dog coats and jackets

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What does Aku do in the summer??? His weapon is a giant black trench coat from fuccin hot topic how has he not burned to death

I’ll tell you what he does during the summer, he stresses Higuchi out, that’s what.

Look me in the eye and don’t tell me Akutagawa has tried to survive in boiling heat with his black heavy ass coat

“DAZAI-SAN WON’T ACCEPT ANY WEAKNESS WHATSOEVER” he bellows as his skin flushes and sweat races down his face. “I CANNOT BE VULNERABLE”

“akutagawa-senpai you look like–”

“I’LL LIVE WITH IT” He shrieks, ripping the cap off a bottle of water with his teeth and downing the entire bottle in two sips


model: David Gandy - photographer: Tomo Brejc - stylist: Andy Howe - hair: Larry King - Esquire Singapore September 2014

  • “Gandy is an essential advisor to the Fashion Week, and  to British fashion as a whole.  A cerebral, project-driven British patriot with a sentiment for the middle class and philanthropy.  Who’s entropic than those on the outside would give him credit for.
  • "Sometimes, you just want someone to come up and say, ‘How are you feeling? Do you need a break?’ rather than just be part of the furniture.  That’s kind of the tough part of the modeling game.”