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  • Kunikida: Yesterday you fought Nakahara Chuuya of the Port Mafia and won!
  • Dazai: That was a tiny man! This is a BIG SPIDER!

Because I’m never posting anything I’m posting some OCs

I usually only post fanarts there but meh it’s way too empty over there so yeah.

These pretty dudes are Jeremiah and Noah, they are brothers and they are cute.(one sentence of background : Jeremiah got adopted and then Noah was born some time ago- but Noah is generally the one acting like a big brother)

And the flowers are supposed to be specific flowers but I’m shit at drawing flowers so yeah.

…And The Beast From The Sea

Some summary required


Francis and Hannibal talk to each other again. It goes well until Francis starts to play his cards wrong.

We missed the kill-through-a-third-party, didn’t we?

The Dragon wants to get it over with, so he starts the attack on Will’s family by poisoning the dogs.

They just get sick, they don’t die, thank God. Or I would have ripped Francis’ heart out of his chest myself.

Will is unaware of everything, because Molly doesn’t tell him about the dogs -another genius- and he keeps talking to Hannibal as always.   

When the time comes, the Dragon isn’t able to kill Will’s family, but he manages to shoot Molly.

Will goes to the hospital with a sense of doom.

They tell Hannibal they know what he did. And they ask for his help to frame Francis.

Hannibal says YES and then he does what the fuck he wants. And Jack reacts with this face.

I mean… Jack, come on…

Alana keeps her promise and takes away Hannibal’s things.

At the end Will goes to Hannibal to talk  to him one more time.

So I decided I was going to make Will and Hannibal sims, and raise them from childhood to adulthood, and once they were established in their careers, have them meet, because I was sick and couldn’t do much else but sit on the couch, okay?

I started with Will, made this fucking perfect-looking adult sim (and lets talk about Dancy’s tricky as shit eyebrows and ears and, like, there is no model for those eyes???) and turned him into a kid. Gave him a dog-lover trait, genius trait, and unstable, because, well, Will. Made a Beau Graham to go with him. And, like, I didn’t want his dad to be a horrible asshole, but I figured I should try to be realistic, so I gave him the perfectionist, hates children, grumpy (which Will will get when he’s older), couch potato, and handy traits.

Oh man, this game was a disaster from the get go. Like, I wanted Will to have a not so happy, but fairly ordinary poor life. No, what I got was a fucking tragedy. They moved into Bayou Gulch, which floods basically all the time, so they were constantly miserable. Somehow no matter how often Will did the dishes and cleaned the sinks and toilet and bath it was still dirty ALL the time with dishes EVERYWHERE, fucking blocking the tv and all over the table and just outside the door. His dad kept shooing him instead of engaging him.

Will was constantly on the verge of a breakdown and easily disturbed by anything out of the ordinary happening, so he started having DAILY psychotic breaks. DAILY, people. I had to send him to the hospital as soon as he got out of school every day so he could check himself in for a psychiatric evaluation before he adopted new traits permanently (usually things like all star athlete or popular or shit, and there are traits I’d be willing to take, but not those, and not in exchange for dog lover!) So by the time he got out of the hospital he’s starving and needs a shower, and then I have to force him to do his homework.

I didn’t have any time to let him build skills or go fishing or play with his dog, and man, it was looking grim. So I decided Beau was going to step up and stop being such a shitty dad. I made him do all the dishes and clean the house for a change, and fix the clogged toilet, then sent him to fix the television…

Well, if you’ve played the Sims, you might guess what happened next…

The television shocked him and knocked him unconscious, and as he fell to the floor, it burst into fire. The dog starts barking and poor child Will comes running, crying and freaking out. He calls the fire department, but before they arrive, the Grim Reaper shows up and collects Beau’s soul, and the fire peters out. Insurance let’s Will know he’ll receive 150 simoleons for this tragedy, but then the firemen come bursting in, scold him for calling in a false alarm, and charge Will $500–all whle the kid is still sobbing over his dad’s body. Then, of course, social workers come to drag him away.

I’m sitting here like “shit, this is awful.” I cannot let it go on. So I save the template for Will to the bin, delete this fucking farce and start over. Make Beau all the same except for the hating children thing. Make Will the same except take out the unstable bit–he can develop it along with the grumpiness as he ages. Move them into the Bayou Gulch again, but this time into a house on stilts. It’s a lot tinier, but it doesn’t flood.

And now, somehow, they’re actually like a normal family? Beau helps Will with his homework and takes him to the autumn fair and plays games with him? And teaches him chess and teaches him to fish? And it’s like the opposite extreme, and still clearly not Will’s upbringing, but now I have a new headcanon, because this Beau is a total hippie and his life goal is to get to level 5 of 4 different professions, so now I have the thought that Beau wasn’t super strict or anything, he was actually way too lax. Will’s mom wandered away not because she didn’t love them, but because she wanted to love everything and experience everything. And Beau was a nomad by choice, and really what Will needed was some stability.

I’m mightily tempted to write it. But first I have to make mini, murderous Hanni…

Get yer gorgeous Jersey Girl here!

“Here” is FernDog Rescue Foundation​ in Caldwell, New Jersey, and WHO is Olive Oyl, the most spendiferous brindle beauty to ever hail from the Garden State!

And WAIT THERE’S MORE! Not only is she a rock ‘em-sock 'em stunner, but she’s a great athlete AND a genius! No, really! She can go for a looooong run, then come in and work on her plan for a drone that can play fetch – she’s THISCLOSE!

Futher proof of her brilliance is that before my rescue friends found her, she had never lived in a house before, and yet she’s learned to LOVE sofas, going for car rides, and visits to farmers markets and dog-friendly stores – even if her manners COULD still use some refinement. (She promises to learn which fork to use with the salad if you adopt her!)

Despite her obvious awesomeness, she does have a few quirks her friends can talk to you about… all you have to do is email and tell 'em you want to hear all about Olive Oyl!

This tumbLR is made by Dog.

Dog is a genius. A very bored genius, because our inbox is very empty. Gif and written reactions/scenario requests are open so if you have some ideas just send them in~ pls.

Hope you all are having a wonderful day/night~

if not.. well.. then, too bad, I’m having the time of my life.

- Dog



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