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Pogo The Clown
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Pogo happy clown molester 
Paints his face to disguise the jester 
Joined the local moose lodge chapter 
Spawning evil ever after 
He picks his prey up at the bar 
Gets him drunk and in the car 
Drives him home and down the stairs 
Strips to his underwears 
Pogo you’re gonna burn in hell 

Sweet Insanity
  • Sweet Insanity
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  • Adultery

oh your wicked smile
oh your evil ways
won’t convince me
the sky isn’t falling down

my sweet insanity
look what we’ve become
the envy of everyone

inspired by your madness
like furious wind in a storm
slowly growing cold
i’m fallin in love with you


Polkadot Cadaver - Chloroform Girl - A love song for the sick and demented, great band, seems that my music taste is very obscure as not many people I know have heard of this band

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Mushroom Cult - Dog Fashion Disco

I just thought I would clear this up: Mushroom Cult is sung by Dog Fashion Disco and not by System Of A Down. The only reason people think this is the case is because Serj is featured on it, but if you listen closely the other voice is not Daron, it’s Todd Smith, who is not and never was in System Of A Down. I mean, don’t get me wrong, System Of A Down is one of my all time favourite bands. But I also love Dog Fashion Disco and I thought that, seeings as it’s their song, I should just clear that up for you. -random rant is over-