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[A Seer for the Seer] 

Glass shattered. Then Azriel was racing across the balcony. He darted inside the House of Wind. Feyre and Cassian not a second behind him.


She was having a vision. The crystal vase she’d been carrying crashed to the ground, shattering atop her bare feet. She had no idea. Her eyes were cloudy, lips moving as she mumbled. Her arms held awkwardly in front of her, fingers twitching and fluttering as if playing an instrument, a piano maybe.

Azriel got to her first. He hated touching her when she was in the midst of a vision, but sometimes her feet moved and the last time she’d had one while carrying something it’d been a mirror, and he’d spent all night holding her hand while two healers picked the shards from the bottoms of her feet. It’d taken a day to heal.

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Murder on the Orient Express - Behind the Scenes

today sucks and it’s only 7:34 A.M. (!!) which means it will either be the worst day in existence (very unlikely), maintain and generally suck (possible, but mentally exhausting), or (more likely) get better, even if just marginally, or at least have some high points. point is, happy tues. 

the world is shit but you’re alive and at least one person (me!) is super glad about that.

marginalhybrid replied to your post “According to Wikipedia packing peanuts that are starch-based and…”

I just love the idea of everyone scurrying their trash out at a designated time to avoid bearpocalypse

That’s… basically what happens lol.  We’ve only got the 2 dumpsters so everyone’s up at like 5:45 waving at the cops who are ready to ticket all the houses in the neighborhood if they took their trash out the previous night, then we all toss the bags in and wave to the people who got up at 6:00 becuase the dumpsters are full.  The time was chosen becuase 1. it’s within the margin for the trucks to get here so the trash isn’t lingering, and 2. Bears are sensible creatures that sleep in.

You also have the option of taking trash direct to the waste management company, though the bears are waiting in the parking lot.  If it’s ALL compostable and you got pre-approved by the farm you can take it up there, but they’ve pretty much got all the compost they’ll need.

This sounds completely insane but it’s got the benefits of  1. everyone got real serious about food waste real fast and 2. it’s way better than having a bear rip open your car/kill your dog/get shot becuase it got too human acclimated. Also I get to see all my neighbors in their PJ’s.

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When I walk in the park
All eyes on me
I’m with the puppy party dogs
All treats are free
We like sticks, we love some bones
We came to puppy party
Everybody its ON




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Hello! Could I ask for college AU? Haha I'm a sucker for college Aku so, Aku x Reader, I guess? Have a great day!

why, i thought you would never ask :))))

WAHHAHAHAA IT GOT OUT OF HAND. this is part one of part one (if it makes any sense?) i’m still chasing inspiration for the rest of it, though. placed under the read more because it is a 10k word monstrosity. mobile app users, i suggest opening this post up on the mobile browser for it to work.


your paintings could always capture what he could not, and as the leaves turn colors, he falls in love all over again.

i. spring { long long night companioned by stars and fire }

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pet store manager girl here! so our store does pet vaccination clinics every weekend. its a reduced price since they just charge for the shots, not the visitation fee. today a lady came in and, after getting quoted for the price, getting her dog's shots, and waiting in line to pay with the quote in hand - decided she thought the shots were free and got mad at me personally for trying to charge her + "falsely advertising." and the clinic wonders why we suggest people pay for their shots first 🙃

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cats really do like to wonder, and the large majority of them really need to go outside so they're not stressed out being kept inside, unless they've been kept inside since they were kittens, they will need to go outside (most rescue cats can't be kept inside, outside is what they're used to and need to thrive)


In many places in the world it is council law that cats be confined to the owners property as well as registered with said council.

Cats that are allowed to roam pose a huge problem for native wildlife, including many endangered and threatened species.

Roaming cats are also put at risk to lots of dangers including

-fighting with other cats
-fighting with dogs or predatory animals like foxes , coyotes etc.
- injury , infection and death
- disease like feline AIDS
- parasites
- getting hit by cars
-getting used as “bait animals” for dog fighting
- getting shot
- getting collar hung / strangulation
- eating bait or poison.

And so on.

If you can’t keep your cats confirmed to your own property then a cat is NOT the right pet for you.

If YOU INSIST on letting your cat out doors then build a cattio /enclosure.

Your cat cat gets the benefit of going out side with ZERO of the dangers it would face if you carelessly let it roam.
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Yesterday I went to my godmother’s house and we all stayed talking about Venezuela for hours. I am ashamed to admit I havent wanted to hear details or specifics(like dogs getting shot in the eye by a national guard… or protestors being run over with tanks in the past week….or the military breaking into apartment buildings by running over the entrances with tanks, then going inside to track down protestors that fled the street after being [successfully] dispersed with tear gas, arrests and rubber bullets, breaking into apartments, shooting people in their own homes just to arrest a couple of protestor students….or a grandma crying in front of a tank and the guards taking her away on a motorcycle…..ETC the list goes on…) because it can get so painful to hear. Especially when I have people I love there still.

 But yesterday we were talking about it and my godmother, who knows I like musicals, told me that they’re singing a lot a song from Les Mis. She was saying the title in Spanish so at first I didnt get it but then I go, “wait… could it be ‘do you hear the people sing?’ and I got CHILLS because the lyrics are so sadly perfect for what people are going through in Venezuela.

 She said yes so I looked up the song in English from the 2012 movie with subtitles and live translated it for her and she started crying.

Apparently, lots of people sing it as protests now in malls(x) and subway rides(x) but I am sharing this video that’s a couple years old because it has photos of protests so I thought it’d be more informative. It made me really emotional so I wanted to share.