.”

Bobby clenched his jaws, eyes crinkling as he pulled out a gun, cocking it before pointing it straight at the opposing man’s head.

Gold Grills’ face fell. He reached for his own pistol but Bobby lazily held up his other hand, the semi-automatic hanging on his finger from its trigger guard.

“Finders keepers.”

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Hello, Mrs. Alcorn. I am so very deeply sorry for your loss. I cannot believe that a parents losing their child this was can be in any way a smooth experience. This is a tragedy to both sides. My prayers will be with your child. But may I ask you a question?

When God made us, we are allowed to do as we please, no? So, as a lover of God and the Catholic faith, I cannot understand why you would drive your daughter to suicide. Yes, I am talking about who you see as your son, but is actually your daughter, Leelah. She came out of the closet to you and you sent her to camps. The Christians at these camps do not exemplify what Christians are supposed to do. These “loving Christians” tell transgender youth that they are greedy and they are in a phase.

Ma’am, I can’t tell you how bad that makes Christians look. We are a loving community, open to all peoples, regardless of race, sex, or orientation. How are we supposed to open our arms to God’s children if we push some away while accepting others?

God makes everybody their own certain ways, and people often feel like that way shouldn’t be changed. Well, if that was the case, then no one should wear makeup. No one should ever get plastic surgery. No one should ever have tumors removed or dead limbs amputated. No one should ever get life-saving treatments because “God made them the way he wanted to”. Do you really think that he wants people do die from genetic defects or easily fixable injuries? Of course he doesn’t! He wants all of his creations to thrive and be happy!

So why, then, do children of the LGBT community get shoved aside? Why is it, then, why kids who would be happy to accept Christ into their heart are kicked out of their homes and left to die? This happens all the time, at the hands of “good Christian parents”. I cannot fathom why people who say that “Jesus loves everyone” can just as easily condemn an entire people for the people they love. I cannot understand.

Oh, and before you say that God said that gays and the like go to hell, please follow the entirety of the Old Testament while you’re at it. Chop off thief’s hands, murder a dog if it’s humped someone’s leg before, kill those who aren’t Christian, kill those who wear mixed fabrics, kill women who have touched a man within seven days of her menstrual cycle. Ya know. Like a good Christian.

Mrs. Alcorn, what has happened is an extreme tragedy. Your daughter committed suicide because you were hateful to her in her time of need. You have failed as a parent and you have failed as a person. God will not forgive you for your hatred if you do not learn to love. May your daughter finally know peace from the torture you must have put her through.

—  A typed letter to Mrs. Carla Wood Alcorn, who mentally abused her trans daughter to the point of suicide. May Leelah finally know peace.

In Spanish gatear “to crawl” is related to el gato “cat”

There’s also the verb perrear which is related to el perro “dog”

In some places, perrear is the equivalent of “twerking” or “grinding” (typically grinding, especially when there are two people dancing together) when you dance, since el perreo (twerking / grinding) is a term in Reggaeton. I’m sure you can probably guess why the term “grinding” is perreo though.

In some places, perrear means “to hound someone”… often times, it’s when a guy aggressively flirts with a girl to the point of harassment and won’t leave her alone, like a dog with a bone.

Typically, if you see the adjective perro/a or de perros means “terrible” or “awful”, or more vulgarly “a bitch”.