dog doug


what a beautiful bromance

i know this is probably the most predictable post i’ve ever made but here’s why joey’s very relatable and why you guys should stop dragging me for loving him so much

1. very sleepy

goodnight preds

goodnight joey

2. loves dogs

that’s doug. joey bought a giant teddy bear from costco for him and its name is bubbles

and here’s his previous dog lily

3. very affectionate?

(x) boop

(x) now that is what i call a great hug

4. ???

(note the smile too wow)

(both from x)

5. incapable of not smiling

and if you ask me that’s exactly what angels looks like?

6. loves his lineys

laying out the facts

i don’t know about you but personally the jofa line is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me

7. hates kesler

icons only…


8. always speaks too soon

9. overcame bad hairstyle decisions, as in went from this: (x)

to this:

which imho is… inspirational.

this is maybe just 20% of all the reasons i love him so follow for more idk


“Pug puppies are the best kind of puppies” -Doug


The Big Pug Theory

Okay, so before I delve into a brand new wave of headcanons, I’d like to give disclaimers/credit to some inspiration. First of all, thanks to @kxngbxnn for bringing up the idea of a youtuber au (mostly in regards to benlos but hey, youtuber au), then followed by @justuniique who has been dragged into this somewhat when they’re around (since we were considering making a verse for this), and finally, for the lovely graphic done by @lucasfilbert, which has probably motivated me even more to making a youtuber verse for Carlos.

But without further to do, the youtuber headcanons no one probably asked for but are getting anyway because I’ve been thinking about this too much in the back of my mind (as well as other things).

  • Starting it off in general, just about all the kids are vloggers, but they all have their own little niches that brings out who they are. Vlogging is more of a… ‘side’ thing, it’s their passions that really matter.
  • Mal’s channel is mostly art based. She does art tutorials and gives great tips, and she also does speed paints of her works. At times she’ll act like a bit of a nerd and talk about certain moments of art. She’s also really interested in magic and spells. And she LOVES dragons. You can always see a dragon plush in the corner somewhere during her vlogs. She collabs with Jay in prank videos.
  • Jay, as mentioned in Mal’s bit at the end, does prank videos. He’s also a bit of a parkour nerd. The child likes jumping and flipping off of things, save him. Though he boasts on how he’s never really injured himself ever before. Says he’s invincible (Evie brings up the one time he accidentally sprained his wrist but he says that doesn’t cut it). But he also likes to do magic tricks, and most of his pranks are magic tricks. He makes sure that everyone is okay with it before he actually records and goes through, because he doesn’t want to be some kind of an asshole. He also does competitive sports related challenges with Chad. Currently the score is 13-10, Jay is in the lead and Chad is determined to tie again.
  • Evie is mostly focused on beauty, makeup and fashion. She likes to talk about the ‘dos and don’ts’ of fashion. She talks about the latest lines, the latest brands, how to stay fashionable but warm/cool during particular seasons, and to make sure your makeup is on point. And she makes sure that all of her tutorials are suited for folks that are genderqueer too. She also likes to show off her mind and does really neat chemistry related stuff. Doug and Carlos join her on her channel and they do really wacky experiments. There has been some explosions, but nothing too harmful. When it comes to showing off her own fashions, she recruits Mal, Jay and Carlos to strut their stuff.
  • Carlos is a gamer/let’s player and also does random robot fights with his experiments, as well as general tutorials on how to fix/build things. If it’s something that’s requested and something he can easily do, he’ll do it. He also likes ranting about whatever sci-fi thing he’s really into at that moment. He also brings in all of his friends to co-op with him in multiplayer games. They’re mostly SSB or Mario Kart, but it’s always been fun for them all.
  • Ben mostly does music videos. He plays the acoustic guitar and does song covers, and even Doug joins in from time to time. He also does charity work and brings up very relevant issues that he feels strongly about.  He also invites Carlos to do dog tricks with Dude. Also Ben is known for posting the most random videos, and as sweet as he is, he’s such a nerd but everyone loves him.
  • Audrey is another beauty channel and mostly focuses on pop-culture. At one point she had a bit of a rivalry with Evie, which caused some drama for a couple of months. They eventually apologized to each other, thanks to their friends, and have videos when they collab together. They have probably one of the best gossip and fashion channels on the site when they work together.
  • Jane does videos on handmade crafts, Mal comes and joins her at times. She also has debate videos (because she’s on the debate team at her school) and she invites all the others to join in the conversation. The topics are always varied but it’s always been fun. She also does her best to be a good motivator for others, despite her low self-esteem. She gets rude comments from others calling her a fake and she almost left youtube, but Carlos and the others had her back and did defensive videos where they talked about the things they were ‘fake’ in, even though no one was. She still gets hate from time to time, but she’s working her way through it. She knows she has a great support system of friends behind her.
  • Doug is mostly focused on marching band related music videos, but he does music covers too. He likes to do a full ensemble and everyone’s pretty much impressed by the number of instruments that he can play. He also likes talking about the different kinds of gems and minerals the world has to offer, as well as to tell what makes it real or not or what classifies one gem as another.
  • Chad is mostly a sports channel, and on the side he has a fake persona with his ‘douche-self’ on how to be a lady’s man. He makes sure to over exaggerate because just about everyone knows that Chad isn’t that much of a dick. He talks about the various sports teams around the city and neighborhood, but mostly focuses on the lacrosse and field hockey teams. And as mentioned before, he does bet challenges with Jay for the hell of it. He’s currently losing but he keeps finding excuses, but it’s all in good fun.
  • Lonnie’s channel is for dance tutorials/covers and martial arts explanations. She’s also a bit of a gossip person as well, though she also likes to have her own secret persona. Everyone knows it’s her, but she has a side channel to give it all the appeal. Her dance varies from all kinds of forms and just about everyone has been on the show. Same thing with her martial arts demonstrations. Jay and Chad are still a bit sore from some of her moves, but they’ll claim she’s the most badass of them all.
  • Jordan’s channel is mostly a podcast kind of channel, but she does focus on what’s happening around the school and the neighborhood, and the latest music. She’s also not very lowkey about her feelings about issues in the Middle East, the Muslim community and Islamophobia, and no one can stop the amount of snark and sass that comes out of her mouth. She drops way too many truth bombs and everyone knows that she’s just right. When she does debates on Jane’s channel, it gets way too heated. She also does plug ins for her dad’s comedy shows from time to time.
  • Freddie’s videos are all about creepy legends and voodoo stories, but that isn’t all she’s about. She also likes to join in on prank videos with Jay and Mal from time to time, and she joins Mal and Ally on their videos about whatever interesting/creepy things she can bring up. Her time to shine is really around Halloween, but Freddie is really into horror props and makeup. She gives tutorials on how to make believable cuts and all kinds of stuff.
  • Ally has videos that are about every unbelievable story and legends that fall around the bizarre range and not the creepy or horrifying. She has a bunch of theories about everything and everyone, even if they’re all baseless. But as she believes ‘there’s nothing really exciting about being normal’.
  • They all do challenge videos together, mostly meme challenges. Like the photobooth challenge or anything else like that. They also like to have big videos of truth and dare sessions or playing ridiculous games together. They’re all a pretty tight knit group.

I would’ve loved to add the other children from the Isle, but I honestly wouldn’t know what kind of channels they’d have, so feel free to add onto it if you like.