beg me; shawn mendes

a/n: another blurb! [masterlist]
synopsis:  you want that last slice of pizza and you’ll get it god dammit 

“Beg me” he speaks, and it’s a cocky order, served with a cheeky smirk and a side order of wild eyes. He’s got the last slice of pizza in his hand, and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t want it. 

Usually he’d let you have it, you know, after you persuade him with a flutter of your lashes and a push of your bottom lip.

Yet tonight, it’s different. No longer wants to give in easily – bewitched by your puppy dogs eyes and soft voice pleading ‘please baby’

No, tonight he’s relentless, wanting you to work for it. It’s probably the beer he’s got in his system, and the vodka in yours doesn’t help the situation either. You lunge for it, trying to grab the Italian slice from his greasy fingers. 

Yet he reacts immediately, pulling back and dangling the slice over the sofa. He’s careful not to get the tomato paste and cheese sprinkles over his clean white couch.

Probably because you warned him earlier, but the thought doesn’t cross your mind as you leap for it, reaching out to grab the slice. 

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she was a bitch ~ zach herron

“zach, come look at this,” you called out for him from the other side of the men’s section of forever 21. 

“hmm?” he questioned once he returned to your side. he had originally never wanted to come to forever 21 but he agreed once he saw how excited you were to go. however, he wasn’t expecting this shopping trip to be for him. 

“i think you’d look really good in this,” you told him, lifting the pink t shirt that looked almost bleached up off of the counter to hold it up to him. 

“really?” he raised an eyebrow at you, taking the shirt into his own hands to get a better look at it. “i don’t know, baby,” he sighed, reaching to put the shirt back on the table only for you to stop him. 

“cmon, please just try it on!” you begged, pulling out your puppy dog eyes which you knew always worked on him. 

“take me to the dressing room,” he sighed once again, holding out his hand so that you could drag him to the back corner of the store where the dressing rooms were. he had faked an angry expression to keep up with the act that he didn’t want to be here but the second you turned around he let the smile explode on his face. he loved how you always got so excited over the smallest things, so much he couldn’t help but smile. 

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I Could See You (Shadow Monster/Blind Reader)

I was listening to the JT Machinima/Music rap for the game Perception and got Inspired. Also the Presence is hot and even though it’s evil I love it.

So here’s my own Not Evil version of the Presence.

Most of it under a read more so it doesn’t clog anyone’s dash

For as long as you can remember, you’ve never been able to see.

You weren’t born blind, but an accident when you were young caused you to lose your vision. You never really thought much of it. It was just a thing, to you. No matter how many people give you that moment of pity when they realize you can’t see. God damn that gets annoying, though.

You learned to use your other senses to get around- sound, smell, touch. You knew the layout of your house and street by heart.Your roommate- a werewolf that you jokingly call your seeing eye dog- is happy to take you to out when you need it.

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John sighed. “Philip, for the last time, no cookies before dinner. You’ll spoil your appetite.”

Pip pouted, but nodded. He went to Alexander instead. “Papa, can I have a cookie?”

He put down his book. “Well, what did daddy say?”

“You know what he said! He always says no!” Philip whined, crossing his arms over his chest.

Alex chuckled. “You should listen to him.”

Philip tugged at his sleeve. “Please?” He looked up at him with big, brown puppy dog eyes.

Alexander sighed. “Okay.”


He got up and went to the kitchen where John was making dinner and hugged him from behind. “Hey, there.”

John smiled. “Hey.” He turned around and kissed Alexander, who kissed back with one eye open. With John distracted, he snagged a cookie from the jar and gave it to Philip, who disappeared with it quietly. John pulled away. It wasn’t the first time.


“I’m sorry! He gave me the eyes!”

John rolled his eyes and turned back to the food. “Someone’s not getting dessert tonight.” He glanced back for a second. “And its not Pip.”


Glossy Eyes for Cats and Dogs

My glossy eyes made for Cats and Dogs. Includes all colors from my noodles sorbets palette, as well as default replacements for all of the ea colors. All colors available for heterochromia. 

Defaults | Unnaturals |

Edit: I removed the merged version since I got reports that it was causing an error. I will get a fixed merged file up when I get the chance, but for now just download both files if you want all of the colors :)

For as long as I could remember, I felt completely alone. I… was alone. 

Then I met Hawke. 

That is why I came here, Seeker. Not for you.

                                                                      There is nothing left to discuss.

The Zodiac Signs When Disappointed

Tries to reason with the situation: Aries, Taurus, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius

Puppy dog eyes all the time: Cancer, Pisces

Complains to everyone but doesn’t try to solve the problem: Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius