dog coller

It's just a one night thing - ch1 dluh

“Where are you going?” My friends yelled at me over the music while I walked away from them.
“To the water.” I yelled back. I’m honestly not a fan of parties, I’d rather be home than in a crowd. I’m on vacation in LA for a few weeks with three of my friends then i’m heading on my own to who knows where.

I sat on the sand staring at the dark waters.
“Kilo! Come here!” I heard someone yell in a distance. I turned my head to where the sound was coming from. I could see someone running in the distance after a small four legged figure.
“Hey buddy.” I called out to the puppy who fell probably stardled by my voice. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” I laughed and grabbed the small puppy in my hands. I pet his little head and walked towards his owner.
“Trouble keeping up with this little guy?” I laughed handing the guys dog back. He quickly put his dogs coller back in his neck and hugged him tightly.
“You have no idea.” He smiled back at me, he was so hot. “Thanks for catching him, he can run like this for miles.”
“My pleasure.” I petted the puppy’s head as he tried to lick my hands. “Whats this cuties name?”
“Kilo, I got him not too long ago and as you can see he’s full of energy. Were you at the party?” He asked putting Kilo down.
“Ya but my friends were kind of annoying me.”
“How come?”
“I don’t know, it’s just that whenever they get high they become annoying.”
“Oh, that must suck.” I nodded my head and stared down at my feet. “I should probably head back, it was nice meeting you.” I started walking back but he called me up.
“I’m going to walk back with you, my friends are actually there and I was suppose to leave them my dog.” He walked up to my side and we walked back to the party in silence.

“My friends over there.” The boy said over the music.
“And that’s my best friend with him.” I smiled at Corinna since she was on the verge of hooking up with a hot guy.
“Skate!” The brown haired guy turned his head towards us at the sound of his name.
“Yo Derek!” He smiled and brought Derek in a bro hug. “Who you with?” He nodded his head towards me.
“Uhm…” he looked over at me and I realised that we’ve never even introduced eachother to one another.
“Y/N.” I smiled and pulled my hand out to shake it. “Nice to meet you.”
“Same goes here.” Skate smiled back. “So you ready for tomorrow?” He asked his friend.
“I’m stocked man.” His face lit up at the thought of whatever was hapening tomorrow. “But I’m not done packing so I should head back.”
“Anyways.” I cut off their conversation. “I’m going to leave you guy and head back to the motel. You’re okay if I leave right away?” I asked Corinna. She nodded her head and smiled looking up at Skate.
“I think I’ll be fine, plus I don’t think the other girls are done partying just yet.” She pointed to two girls dancing together on the dance floor.
“Okay, then I’ll see you later. It was nice meeting you guys.” I smiled and started walking away but stopped when I was called out by Derek.
“Are you heading that way?” He pointed to the right side of the beach, I nodded my head. “Wait up.” He gave his friend Kilo and gave him a kiss on the head which gave me butterflies in my stomach. I’m a dog lover as you can see. He jogged back to me and I started walking back with him.
“Do you live in LA?” Derek asked me as I took my shoes off for it to be easier to walk.
“I’m only here for another week then I’m leaving.”
“Oh, and where are you going next?” I shrugged.
“I have no idea.” The truth is that I left home since I was miserable over there and I’m just trying to find a place that’s going to make me happy again. “I just want to see the world.” He looked over at me and smiled. “What?”
“Nothing, I just think that it’s cool.”
“Tell that to my family.” I mumbled looking down at my feet.
“How come?”
“Lets just say they’re not to happy that their daughter dropped out of college to travel.”
“Well are you happy you did?”
“I don’t know yet.” I answered honestly. We talked for a while about how he was leaving for a few months on tour with his friends and that he was a rapper. Talking to him was quite fun actually and I wasn’t scared of saying what I thought since I would never see him again. We walked off the beach and went threw a couple of streets before arriving at a creepy motel.
“This is where I’m staying.” I pointed to the reacked place.
“You’re staying there?” He looked at the place in disgust.“
“It’s not that bad. I mean yes we have ant problems and the floor sinks and the shower only gives us cold water but we have air conditioning and its extremely cheap.” I laughed but he just stared at the place. “Its the only thing I can afford in California, it’s better than nothing.” He hesitated but ended up aggreeing with me. “Wanna come sit with me, I’m not really tired anymore.”
“Sure.” He followed me at the swing hanging from the roof of the motel. It’s actually the only thing I like about this place.

We talked for hours and the sun was starting to rise. “So why did you leave everything behind to travel?” I was hesitant to tell him. I wasn’t used to people actually asking questions about me.
“I don’t really want to talk about deep stuff.”
“Oh come on, we’ve been talking for 6 hours, at this point I think we can talk about the deep stuff.”
His hand was still resting on my thigh but inched a little higher making me want him more. He was so attractive.
“I wasn’t happy back home. I was miserable.” He stared down at me with a questionable look. “I struggled with bulimia and self-harm.” At that moment it’s as if he could see the scars on my legs and the fading one on my arms, probably since it wasn’t as dark outside anymore. He took my arm in his hand and strocked the tattoo on my arm.
“What is this?”
“A reminder.” I started at the writting ‘fight off your demons.’
“What’s your biggest fear?” He asked, I couldn’t look at his face so i stared at a car parked far away.
“Not to make it. Not being strong enought to continue anymore.”
“I totally get it, I’ve thought about it too.” I furrowed my eyebrows confused. “Hey, don’t give me that look, good looking guys can also struggle in life.” He chuckled lighting up the mood. “I had problems with drugs in high school and I almost killed myself, which I ended up not doing, but still, I hated myself so much, I didn’t see a purpose anymore.” I stared at him playing with my necklace not really knowing what to say. “Promise me something?” I waited for him to continue. “Promise me you wont do it. Promise me you wont end it.” I couldn’t promise that, but at the moment I was happy and I couldn’t possibly think of that.
“I promise.” His head started leaning down as we stared into eachothers eyes. A part of me wanted to do it but another wanted to push him away. His lips connected to mine but I quickly pushed him away. “Wait!” I blurted out.
“Whats wrong.”
“I need to admit something.” He looked at me confused. “I’ve never kissed a guy.” He looked at me surprised.
“What!? I don’t believe you.”
“I swear. I’ve never kissed anyone or been with a guy ever in my life.”
“But your hot and beautiful, how could you not.”
“I don’t know guys back home just don’t see me that way and I have no idea what I’m doing and I feel like an idiot now.” I babled but he quickly cut me off laughing.
“Don’t stress you were actual pretty good.” He said making me a little more nervous. “Just relax.” He kissed me again but this time I didn’t push him away. He deepened the kiss and I could feel his hands untying my jeans shorts and I let him. Derek’s hands slid in my short touching me and filling me with pleasure as I slightly tugged at his hair. I heard a door opened and we quickly pulled apart acting all casual.
“Worst timing ever.” I giggled tying my pants back. I could see Corinna walking in the parking of the motel with a smile on her face.
“You guys are still together?” She smirked. “What have you guys been up to?”
“Nothing, we were just talking.” I lied and stood up and so did Derek.
“Sure you were.” I rolled my eyes and waited for her to enter our room before speaking up again.
“I think I’m going to go sleep now and I think you should go finish packing since you’re leaving in 2 hours.”
“I should.”
“So I guess this is goodbye.”
“I guess it is.” I stood up on my toes and kissed his cheek. “Good night Derek.” I said before closing the door to my room.