dog fortress

When you’re trying to explain anime to your friends and they’re just like

“Why is their hair color like that?”



Dog Fortress inspired by the amazing Dogs of the World! I’m not so good at this style, but it was fun at least ( ; 7 ; ) 

Edit: Please my friends, I know poodles are German ( ; ^ ; ) but I can’t help but think of France when I see them, such elegant doggies!


Oh look another TF2 animation. This time it’s for BourbonDogs TF2 map on Youtube :D Its based off the comics and follows them in order.

Oh, and before I forget and because I know this is gonna come up in some way, dogs cant use guns so I made Cheavy slash Medic open instead of shooting him now how about that?

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Top 10 Anime Of The Week: Spring 2016 (Not mine, didn’t make this)


Dog Fortress doodle spam, sorry not sorry. I totally neglected Engie and Soldier, I feel bad :’D I love poodle Spy tho. They’re such devious and intelligent dogs, and so fun to draw!

 I imagine between Demoman’s and Scout’s barking, and Pyro’s constant howling and strange whimpers, Medic doesn’t get much sleep. Sniper’s there to tell them to shut up tho.