dog draw

Had a conversation with @rukkilill a while ago about guys wearing skirts, and now my headcanon is that Ville would 100% not know or care about human gender norms, so he’d wear all the pretty outfits. ^_^

wildnymeria99  asked:

dazai find a magic ball that tell message from the other side. it responds as oda telling him DUDE WHAT THE FUCK ARE U DOING, Dazai is so happy he screams and tells the ball that he is doing what he said and the ball(oda) is like ''.. i see u are trying''

[My brain gravitated towards this somehow. I was going to make an “you are what you eat” joke combined with that joke about the blue fluid in magic eight balls and seeing the future, but, this happened instead.]

anonymous asked:

hufflepuffs are some of the best ppl (from a slytherin)

And vice versa, Slytherins are some of the most fascinating people I’ve come across. And they make the best friends (right behind Hufflepuffs of course). I know if I need something, my Slytherin friends will be there to back me up and go above and beyond.