dog christmas card


This is my Christmas card for @dog-gone-it, i’m posting it up now, since I’m not sure if the package will get there before Christmas, but I want her to see it before hand…

Merry Christmas to my BFF! Have some silly Troll kisses to brighten up your day, m’love. 

(gif originally posted by dreamworksmoments)

anonymous asked:

Is the dog in your Christmas card any particular dog in the comic, or any particular dog IRL, or it's just some random cute dog?

It’s my old dog Ebby. He died around this time last year but lives in my head with the kids now.

jedidiahjenkins: It’s Christmas time in New York City. @coryt got us ugly Christmas sweaters, so we walked around the west village and drank hot chocolate and found some golden-doodles on a street corner and asked if we could pretend they were our family dogs and took a Christmas card photo. We’re basically the holiday version of those church groups that get matching shirts and move in herds on cruise ships. We are those people. Version 2.0.