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Can the noodle sing?

He, in fact, can and does from time to time. Like the majority of River Galra he does have a natural talent though he’s never been trained and his lungs can’t handle anything too strenuous, preferring to keep to a mellow and casual singing. It is rather pleasant and calming to listen to and given his clan’s impressive and unique vocal system, he can sound rather ethereal or raspy and hellish or both, even without the training.

What he might sound like/you might hear from him This and This and even This when he’s feeling particularly creepy.

Okay but AU where Percy is a cop and Mrs. O’Leary is his police dog

Welcome to Chicago! (Open Rp)

After flying for God knows how many hours from her home state of New York, Grace finally arrived at Chicago international airport. She wanted to start a new life in a different place since she really didn’t like being in New York anymore and it was the same old shit everyday. Grace looked around the plaza after she got out of the terminal and followed the people that were on her plane to baggage claim. After a couple minutes of looking for her bag, she got her bag and when out to the main doors to get a taxi. She found one and then put her bag in the trunk of the taxi. She told the driver of the taxi to take her to the Loop in the city. After 17 minutes of driving the taxi stopped at a hotel inside the Loop. She paid the driver and took her bag out of the trunk. She then walked into the hotel and booked a room, after booking a room she went up to her room and settled in for the night. A couple hours later she decided to go out for a walk in the city until she arrived at a park and sat on a bench. She took out her phone and played around with it for a bit.

Yo if you want the girl to cuddle with you don’t take her to those lame ass horror movies that are only scary like 1/10 times no no no she’ll actually for sure 110% cuddle if you bring her to a movie with puppers in it bonus points if the movie threatens the puppers because she will be unable to look at the screen

Imagine Giving Sam a Lap Dance For His Birthday


“You ready for your surprise?” You asked as you led him to his room. Sam furrowed his brows and stared at you for a minute. “I thought the party was my surprise?” 

You laughed and shook your head “Nope, I still got one more surprise for you” you said seductively and pushed him on the bed. “Sit still” you whispered before turning on some music and being to strip down. 

“Whoa…well….Happy birthday to me” Sam uttered under his breath grinning at you.

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I found out my mom has been using her prescription rash cream on the inflamed skin around my dog's vagina. My dog gets monthly allergy shots, but they usually act up around April. The cream is called "Desoximetasone Cream USP .05% generic for Topicort" and the other ingredients are "cetostearyl alcohol, edetate disodium, isopropyl myristate, lanolin alcohol, mineral oil, purified water, white petrolatum." Is this safe for dogs? I'm worried one of the ingredients might have an adverse effect.

Human medications should never, ever, be used for pets without talking to your veterinarian first. Dogs and cats can be overdosed with steroids from using medications like this. Your dog needs to be seen by a veterinarian.

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Do you think it's a good idea to get the dog flu shot?

Absolutely. The 2015 outbreak lead to canine deaths and the vaccine is a great way to protect not only your dog but every dog you or your dog comes into contact with. It is spread through the air, through physical contact with fluids, through contact with people who have had contact with infected dogs, feces, etc. 

So dogs that have contact with other dogs definitely need to get vaccinated. It can develop into pneumonia which is very serious. 

Hubble is a dog who is immune compromised, he got what was mild kennel cough about a year or so ago and it quickly developed into pneumonia so severe his lungs filled with fluid and his heart became enlarged. He was struggling to breathe and was extremely lethargic. Hubble is also a very normal dog who likes to go to the park to play with his friends, go hiking, and meet new people. So if your dog is infected and comes into contact with Hubble he will most likely end up hospitalized. 

I get the people flu shot every year, not because I’m worried about getting the flu but because I have students who have baby siblings and pregnant moms and students who have had heart surgery or health issues that put them at risk. Before I was a teacher, I worked in a research lab located in a cancer hospital and was required to get one b/c the flu could kill the patients I was working with. Its the same concept, you get the shot for your dog even if he is healthy b/c there are other puppies like Hubs who could be very hurt.

Other dogs like seniors and puppies are also at much greater risk for serious health problems b/c of the flu. So if your dog or any other dog has flu symptoms go to the vet asap. Get vaccinated to protect dogs who have health problems. 

Dogs who go to shows and competitions must be vaccinated, I think its highly irresponsible not too, considering this is where the outbreak started. Now think, hundreds of dogs have all had contact with the sick animals, plus all the judges and people who have handled the sick dogs, now all go home to infect puppies, pregnant dogs, neighbor dogs etc…. and so on… 

Dogs who have contact with other dogs esp puppies/seniors, go to dog parks, go to doggy day care, training classes, boarding, grooming, etc  you need to have them vaccinated. If your vet tells you its nbd, tbh get another vet. 

If your dog becomes infected, it will need to be isolated for up to 4 wks in order to stop it from infecting other dogs. 

All of my dogs will be vaccinated. We were supposed to be vaccinated on Thursday but the vaccine didn’t get delivered like it was supposed to. I wanted to take Hubs to see his breeder at a large show/competition next week but will not be able to :/ 

And for the love of all that is decent if your dog is sick go to the vet and keep them home!! My vet isn’t even allowing the infected dogs into the facility. Sick dogs are examined outside to keep every pupper safe during all this. 

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i have questions about this bat that remain unanswered.

I just wanna raise dogs with Calum is that too much to ask

me: oh boy, time to go on google plus!
me: (sees autism jokes on stream)
me: umm, okay, lets try tumblr!
me: (sees people complaining that a dog getting shot doesnt matter)
(all around me are familiar faceeeees)