dog getting shot



So…. know how I said I wouldn’t rp until classes were done? I forgot that weekend I finish I am seeing my grandparents. And as I don’t really want to wait later than I should….. I am gonna cheat and make the blogs go live!

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Imagine Giving Sam a Lap Dance For His Birthday


“You ready for your surprise?” You asked as you led him to his room. Sam furrowed his brows and stared at you for a minute. “I thought the party was my surprise?” 

You laughed and shook your head “Nope, I still got one more surprise for you” you said seductively and pushed him on the bed. “Sit still” you whispered before turning on some music and being to strip down. 

“Whoa…well….Happy birthday to me” Sam uttered under his breath grinning at you.

I just wanna raise dogs with Calum is that too much to ask

Okay but AU where Percy is a cop and Mrs. O’Leary is his police dog


i have questions about this bat that remain unanswered.

Why is it that I am not surprised that Calum has a dog on his lap?

Around the time we were writing ‘All Dogs Go to Heaven’,” executive producer Sera Gamble shares, “I was creeped out by my dog when I got out of the shower and he was just standing there.” Co-executive producer Adam Glass elaborates, “Sera kept saying she couldn’t look at her dog the same anymore, that she started to think to herself, 'Oh my God, what if my dog knows all my secrets? My dog sees everything – sees me naked, sees me when I’m sad…’ So we thought, 'Wow, what’s the best kind of monster to make but the monster that lives amongst you that you love?’ People trust animals, and on Supernatural you have to be careful who you trust.”

Executive producer Phil Sgriccia reveals that standards and practices kept a close eye on this episode for two reasons: “You can’t show naked guys and you can’t show dogs getting shot.
—  Knight, Nicholas. Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 6.
Titan Books, 2011: 48, 50.