dog helpers

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"You are truly the definition of ignorant if you think Miranda is the only country female that deserves recognition." OUCH. Also, that anon who disliked Raelynn talking about her dog and all - honestly, she is a new artist and working hard to get herself heard. I commend her for putting in the hard work and she should talk about anything if it gets her good press. And talking about her helper dog totally made sense because she released her album on Raelynns Day (against diabetics).

Like I said, people trying to define what “real country music” is has quickly become my biggest pet peeve since starting this blog. It annoys me so much.
But yea, Raelynn is just doing what she has to do to get her name out there. Personally, I think both her service dog and her husband are adorable, so I won’t complain 😂