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Animelist: Government Conspiracy anime

Anime where it delves into the other worldly scenarios and where the characters either struggle to overcome the structure of their society or defend its foundations.

  • Ghost in the Shell
  • Psycho Pass
  • Akira
  • Metropolis
  • Kill la kill(?)
  • Code Geas
  • Aldnoah. zero
  • (to an extent) Attack on Titan
  • nejimaki serei senki: tenkyou no alderamin
  • ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka
  • Under the Dog
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans
  • Youjo senki(?)
  • Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
  • Berserk(?)
  • Hitsugi no Chaika
  • tokyo ghoul(?)
  • All three of Project Itoh’s animated novels:
  • -Harmony
  • -Empire of Corpses
  • -Genocidal Organ
  • Arslan Senki(?)
  • No.6
  • Fang of the Sun Dougram(?)
  • Eden of the East
  • Rideback
  • Steins;Gate

Any title with a question mark is basically me uncertain whether it should be under this category.

Any titles I failed to mention, don’t hesitate to let me know.


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thank you so much, i’m so glad to hear that you’re drawing again! i love to hear when people finally find the insp to do the things they enjoy

lmfao I wonder if anyone is getting tired of me explaining that thailand isn’t a developed country and lacks a lot of developed privileges. 
Which directly affects the standard of animal welfare in a great big way. 

Another mythological comparison of Inuyasha.

“ All youkai are the ruins of humans. Youkai continue to exist both inside and outside humans. They wish to return to a human form, but are unable to do so. They live in fields, mountains, seas, grasses and trees, full of sadness at not being able to return to a human form.” - Abe Masamichi

This is a quote that I pulled from the book: Japanese Demon Lore by Noriko T. Reider. Which aside from so far being an interesting read as far as the history of Oni and their many representations in both myth and fables. It also has a section that covers how youkai are represented in anime and Inuyasha is one of the examples used. I wanted to share a couple of interesting points from this section in case anyone was interested. For me this was a delight as my headcanons surrounding my muses in particular are heavily inspired by mythology. 

The white dog in Japanese Folklore. 

Through medieval times the dog was seen as not only a trusted companion but as a creature associated with the dead. That was due to the fact that dogs often ate the corpses of the dead left without proper burial. Or dug up the corpses that weren’t buried deep enough. People who saw this began to believe that the dogs were retrieving the soul to bring to the other world. 

This brought up the opinion that dogs were in tune with the supernatural forces around them. Some even capable of developing their own powers. There are many stories of dogs saving their masters from supernatural threats. Or protecting people from the dangers of yurei and youkai alike. 

Then there is the deeper belief that some dogs can become trans-boundary creatures, allowing them to travel between this world and the underworld. Making them excellent guides to those who dare tread in the world of the dead. One such story is told by a priest named Kobo Daishi, who’s trek to the sacred grounds of Mt. Koya was only made possible by the aid of a magical white dog.

The story of the Yasha.

In Indian Buddhist mythology, a Yasha is a frightening and violent monster. There is a story where a Buddhist Guardian by the name of Bishamonten crossed paths with one particularly ferocious Yasha, a beast so wild and uncontrollable that it looked as if killing it was the only solution. 

However Bishamonten opted to instead subdue the Yasha, calming the demon and giving it a greater purpose. In the end the Yasha became a protector and kin to the Guardian. 

Tsuchigumo: The Earth Spider. 

There are a few youkai spiders through out japanese mythology, but the Tsuchigumo has some of the deepest roots. It’s one of the oldest recorded youkai and it’s name can be used to refer to other things. 

In the very earliest years of Japanese history Tsuchigumo was used to refer to people who did not conform to society. Either because they were outlaws, pit dwellers or those who simply defy the emperors divine rule. Essentially a Tsuchigumo was a person destined for hell. 

Unfortunately Tsuchigumo was also a derogatory term used to refer to the indigenous people of the land, or anyone who did not share the same physiological features of a typical Japanese person. Or anyone in general who lived apart from society. Which is where the ‘pit dwelling’ part comes in. 

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  • Shuuen no Shiori
  • Warriors Orochi
  • Bungou Stray Dogs
  • Zankyou no Terror
  • Mikagura School Suite
  • Yandere Simulator
  • Monster Musume
  • SMT: Devil Survivor 2
  • Persona
  • Yume Nikki
  • Underworld Capital Incident
  • Danganronpa
  • Corpse Party
  • Nanbaka
  • Disgaea

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Extending the Family

A/N - So, I’m watching SOA all the way through again because I recently brought the box set, and I’ve just watched the part where they go to the dog fighting place. I fucking hate animal abuse, and the way the boys - especially Tig - react to it all made me fall in love with them even more. So I decided to write an imagine about it! :)

Waiting outside of the unit the guys sent you to, you bite your nails, your skin crawling. Heart wrenching yelps were escaping from the windows of the place, your ears being filled with the horrific noise.

The noise is temporarily overpowered, the roar of motorbikes causing relief to flow over you. You wait for the boys to kill their engines, you quickly striding over to them, standing next to your man as he gets off his bike.

“What the hell is this place?” you ask painfully, not sure if you want to know the answer. You’ve grown up with dogs since you were a kid, animals being one of your favourite beings, and you couldn’t fathom the idea of people hurting them for their own cruel entertainment.

Tig wraps his arms around you, his chin resting on your head as he holds you close. A loud howl sounds through the air, your head spinning towards the building. Tig’s body stiffens, him having the same adoration for animals as you do, specifically dogs.

“Let’s go.” Jax says, the boys nodding before you all start walking towards the entrance of the place. Tig has his hand wrapped around your waist, you pulled closely into his side as you walk in time. “Everybody clear on the plan?”

Noises of confirmation answer Jax’s question, you nodding, too scared about what you’re about to see to talk. Jax nods, walking through the door, Chibs, Bobby, Happy, Tig and you close behind.

“Oh my god.” you whisper, trying to keep your composure. Tig squeezes your hip, his arm around you being the only thing stopping you from straying from the plan and going bat shit crazy.

Men stand around some sort of box, a make shift ring for the fight. Money is being thrown left and right, bets being placed as two dogs go head to head within the confined pen, yelping and crying making you want to shove your fingers in your ears.

You and Tig stand frozen, the other boys scouring the place for some dude, the two of you not being able to comprehend what’s happening. After what feels like years, some men cheer, others make sounds of defeat, the winning dog being removed from the ring. You step closer, leaving Tig’s grip, a white pitbull left lying on her side, scarlet blood adorning her coat. Thick cuts are scoured into her skin, your hand flying to your mouth.

You watch in horror as a man enters the box, him lifting the beautiful yet beaten animal up into his arms, his feet carrying him away from the ring and up some sort of ramp.

You quickly turn to your boyfriend, his gaze already on the man as he begins to follow him, you doing the same. You catch eyes with Jax, the other three men following you and Tig.

Tig leads the way, you following down some wooden stairs, a man heading through a door that leads outside. As you reach the back part of the building, the sound of buzzing flies is all you can hear, the smell of something rotten making you cover your nose.

“No, no no.” is all Tig mutters, one of his hands lifting a bin lid to reveal deceased dogs, their corpses bloody and lifeless, shoved and squished into the bin. Your body is burning with rage, you wanting nothing more than to unload a clip into any person taking part in this disgusting activity.

You watch in horror as the man pulls out his piece, aiming it as the dogs skull, not giving a shit about the animal in any sense. “Oi!”

Your yell pulls the man’s attention, Tig having his own gun pointed as you walk over to the injured dog, your eyes filling with tears at the sight of her wounds. Although she has been treated so wrongly, she still wags her tail as you stroke her, your heart aching at how trusting she is.

You tune out the conversation between the MC and the monster of a man, your concern focused on the animal. “Hey, baby. It’s gonna be okay, I promise.”

You feel a hand on your back, the scent of Tig filling your senses as he comforts you. He strokes the girls fur coat, her tongue hanging out of her mouth from exhaustion and pain.

“Take them to the clubhouse.” Tig orders, you standing up and moving out of the way as Phil lifts the wounded animal up, you turning to Tig, your hands stained with blood. He grasps your chin gently, your eyes focusing on his as you try to move past the shock you’re feeling. “I’ll be there as soon as I can, baby, okay? Look after our girl.”

You nod obligingly, Tig locking your lips with his passionately, your hands grasping as his kutte. You pull away, resting your forehead against his, placing a single kiss to his lips. “I love you. Be careful. All of you.”

You move your gaze to the other members, them nodding in agreement, you turning away to follow Phil to the van, praying that this poor, innocent pup will be okay.

After you and Chibs patch up the new addition, Tig lifts her up, carrying her to his apartment within the clubhouse. You follow, obviously, the unnamed dog being placed carefully on the bed, you and Tig taking a seat next to her frame.

“So, what you wanna name her?” he asks, his eyes filled with adoration as he looks at you. You smile, placing your lips to his in a tender kiss, the amount of love you have for this man being unexplainable in words.

“It’s up to you, baby.” you respond, caressing his cheek with your fingertips, him nestling into your touch. “You’re such an amazing person, Tiggy.”

You can tell he’s fighting with himself, wanting to voice all the reasons on why he’s anything but amazing. You glare at him warningly, a sigh escaping his lips as he decides to let it go, much to your pleasure. “You make me a better person, (Y/N).”

Looking at each other, happy and content in your private, little bubble, you can’t imagine being anywhere but here, being with anyone but this gorgeous man in front of you.

A whine breaks up the moment, a giggle bubbling from your lips as you look down at the new family member, her tail wagging and head tilted as she waits for your attention.

“Winnie.” Tig whispers, cradling the dogs head within his hands. “Means happiness, peaceful friend.”

His bright blue eyes catch yours, a smile slipping onto your lips as you nod, admiring your family of three. “Winnie it is.”

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