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As a contrast to the previous gifset, I wanted to make one with the classic video by Dr. Sophia Yin showing counter conditioning in action. This is a dog that had been displaying aggression severely enough to be up for euthanasia. The stimulus prompting aggression in this video is having his face blown on. While we don’t hear anything about the dog’s history, it’s pretty easy to assume that this is fear-related, as shoving your face at a dog’s face is pretty aggressive body language, a lot of smaller dogs have fear-related aggression due to their boundaries being ignored, and I don’t see any resource-guarding behavior.

You can’t draw a complete parallel, but there are a lot of similarities between this video of an aggressive dog and the video of the aggressive horse. This dog seems to be making a big aggressive display and then retreating, instead of continuing the attack with the intent of causing serious injury. The horse had its movement restricted to the round pen, and this dog has its movement restricted by a leash. Both are unhappy and dangerous animals.

Dr. Yin resolves the aggression by pairing the provocative stimulus (blowing on the dog’s face) with food. After only a few brief sessions and a bit of time, the dog no longer exhibits aggression when prompted. He doesn’t enjoy the stimulus (he still moves his head back and away, and there’s a bit of lip licking) but having his face blown on no longer provokes aggression. Instead you can see eagerness for the treatment and what looks like enjoyment of the exercise (tail wagging, what looks almost like a play bow or an attempt to get a reward with a behavior he was taught, ears forward, open relaxed mouth, looking up at her face). His emotional reaction and outward behavioral response are dramatically different.

I don’t present this as an example of why counter conditioning with food is a preferential miracle cure (dogs are a lot more likely to exhibit aggressive body language, so the horse probably had way more of a backlog of fear, whereas this guy’s fear could be worked around relatively quickly. I also wouldn’t ever recommend anyone tackle aggressive body language straight up with a leash restraining the dog, and definitely not by blowing into the dog’s face, where it’s so easy to get bit) BUT this shows a similar scenario, similar aggression, and a different protocol for resolving the problem that doesn’t involve the use of an aversive stimulus to work around aggression.

  • What people say: "My niece's nephew's grandson was attacked and mauled by a dog without warning!"
  • What people mean: "I am ignorant of dog body language and uneducated on dog behavior and I don't know how to read a dog's stress signals to see the subtle warnings that a dog is getting uncomfortable and reaching its threshold and about to lash out aggressively."
Cat Lover - Tyler Seguin

Request for  Tyler Seguin has to deal with his cat-loving girlfriend and she begs Tyler to get a cat. Thank you for the request, I hope you enjoy it!

“Don’t even think about it.” Tyler’s voice reaches me from the other side of the store. I look away from the display of cat toys in front of me to find him. He is standing in the aisle next to mine, arms crossed over his chest, lips in a firm line. I look forward at the toys in front of me again and shrug.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I say innocently, reaching out to play with one that is a ball with strings attached to it. I hear Tyler’s sigh as he goes back to the display of dog leashes in front of him.

Although some may find it stupid, Tyler tends to get moody whenever I show interest in anything cat related. It can be cat videos, cat pictures, a kitten on the street; he will sigh and shake his head. It isn’t a big issue in our relationship, just something that bugs him. I understand why, my interest in cats makes him think that I don’t love the dogs we have back home.

It sounds childish, but it’s understandable why it would bother him, especially after a few months ago we adopted a white lab called Dexter.

I move toward the aisle he is standing in, not wanting him to be grumpy. My hands go to his waist, nudging him lightly. Tyler’s head turns to the side, lips still in a line.

“Don’t.” He warned sternly. I scoff, my head falling onto his back, armss encircling his waist.

“Don’t get get grumpy.” I whisper, tip toeing to his ear. “You know I love you and our boys.”

Tyler paused for moment, letting the words sink in. His lips lifted upward into a smile, left hand reaching backwards to pull me under his arm.

“Which leash do you think she’ll like best?” He asks inspecting the display in front of us. We are picking out a leash for the puppy we are getting his youngest sister for Christmas. I bite my lip looking at the leashes, my eyes land on a pink one.

“Isn’t her room painted pink?” I ask, Tyler’s eyes find the leash I am referring to.

“Nope, that was last year.” He replies, reaching for the leas next to the pink one. It was white with pink poka dots, a safe guess.

I pat his back twice. “Good choice baby.”


“Dexter, come here!” I call out to the backyard where Dexter is. It is lunch time for the boys, Marshall and Cash were already inside patiently waiting for their newest brother to come so they could eat.

Dex turned his head to the direction of my voice, turning over in the grass. I shake my head, no Dexter that is not what I wanted.

“Come on, Dex, it’s lunch time!” I try and cheer him on, Dexter rolls over again. I sigh, Dexter is harder to give orders to than the other two. Mostly because the other two are already trained, but Dexter is very playful overall.

“Dex.” I warn my voice getting lower, Dexter just wags his tail. I tap my nails on the backyard door I am holding open. “Dexter.. please?”

Dexter rolls over again. He is doing this on purpose-

“Dexter!” Tyler’s voice booms from behind me, causing Dexter and I to jump.

Tyler had gone out to run errands and hour ago, I didn’t expect him to be back this soon, but thank the lord he is here. Now, he can deal with Dexter. The boys always listen to him more than they listen to me.

“Dex, come on boy!” Tyler urges him, one of his arms reaching over mine to hold the door open. Dexter sits up slightly looking at Tyler excitedly.

“I’ve been calling him in for five minutes.” I tell Tyler, he looks over at me, kissing my head. I lean my head on his chest, as it rises and falls. We stand there giving Dex time to tire himself out.

“Dexter! Get inside or you aren’t getting treats tonight!” Tyler shouts out, Dexter sits up, ears perked. He is listening to Tyler, I lift my head from Tyler’s chest.

Tyler brings his hands together, clapping twice. “Come here boy!”

Dex barks, jumping up and charging forward at once. Tyler opens his arms wide, laughing waiting for him.

“Oh no…” I say, moving away from Tyler as Dex rushes in jumping on to him, barking and licking his face.

“That’s my boy!” Tyler says, scratching his head. Dexter barks and licks his hand.

I shake my head, not being able to hold back the smile on my lips. I move towards the kitchen, where Marshall and Cash have been waiting. Marshall has his head laying on his paws, calmly waiting. While Cash is sitting up, head tilted, looking worried at the noise going on.

“I think he is getting better Cash.” I tell him, reaching for the dog food. Marshall’s ears perk up, Marshall has always been my favorite, but don’t tell the others.

“You don’t think he is getting better?” I direct the question to Marshall, scooping up some food and putting it in their bowls. Marshall sighs, getting up and going to his bowl. “I’ll take that as a no, grumpy.”

Cash wags his tail and moves to his bowl. I pet his head lightly, filling Dex’s bowl.

“You hear that? Go get your food Dex!” Tyler says, Dex barks and I hear his paws racing. Once again, I move away a few feet and give the boys a warning.

“Incoming.” I say right as Dex races in, sliding to his bowl, he barks at me and digs in.

“I love him.” Tyler says, coming into the kitchen leaning on the center countertop. I look over at him smiling, Dexter is interesting to have around, I’ll give him that. The house wouldn’t be the same without him now. He has calmed down Cash, who use to be the hyper one.

“How was the vet?” I ask leaning on the countertop too. He was out setting the appointments for all of the boys checkups next week. Tyler lips formed a smirk. This wasn’t his usual smirk, this was the one he made only when he had a secret or was doing something mischievous.

What is he up to now?

“It went great actually.” He started his story, moving off the counter and to the fridge. “In fact, they had small litter that they needed someone to nurse them. There’s only a few kittens, I’d say 3.”

Tyler grabbed a glass, filling it up with water. I felt the excitement rise up in me.

“And since, I know you’ve nursed kittens before and I am just such a great boyfriend, I told them we’d pick them up tomorrow at noon.” Tyler concluded his story taking a sip of water. I shrieked in excitement, walking towards him, he held up a finger. I stopped in my tracks, watching the smile leave his face.

“We can’t keep them, we are just nursing them for a week.” Tyler explained, his face falling seeing how the excitement had left me altogether. His shoulders fell as he motioned to the boys eating. “Baby, we can’t bring cats into this house permanently with these 3. I’m sorry.”

I looked at Tyler, knowing that he truly felt sorry that I couldn’t keep the kittens. I walked towards him, arms going around his waist, I kissed his chest twice.

“I love our boys, I’ll love those kittens and I’ll nurse them… but I will love our boys more.” I whispered looking into his eyes, a soft smile fell on his lips. “And I love you.”

He shook his head at me, bringing his lips down to mine, wrapping me up in his arms. “I love you more.”

The Service Dog Police are Ableist: Pass it on!

Today a self-appointed member of the service dog police decided to question me.

My dog was sitting silently under my chair when he approached with his service dog. My dog was not only displaying excellent manners, but was wearing a vest that says “service dog” in large block letters. We were also in a place that is not pet-friendly and also knows theirs rights and asks the two legal questions of every team that enters.

But he still decided to question me.


If I see a badly behaved dog in public I report it to the management. But I also keep in mind that I am not a gatekeeper. I am not in charge. I have no legal authority over the badly behaved dog or its handler.

When you question another team, you question their legal right to be there. THIS IS ABLEIST. You should not question a black person’s right to be there. You should not question a woman’s right to be there. And you should not question a disabled person’s right to be there.



Rarity usually did not stroll the beach shore line alone at night. It was not safe for a lady to do alone at this hour but just minutes ago she had had her best friend Applejack with her. Only until Winona broke off her leash and began to chase after another stray dog and, in a display of uncharacteristic disloyalty, ran after the other animal. AJ had to bolt off after the canine.

“Be right back, Rares. Try to keep up.”

Rarity trotted after her farmer friend but did not rush too much. She was enjoying the early winter breeze and serene setting of the moonlight bathed across the ocean surface.

She sighed and took a seat, looking out on the ocean. If only she had somepony special to share it with. Friends were good, she knew. She should not complain. But still…

The sound of the ship horn in the distance was at first like a dream. Her alabaster ears twitched before she looked around in the starlight night for its source. She saw in the clearing fog a large sea vessel and stood. 

“What in the world?”

Veterans of the orbital dog missions went on display at a March 1961 press conference: Chernushka (Чернушка, “Blackie”) stands far right and behind her is Belka (Белка, “Squirrel”). Center right is Zvezdochka (Звёздочка, “Starlet”), fresh from her orbital mission. The proud mother, Strelka (Стрелка, “Arrow”), sits front left, surrounded by her litter.

Dogs in Ancient Greece

Statue of Hades and Cerberus, his dog. On display at the Archaeological Museum of Crete.

Clearly, the dog was an important part of Egyptian society and culture but the same was true of ancient Greece. The dog appears in Greek literature early on in the figure of the three-headed dog Cerberus who guarded the gates of Hades. One example of this in art is the Caeretan black-figure hydria vase of Heracles and Cerberus from c. 530-520 BCE (presently in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France). In Greece, as in ancient Sumeria, the dog was associated with female deities in that both the goddesses Artemis and Hecate kept dogs (Artemis, hunting dogs while Hecate kept black Molossian dogs).

The philosophic school of Cynicism in ancient Greece takes its name from the Greek for `dog’ and those who followed this school were called `Kynikos’ (dog-like) in part because of their determination to follow a single path loyally without swerving. The great Cynic philosopher Antisthenes taught in a locale known as Cynosarges (the place of the white dog) and this, perhaps, is another reason for their name. Dogs are also featured in Plato’s famous dialogue of Republic. In Book II, Socrates claims that the dog is a true philosopher because dogs “distinguish the face of a friend and of an enemy only by the criterion of knowing and not knowing” and concludes that dogs must be lovers of learning because they determine what they like and what they do not based upon knowledge of the truth. The dog has learned who is a friend and who is not and, based on that knowledge, responds appropriately; while human beings are often deceived as to who their true friends are.

Probably the most famous dog story from ancient Greece, however, is that of Argos, the loyal friend of King Odysseus of Ithaka from Book 17 of Homer’s Odyssey (c. 800 BCE). Odysseus comes home after being away for twenty years and, thanks to help from the goddess Athena, is not recognized by the hostile suitors who are trying to win Odysseus’s wife, Penelope’s hand in marriage. Argos, however, recognizes his master and rises up from where he has been faithfully waiting, wagging his tail in greeting. Odysseus, in disguise, cannot acknowledge the greeting for fear of giving away his true identity in front of the suitors and so ignores his old friend; and Argos lays back down and dies. In this, as in the story in The Mahabharata, the loyalty of the dog is depicted in the exact same way. Though separated by different cultures and hundreds of years, the dog is depicted as the loyal, devoted figure to his master, whether that master returns the devotion or not.

*today’s thought*

how Will Graham reacts when someone he cares about is threatened: 

GJH, cut Abigail’s throat = put 10 bullets in him

Eldon Stammets, abducted Abigail with intention to kill = put a bullet in him

Tobias Budge, killed 2 cops, was going after Hannibal = shot off part of his ear

Abel Gideon, threatened Alana = put a bullet in him

Clark Ingram, victimised Peter Bernadorne = threatened/attempted to shoot 

Randall Tier, hurt dogs = beat to death, displayed corpse, ate

Mason Verger, hurt Margot and his unborn baby = punched in the face, held gun to head, allowed Hannibal to feed face to the dogs/paralyse him

Hannibal, killed Abigail = attempted to shoot, seduced/betrayed, (possibly?) attempted to stab, breaks heart on annual basis

Hannibal, killed Beverly = attempted to have killed

Grutas, killed Mischa, attempted to kill Chiyoh = engineered murder, displayed corpse

Cordell, threatened Hannibal = bit his fucking face??

Jack, beat the shit out of Hannibal but let escape = grim handshake / sassed

Alana, helped the Vergers find him and Hannibal = sassed

Bedelia, betrayed Hannibal to the Vergers = SASSED

Dolarhyde, hurt dogs, scared child, shot Molly = ???

If someone were to actually hurt Hannibal now = ???

idk, it’s probably nothing, but I find it interesting that in the west we mostly code cats as ‘feminine’ and ALSO ascribe their behaviour negative human traits like selfishness, narcissism, vanity, laziness, cruelty, manipulativeness, neediness etc. Whereas the same traits are displayed in dogs (which we overwhelmingly code as male) we ascribe them traits like loyal, affectionate, intelligent etc.

like, a dog curls up wth you on the sofa ‘aw, he loves me’ and no-one questions that because dogs are pure and good and maybe a little dim. But the cat? Oh, she’s trying to steal my warm, because cats are clever, but they use us.

I just find it really interesting how we pin human traits on animals (they are animals, and have animal traits) AND which traits we pin on which animals AND how we then code those animals alongside a gender binary.

Luke, a retired military working dog, sits next to the U.S. War Dogs Association display at the 2016 Shaw Air Expo and open house, nicknamed “Thunder Over the Midlands,” at Shaw Air Force Base, S.C., May 21, 2016. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Zade Vadnais)

Internet Training Advice

Guys listen. I love getting all the asks on here and a lot of dogblrs on here really enjoy helping people out with their training needs and questions. We love sharing things we’ve learned and things that have worked for us.

But when your question involves a dog that is literally responding with biting and straight up, clear cut aggression, the time for consulting dogblr is over. You need to talk to a trainer, and possibly an animal behaviorist. None of us want to give you advice that could lead to you getting bit or otherwise injured. Please don’t put us in that position.

If your dog is displaying very clear signs of aggression, please contact a trainer. We really cannot help you. If you are unsure whether what your dog is doing is actually aggression, you can obviously ask to make sure. But once you’ve established that it’s aggression, you need to talk to someone local and in person, for your sake and your dog’s.