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Eunwoo & Rocky- Rivals

Moonbin~Jealous Binnie


Boyfriend List (all)


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Pinky Promise 

Birthday Kisses

“I like you a latte” 


 A win (Basketball Au)

Nexflix and Cuddles 

Dance Teacher 


Sick Day

Does he know 


 Stylist Noona (M)

Reunion Troubles (M)

Warm Blood (M) (vampire!au)


Talk to me

Keys of love (Piano tutor Taeil)

Dog Adoption 

Closet Confesstion 

Birthday Host (M)




Wild Flower (soulmate!au) Pt 1 


Soft Cuddles


Taeil and Yuta- Birthday presents. (M)

Taeyong and Winwin- Sharing (M)

Yuta & Taeyong- Reconcile 


Yukhei Flower Boy


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Studio (M)


Fun Night



Morning Kisses


can’t resisting


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Milk Bread

First Date (Soulmate au)


Plane Trip

Soothe The Heart 


 Sick boyfriend



Movie Night  

Ink (Soulmateau! 

College Au! fluff Moodboard

Lap Naps

Yeo One

Crown prince and Servant

Jealous Prince

Crown Mark (soulmate au)


Without you

Play my Heart

Benefits (M)

I mean whatever 


Hui & E.dawn

Pentagon Ideal Types

Monsta X

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Star Planet Escort  (M)

Attention  (M)






Sunshine Guy

Reading Fics


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Stress  (M)


 Cold & Cuddles




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“Can you only look at me”

Love at first sight




Silent Kiss



Texting (M)

So Dangerous (gang!Au) 

His Heat (werewolf fic)(M)


 Saved By The Baseball Player 1 | 2

Baseball Star

The Right time (M)

My handsome tutor 

Youre mine , I’m yours (M)

Heart Ache

Sensational Boy (M)


Highlighter Confession

Dinner Date (M)

Feel Beautiful (M)

Jar of hearts 


Shy Boy

Text Messages

Taeyang~Cheering you up

Chani~Comforting a tall girlfriend

Topp Dogg

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Childhood Friend Reaction~Here


bullet point smut


Bjoo & Xero (M)


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never Doubt


Poly!Yibo & Seungyoon

Yibo~ Playful Teasing



Valentine Day

MTL(All Groups/Mix of groups)

Sf9 and Pentagon~ Boyfriend List

Sf9 Into Shibari

Sf9 Mtl date a forgiener who speaks korean

Sf9 Date a idol vs not

Sf9 date a 03 liner

Pentagon and Monsta x~ Rough In bed(M)

Pentagon Mtl dominate (M)

Seventeen, Uniq and Victon~Sub instead of dom (M)

Victon Mtl date a foreigner

Dating Jongin would include:


  • His. Adorable. Laughs.
  • Having dates at pet shops
  • Walking his dogs with him
  • This boy is so easy to please because you just need to mention chicken and he’ll jump into the room so excited like
  • “What should we eat for dinner?” “Chicken” “But we ate that yesterday and the day before…” “So?”
  • You still don’t understand how he can be a giggly mess one second and then a sexy demon the next
  • Him laughing for no reason at all but it’s so contagious so you laugh with him which makes him laugh harder
  • Him hiding like twenty dogs in the closet and still asking if he can have more
  • “Jongin, do you love me more or your dogs?” “…” “What about me and chicken?” “Jagiya, let’s not compare”
  • Him randomly pulling you up to dance with him
  • Kyungsoo occasionally coming over and you’ll have to sit awkwardly with him on the dining table when Jongin goes get something to drink
  • “Don’t worry, jagiya. Kyungsoo loves you” “Yeah, I’m not so sure about that…”
  • Long sweet kisses with him but also a lot of small pecks when he thinks the members aren’t looking
  • You always going to the dance room to surprise him and all the members just swarm around you because you always bring food
  • Sometimes Jongin becomes a little too needy but it makes you love him more
  • Him calling you ALL. THE. TIME when he’s away like
  • “Did you take my dogs out yet?” “Are you calling to ask about me or your dogs?” “Of course you. But did you take them out yet?”
  • He would love you in his clothes and you love wearing them because they’re so comfy and smells like him
  • “What did I do to deserve someone as amazing as you?”
  • Backhugs where he squeezes you tight and places a light kiss on the base of your neck
  • Nothing on Earth can make him happier than just seeing you



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Dunkirk. The essential IMAX experience.

Christopher Nolan films are events. Even the smallest details released about a film of his is analyzed for days on end. Heavily influenced by noir and sci-fi, his films tend to leave people cold (that is the nature of noir). Once Dunkirk was announced, everyone was taken aback that Nolan was doing a film about a heroic event that occurred during World War II. Myself included. Well, Dunkirk is unlike most films being released this year in what it sets out to do and what it is. There will not be an experience as visceral as this for the rest of the year.

Finding themselves surrounded by overwhelming German forces, French and British Allied soldiers try desperately to survive as one of the greatest rescue operations mounts to evacuate the soldiers from slaughter off of the beaches of Dunkirk, France.

This movie is sparse and almost entirely lacking dialogue, all of which works to the film’s advantage. This is an experience through and through that puts you in the shit with all of the soldiers. This film is told from three different perspectives focusing squarely on the evacuation of the British. You feel as if you’re in the air in the cockpit of a Spitfire plane or on land dodging bombs and bullets or on a small yacht at sea rocking with waves heading to uncertainty. The experience is absolutely terrifying and disorienting as we do not see any of the German forces, attacking planes excluded. Their presence is felt, as at any moment the soldiers are ducking bullets and bombs with no clear direction of where it’s coming from making the stakes dire and claustrophobic. Adding to the disorientation is that the film is nonlinear, keeping you on your toes about not only where something is happening but when. I was initially skeptical of this film seeing the PG-13 rating, but make no mistake this pushes the rating very far despite next to no blood and gore.

We follow the film mostly through Fionn Whitehead’s Tommy. While there’s nothing in the way of character development, something I would usually balk at, I was immediately sucked into to Tommy’s situation, empathizing with him and everyone in this film on just how bad this situation is. I wanted to be saved as well with Tommy by my side as we make our way back to the United Kingdom. This film is relentless as the suspense and tension kicks in two minutes into the runtime and doesn’t let up until the last ten minutes. I could feel the sweat run down my palms and forehead throughout the movie. Same goes with Mark Rylance’s Mr. Dawson and his son Peter played by Tom Glynn-Carney. The two are assisted by the young George played by Barry Keoghan. The entire time I was wondering if they are in over their heads as the three head off to save as many soldiers as possible and get themselves killed trying to do the right thing. I then feared for their safety even more when they pick up Cillian Murphy’s downed pilot. And yes, Harry Styles as Alex is very good despite me feeling rage towards the character by the time the credits rolled.

What makes this film such an immersive experience is Nolan’s direction, the sound design, and 70MM IMAX. Nolan shoots this big epic intimately, doing things I didn’t think were possible with an IMAX film camera. This is Nolan’s second time working with cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema and the two have created some of the most beautiful images in any of Nolan’s films yet. The shots are full of color despite the setting and story. The way IMAX is used in the dog fights is the closet thing you can get to feeling like being a pilot. Hell, watching this was like seeing Luke pilot an X-Wing in Star Wars for the first time like I was ten again. When Tommy moves from one perilous situation to the next, the IMAX image makes you run or swim with him. And with the imagery and technical craft that’s being displayed on the screen, the sound design is all around. You will jump out of your seat as you hear the booming gunfire literally surround you.  You’ll be ducking as the bombs hit the beach and tear the mole apart as the soldiers each waits their turn to board a boat to safety or doom. Adding to the tension is Hans Zimmer’s score which is also embedded in the sound design. That ticking clock is there throughout the film adding to the urgency and unease. While I feel every score Zimmer has made for Nolan thus far can be listened to like an album, this score is so supportive of the film itself, it will be hard to listen to it on its own. With that said, the end credits suite is lush and beautiful. After going through the film and with that bittersweet final shot, the end credits music fills you with so much emotion, that I saw a few people walk out in tears.

This is a film that demands to be seen on the biggest IMAX 70MM or IMAX laser projection screen possible. I’d be hard pressed to not to recommend to make the most out of a trip and travel to closet IMAX 70MM or Laser projection possible. If that’s just not feasibly possible find a 70MM theater showing this and settle for nothing less. This is a film that will lose its impact on your TV or even on your phone (yikes). I don’t think this is Nolan’s best film, but it’s up there in his filmography. This an absolute home run that needs to be seen large and loud. With so many factors diminishing the experience of seeing a movie, it is a testament to Christopher Nolan to make something like this with the various distribution formats that are keeping the theatrical experience a unique must see event.

The Stray

Summary: You come home with a little extra something and Bucky helps you take care of it. 

Word Count: 1,094

Warnings: none, unless you hate puppies

A/N: Mostly I just wanted Bucky to play with a puppy. Sue me. 

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“Shh…” you hissed, clutching at the struggling little body in your jacket. The puppy wiggled and made a small squeaking noise as you hurried to your room, praying that no one would see you. Tony had never explicitly told you that you couldn’t have pets, but you were pretty sure the Avengers tower was a dog-free zone. But what were you supposed to have done? Left the poor little guy, shivering in that alley?

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Character aesthetic:
⠀⠀Will Graham

Steamy warm coffee and a good book
Bloody flaked knuckles
Dark silent woods housing a raging river
A family of seven stray dogs
Closet filled with flannels
Hannibal Lecter and his office