dog draw

A commission for @kitscaboodle of her wonderful wife’s WoW character and adorable lil’ good toothy boy for her birthday – Happy Birthday Gloria!!!! 🎉 🎉 🎉 and thank you so much, Crystal, for commissioning me!! 

baby scoots for my muppfam au 

when rowlf finally convinces kermit to have a kid he was like “ok but no babies” because babies are scary™ to him so they went for an older kid

scooter was the oldest one at the foster home they went to and as soon as they met him they were like “we’re your dads now”. rowlf was of course very open about it but kermit did feel the exact same way.

and they’ve been the happiest fam ever since✨

(please do not repost artwork or remove caption)

anonymous asked:

Hi!!! I'm that anon who requested Kuroo and Bokuto (it was fucking great btw dude) I read that you'd try to do characyers from other fandoms, would you try Dazai Osamu from Bungou Stray Dogs, pose 3b?? Have a nice day!!! 😁

AAaaaaa HEY AGAINN!!! Thank you so much//// thank you for giving me the idea though, honestly hehee and YEPP!! Here you go! :D